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A Mature Woman of Power by Leigh Tanner

In the young submissive Blake, mature Mistress Renata believes she has found someone who will unwittingly help her enact revenge on her ex-slave Isaac and ex-best friend Shaneece.  After finding the two in bed together in her own home, and then weeks later coming across Blake, Renata is more than ready to set in motion her subtle machinations.  With Blake a natural submissive and new to the scene, Renata is certain that she can mold him into the perfect tool of vengeance. Yet from retribution comes unintended consequences, with Renata unaware of just how near and far they will spread, and just who will be affected.

First task is getting “slave” Blake admitted to her group of fellow dominatrixes. No problem there. They are more than taken not only with his good looks, but his naturally subservient manner.  However, Renata soon learns that Blake has a past of his own, one fraught with sore trials that he struggles with every day to overcome.  Between the two of them comes a reckoning, which will not only force them to confront long repressed emotions, but also demand that they decide just what kind of future awaits them both.

A Femdom, male sub tale with threesomes, ponyplay, scene parties and public play, suspension, strap-ons, slave training, whipping, hoods, gags, tight ropes, leather restraints, governess authority and edge play.

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“She’s a whorey little bitch.”

I couldn’t agree with Dia more. We sat on a couch keeping a close eye on Pavla, the other one on Blake. But it was Pavla that got most of our attention.

Pavla always exhibited more than a little fuckability and most especially now. Good thing she and Blake were well tied up with a gulf between them, although Pavla was doing her best not so much to bridge that gap but drive Blake crazy that he couldn’t.

Blake leaned forward on his knees facing outward from the whipping post. I made sure his arms were well tied, wrists crossed and up as high as they could go just under the shoulder blades while his folded legs were also wrapped in rope. I wound several loops of a rope around his head, pulling it tight between his lips, exposing his teeth, then anchored it all to the post about two feet behind him. Not only did it keep him in place and relatively silent but it gave the impression of a dog at its rope limit, one who picked up a scent yet couldn’t do anything to hunt it down, even if that prey was within sight. Blake’s eyes drilled on the little female slave just mere feet away, never once wavering as drool dripped off his chin.

The little slut was no less bound, standing within a round and very sturdy baroque style wrought iron cage. With just enough room for only one person, Pavla stood straight, all stretched out with her arms pointed upwards, secured by several turns of pure white rope around her wrists and then tied to an intersecting metal dome overhead. More rope tied her legs to keep her at attention while several strands ran out and knotted on to the cage’s side bars. Above the waist a webwork of more ropes in a diamond pattern captured her upper body then also radiated out to the bars. She was gagged of course; a black cloth running right across her mouth held in an overflowing wad of white packing. Yet, while Pavla couldn’t speak and was tightly tied up, that didn’t mean she couldn’t move. She did, mainly to quickly bounce her tits and slowly move her hips forward and backwards. And she did it with one person in mind; teasing Blake as if to say, “See? Here I am cockboy. Here’s my pussy. And there’s nothing you can do about it. Here I am. Here it is. Pussy, pussy, pussy.”

Blake growled, strained against the ropes. His fully erect cock pointed right at her. From behind Pavla’s gag a soft laugh managed to escape.

Dia was so right. Whorey little bitch.

I said, “Look, I know she belongs to you and this scene of acting all slutty is a nice little play for you and her, but I’ve just about had enough of that little twat taunting my slave.”

Dia gave a little smile. “I was wondering just how long you were going to take it. C’mon.” She led the way to the cage and swung open the curved doors. “Had a nice little tease my little slave? You’ve got Renata’s slave cock just about ready to chew through his ropes.”

Blake growled again, jerking forward against the ropes. Good thing I tied him so tight.

“I know pussy is nice,” Dia said to Pavla, slowly removing her gag. “And I especially love yours, and having your mouth on mine. I’m sure Mistress Renata will enjoy your tongue.”

Pavla’s eyes lit up. As the last of the wadding was removed Pavla smiled. “Oh, Mistress Renata, I’ve so wanted to taste you. Ever since that night you allowed me to help shave your slave.”

“Yes, dear, I’m looking forward to it as well,” I replied as I helped Dia loosen some key knots along the cage. Together we guided Pavla out and I retied her wrists in back, this time side by side. Finished with that I stepped in front of the slave and Dia took my place behind her to concentrate on tying the elbows, bringing them together so they touched. “Yes, you little twat,” I said, “I can’t wait until I feel that tongue of yours up my pussy. But the path there isn’t as direct as you might think.”

Dia tied off the last knot behind Pavla. At the same time Pavla’s eyes widened. She looked at Blake, still straining against his ropes, back at me, then swallowed. “Oh, shit,” she said.

Dia grabbed Pavla’s hair from behind, pulling her head back. “Oh, shit is right my little pussy,” Dia said. “You had a lot of fun helping to shave Mistress Renata’s slave. Now he’s going to return the favor.”

Pavla didn’t say anything but as we both slow walked her toward Blake the look on her tilted back face said it all; the whiteness of her eyes, the grimace of her mouth, the clench of her teeth.

