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The Predator, A Femdom Novel by Chris Bellows
Luda is a woman of the Great Plains, a horsewoman and hunter, revered by fearsome Indians for her strength and courage. After harrowing experiences during the Civil War as a surgical nurse, she decides to live the life of a recluse. Surviving off her wits, Luda hunts, choosing to vanquish her prey with inordinate strength, quick hands and a sharp knife – except when she needs a beast of burden. Then the prey is captured, forced into submission and bound into humiliating subjugations utilizing among her many means of torture, cruel piercings and body modifications.
What better beast of burden than the human male, she decides, as he is easily captured and trained by a superior female. Luda has no difficulty extracting unending servitude from her captives as she moves her camp hundreds of miles south to her winter haven. The entourage includes Luda’s life long companion, her neutered servant who, envious of the intact male, insures that the captured beast perform and labor without respite.
Their long journey features graphic scenes of unyielding bondage, novel CBT, whips, crops, medical modifications, lurid scenes of Bdsm.
In his first period piece, Chris Bellows writes of a fascinatingly dominant woman in unusual circumstances, creating a riveting story entwined with explicit D/s encounters and provocative depictions of male submission. Like all of Bellow’s work, this story is not for the timid reader. For Bellows’ fans it is another hot read to savor!

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Kiselev Andrey Valerevich –

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