The Vanata & The Skald


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The Vanata and the Sklad by Harp Strathe

For five years, Mal and Tess meet as children outside the gates of the Northern Keep. When Mal is forced to leave, they promise to return on a certain date. Ten years later, Mal comes back and thinks the girl he remembers was only in his imagination. But he learns that he’s wrong when Tess arrives at the Northern Keep in search of him and is captured by the Usur Guard. Mal learns that she’s a Vanata, a human hybrid and a member of the planet-bound rebels. Mal is now the skald, destined the rule the Vanata world, and they’re on opposite sides of a war. Even so, he’ll do anything to keep her safe.

Tess’s lips were soft under his, her breasts soft against his chest, her cunt soft around his cock, for a moment feeling like he was sinking into her. Tess.” His breathing was deep, his heart pounding, looking down at her. She was not human, not fully. She just wasn’t. He’d never experienced sex-pleasure like that. 

Includes Maledom BDSM, non-consent, erotic torture, sex-slaves, training, punishment, impact-play, anal.

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Mal bent and kissed her. It was strange to him. Kissing wasn’t something the ship pleasure slaves would have recognized or welcomed, a planet-born custom. But Tess’s mouth was soft, her breath warm, her taste exactly as he remembered now, sending a deep sinking feeling through his gut, his belly tightening. He deepened it, exploring.

Tess softened against him, her hands coming up around his neck and she was in his arms. Mal was completely lost to it, sensual, his cock stiffening. It was Tess under his hands, not a girl anymore, the feel of her body against him, lush and curvy, all his desire for her, old and new, coming together. He brought both his hands down her back, feeling the thinness of the dress, her nakedness under it, the deep dip of her waist to her hips and around to her plump butt, pressing her to himself.

By keep law, he could take her now. She was his, at least for tonight. Mal broke the kiss, breathing, looking down at her. Her hands were still around his neck, her gaze trusting. She’d always trusted him, from the first day he’d promised to keep her secret from the Usur Guard.

Mal’s mouth came down again for the sensation of it, backing them both, sitting on the bed and lifting Tess onto himself in one motion, pulling her to straddle him, the dress riding up her thighs. She was still clinging to his neck, her knees on either side of his legs.

Mal broke the kiss. Holding her eyes, he slipped his hands lower, and then lower again. She inhaled sharply when he slipped them up under the edge of her dress, over her thighs and then up to her hips, her waist. She was all warm curves under the dress, soft heat. Her scent was everywhere.

Drawing his right arm around to steady her, he took her weight back and moved to cup her breast under her dress with his left hand, watching Tess’s face. The act was strange, almost too intimate for him, a keen sense of her, Mal having never touched a woman before who wasn’t a stranger.

He explored the firm silky curve, her softness. Touching a swollen tip with his fingers, he brushed it lightly, watching her, feeling her nipple tighten and rise. Her breath caught and she arched a little, her hips moving on him. That was an expression he’d never seen on her face before, not even once. He would have noticed that, for sure.

He ran his fingers lightly over the bud, circling it, capturing it between his finger and thumb, squeezing. She squirmed, her legs spreading on him as he moved to the other. Her eyes dilated, her lips parting, more catches in her breathing as he pinched and tugged. He didn’t stop, going to the other, watching her, listening to her.

Mal finally pushed her back a little on his knees, his own breathing heavy and deep, his hand leaving her breasts and moving down to where she was meeting him, curling his fingers upward and placing his hand between her bare pussy and his legs. She felt him and drew away from the sensation, lifting herself up on her knees.

Mal let his hand stay there, holding her eyes. He had looked into them so many times. Reaching up a little with his hand under her, he gently stroked the lips of her pussy with the tips of his fingers, an invitation, waiting. Tess relaxed her knees a little. When she felt his fingers, she stopped. Then she slowly settled herself onto his hand and he pushed past her neat and puffy outer lips and into her naked softness.