“Thought you were safe taunting my slave?” I said. “Payback’s a bitch, honey. And after that slutty display in the cage toward Blake you owe me. Double!”

We pushed Pavla to the ground. We were so close to Blake we could all feel his rapid, hot breaths. Dia wrapped Pavla tight in her arms and I scooted over to my slave.

“Now, be good,” I said. “I’m going to let you go, but just a little. Be a good boy.” I untied the knot keeping him anchored to the post. Blake immediately lunged toward Pavla and I wrapped the rope in a fist, keeping him at bay. “I said be good! Easy, boy. Easy.” I talked Blake down but his cock didn’t listen as it still pointed right at Pavla.

“Now, I’m going to let go a little more,” I said. “Show me you can be good.”

I loosened my grip on the rope but didn’t let go. Blake’s pants for air filled the room. Like at the clubhouse everyone stopped their individual scenes and slowly gathered around us.

“Stay,” I commanded to Blake. I came around in front of him and held up a hand, palm forward. “Stay.”

Blake held still.

“Good boy. “Very good, boy. Now wait. Wait,” I said drawing out the last word, palm still held high, as I slowly backed up toward Dia and her slave. Dia came out from behind Pavla and we lowered the slave onto her ass then tilted her slightly backwards against a nearby couch. We hooked an arm and a leg around Pavla’s legs, spreading them apart. Pavla’s breaths grew short.

“Come here,” I said and motioned to Blake. “Slowly now. Come here.”

Blake shuffled forward.

“Scent,” I said.

Blake leaned down, his nose right over Pavla’s wide open pussy. He sniffed it a few times then kept on doing so as he travelled up Pavla’s flat stomach, between her soft breasts, her tense neck, then her frozen face. Pavla turned her head away but her eyes, now as wide as saucers, remained fixed on Blake.

The tip of Blake’s tongue got past the rope gag. With a soft, slow move he licked her neck.

“Good boy,” I softly said. “Oh, you’re such a good boy.”

Blake buried his nose in Pavla’s hair, took a long, slow breath.

“Back,” I said. “Back.”

Blake leaned backwards. I held up my hand again.

“Wait,” I slowly said. “Wait.”

He was a coiled spring, eyes right on me. Even though we were surrounded by others it was like we were the only two people there.

Oh, god, this man. What has he done to me?

I snapped my fingers.


And he did.

Blake needed a little help so I guided his cock inside Pavla. Despite his size and with my help he easily slid in to her then, after a couple of exploratory shoves, took Pavla down, down, down.

I don’t know the last time Dia’s slave had a cock inside her. After Blake and I emerged from the recuperation room Dia silently signaled to me that if we were still game then so were they. Now Pavla’s response to Blake’s penis confirmed that as she gasped and moaned with each thrust and partial withdrawal. Head back, eyes squeezed shut, her mouth slack with a small track of drool escaping from the corner of her mouth, Pavla seemed to relax and tense up at the same time. Her breath turned rapid in time with Blake’s constant movements and her spread legs pressed hard against Dia’s and mine. She wasn’t trying to break out of our grasp so much but maybe wanted to lift her legs higher and draw Blake deeper within. Dia caught wind of this too so, again by silent agreement, we shifted our holds, lifting Pavla’s legs as high and wide as possible. Blake immediately took advantage and, on his next thrust, Pavla’s eyes flew open and she screamed – short and very loud.

“You fucker!” Pavla yelled. “Give it to me. Fuck me. Fuck meeeeee!”

I don’t know what kind of demons dwelt within Pavla but Blake’s cock purged them all. She screamed again, this time in violent release, her body shaking like a mini earthquake as she nearly wrested the leg away from me. Dia knew what to expect though and clamped down on her side giving me a chance to recover. I got my own leg firmly back in control over Pavla’s and also wrapped my arms around her waist while Dia took the shoulders. Pavla kept screaming and shaking yet with each succeeding one just a little bit less, slowly slipping away into a semi-comatose state, now just riding along with Blake’s ongoing fuck. A couple of more thrusts and then Blake grunted, gave one more shove and Pavla was suddenly wide awake.

“Oh, my god!” she cried. “Oh, my gaawwwddd! Oh, fuck. Oh, fuuucckkk!”

Blake’s contorted face told everyone just what he was emptying in to Pavla. The slave’s mouth, now silent, remained wide open to match her eyes and fully dilated pupils. Pavla gasped once, twice, thrice, then her own face contorted, almost a match for Blake’s and the rest of her body turned absolutely slack, her spirit now tripping along highly personal flights of ecstasy.

I disengaged from Pavla, leaving the slave in her loving mistress’s arms. I drew Blake away, laying his back against my chest and stomach, wrapping his naked roped up body in my own embrace. His head lolled back against my shoulder. I untied the rope gag and leaned my head against his to kiss that salty, sweat covered brow.

“A hell of a ride tonight,” I said. “A real roller coaster. You did well. I am proud.”

With a tremendous effort Blake said, “Thank you. Thank you, mistress. I lov…” and then he passed out.

What was that? What did he just say?


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