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A Mature Woman of Power by Leigh Tanner

In the young submissive Blake, mature Mistress Renata believes she has found someone who will unwittingly help her enact revenge on her ex-slave Isaac and ex-best friend Shaneece.  After finding the two in bed together in her own home, and then weeks later coming across Blake, Renata is more than ready to set in motion her subtle machinations.  With Blake a natural submissive and new to the scene, Renata is certain that she can mold him into the perfect tool of vengeance. Yet from retribution comes unintended consequences, with Renata unaware of just how near and far they will spread, and just who will be affected.

First task is getting “slave” Blake admitted to her group of fellow dominatrixes. No problem there. They are more than taken not only with his good looks, but his naturally subservient manner.  However, Renata soon learns that Blake has a past of his own, one fraught with sore trials that he struggles with every day to overcome.  Between the two of them comes a reckoning, which will not only force them to confront long repressed emotions, but also demand that they decide just what kind of future awaits them both.

A Femdom, male sub tale with threesomes, ponyplay, scene parties and public play, suspension, strap-ons, slave training, whipping, hoods, gags, tight ropes, leather restraints, governess authority and edge play.

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