She shuddered and a jolt went through him, his cock surging. Her little cunt was silky and she was slick from the kissing, from the nipple play. His breathing was ragged now. She gave a soft cry, his fingers exploring, and another as he found her passage, her inner lips and higher, finding her swollen clitoris. He stroked all around it, using her slick, circling it, then touched the shaft gently, the tip, wedging a little and stroking.

She stilled and her head fell back on his arm, limp, her hair down her back. He pushed a finger into her heat, so tight, then returned to her clit. Tess was panting, small catches, her hips moving, looking for stimulation. He gave it to her, his finger passing quickly over her clitoris, lifting it, and then he was stroking faster. He watched her climb up, her hips following.

“Mal—” she got out, her eyes getting wide.

He was unbearably aroused. “Come for me, Tess-bird,” he said softly.

Mal’s body tightened under her, a thick wave going through his lower belly, his eyes on her face as Tess suddenly strained on his fingers and began to climax. She was gorgeous, her face flushed, her mouth parting, her eyes on his.

She cried out with pleasure and went rigid on his arm, her hands on his shoulders, holding on. Still looking at him, she was coming on his fingers, humping his hand. His breathing was stuttering now. She strained again, holding his eyes, coming harder. He was as lost in it as she was, his heart thudding in his chest.

Tess gradually came down from it, soft helpless sounds that went through his lower body, stilling as he withdrew his hand from her. He’d like to see that again. He touched her below. She winced and shivered from him. His fingers were wet with her slick. She was breathing fast, their faces close.

“You haven’t done any of this before,” Mal said, still breathing roughly. It wasn’t a question.

She shook her head.

He was only going to have one night with her. He had wanted to go slow, but he couldn’t wait. Mal withdrew his hand from under her dress, bringing his fingers to his mouth to taste her sweet musk, how she’d always smelled to him, his tongue coming out. His cock surged, a deep pulse. He’d never tasted anything like that before, not any woman.

Mal reached for the bottom of her dress with both hands, pulling it off over her head and tossing it on the floor. Cupping his hands under her ass, he lifted her, standing up, turning her directly around to the bed. He abruptly released her, his mouth twitching. She gave a small growl of surprise, bringing another deep memory of her doing that, falling backward onto his bed, her hair settling in a silky mess all around her.

Tess raised her knees. Mal stood between them, grasping her hips, pulling her butt almost to the edge, her toes just able to touch the bed. She squirmed, trying to push herself back more securely.

He put his hands at her waist, stilling her, his eyes all over her. “Do you know why a pleasure slave’s colors trail, Tess?”

She was soft heat and tits, her hips rounded, knees raised, her skin pale in the light. He looked down at her little cunt, partially hidden, her pink inner lips just visible on the pouch. She shook her head, trying to bring her knees together, tucking them to his hips.

Mal reached and captured the trailing end on her right wrist and then the left. He brought them together above her head, catching them on the latch for the window, tying them.

Her eyes widened and she struggled briefly, her breasts rising.

He bent and licked her nipple, gentle, and then the other, beginning to suck, tugging at them, Tess offering them when he pulled back. He enjoyed himself, alternating, his cock aching, he was so hard. Straightening, he reached and touched her mouth. He’d always wanted to touch her mouth, the full softness, tracing it. His hand trailed between her breasts, over her belly. Putting his hands on her knees, he spread her wider. Her pussy was a perfect petal shape, deep pink between her thighs. He ran his hands down to her, digging his thumbs in and spreading her lightly, looking down.

Mal dropped his hands and put his toe to his heel, removing his shoes. He reached for his shirt, drawing it over his head, breathing heavily as his hands went to his belt, looking down at her, unbuckling it, and then to the buttons of his pants. Pushing them down, he pulled them off, his cock thick and hard, jutting. When he was naked, he brought himself close to her again, stepping between her raised knees.

She hadn’t moved, breathing fast, her eyes on his face.

Mal put his hand on her pubis, resting it there, his thumb moving down to stroke her gently. It didn’t take long to get her ready again, Tess straining toward his hand, her pussy slippery. She began pumping her hips, rocking with his strokes, her clitoris hard under his thumb.

Tess. He had been with so many women on the ship, had done things that were satisfying, that felt good. But nothing like having her under him.

Mal brought himself to her entrance, his gut tense with anticipation, reminding himself he was large. He found the angle he wanted and pressed, watching Tess’s face, memories going through him. Tess laughing, wrestling with him. In the water, her cheeks flushed. Tess’s hair in sunlight. Her eyes got wide and the memories scattered with pleasure. Tight. She was so tight. He let his hand drop from stroking her, pulling her more securely toward himself, his hands on her hips.

His cock slipped deeply into her and Mal exhaled, the sensations strong. He had known she was a virgin when he examined her. He had never been with one, but it couldn’t be that different. Pulling out a little and thrusting in, his hands still on her hips, he felt the sensations increasing. He rocked, his breath releasing. There was something about the feel of her, a shudder going through him. His next thrust was rougher, less controlled. Tess made a low noise, her hips beginning to shake.

She squirmed on his cock as he thrust deeper, unable to slow himself, pleasure coming like he had never felt before. When she whimpered, he lowered himself onto his arms, his head coming down, kissing her, demanding, thrusting his cock into her steadily and shallow, trying to let her adjust.

He couldn’t wait anymore, stabbing deeper. She was struggled under him, her body getting tense, but she was so fucking wet that she couldn’t possibly stop him. Tess arched and cried out sharply against his mouth as he pushed hard and felt something give way in her. He bottomed out in her heat, her cunt rippling down his length.

Mal was panting, beginning to thrust sharply. Tess had her eyes closed, writhing on his cock, pinned under him, such sensations. She began to struggle again, moving under him, but he wanted even more. His hands went to her hips, pulling them sharply to the edge of the bed, pushing her knees to her belly and then spreading them, getting over her, beginning to stab into her hot softness. Leaning into her, giving himself over to it, he grunted hard with every thrust, losing all sense of himself.

Then there was only the silkiness of Tess’s thighs under his hips, the sensation of his cock in her. He leaned on one hand and put his other on her breast, pinching one nipple and then the other. Tess cried out, her voice sending a rush through him as she spasmed on his cock, his lips pulling back from his teeth for a moment. He realized he was making noises as well, low cries.

No woman had ever felt like this. He knew he was hurting her. Mal couldn’t stop himself, not when it felt this good, his hands coming down on either side of her again. His eyes roamed over her body, between her legs, and then to Tess’s hands above her head and that sent him over the edge, knowing it was going to happen. His eyes flashed to her mark and then to her tits jiggling with his thrusts.

She hitched and he realized she was going to come. Mal cried out, closing his eyes, riding her hard, the sensations shooting up. Her body went rigid, straining, clamping on him. He gave another sharp cry, burying in her, his cock pulsing, releasing, more pleasure washing through him. It drove him down where he captured her mouth.

Tess’s lips were soft under his, her breasts soft against his chest, her cunt soft around his cock, for a moment feeling like he was sinking into her. Mal pulled back and went still, panting over her. Her eyes were closed and he could feel her shaking under his hips. “Tess.” His breathing was deep, his heart pounding, looking down at her. She was not human, not fully. She just wasn’t. He’d never experienced sex-pleasure like that.

She didn’t move. Mal pulled out of her, slowing when he saw Tess wince, feeling her shiver. He frowned lightly, his breathing still rough. Freeing her colors, he brought her arms down, walking to the bathroom and getting a washcloth, wetting it. When he came back, Tess had drawn her knees together, her eyes still closed. He put his hands on them, spreading her gently. She didn’t resist as he cleaned her, finally pressing the cool cloth to her, feeling her heat.

When he was done, Mal grabbed her waist and moved her more securely onto the bed, lying down and leaning over her. Her eyes were still closed. She’d been a virgin, but he knew she’d felt pleasure, too.

He put his hand on her belly, large on her pale skin, his fingers circling her navel lightly, marveling at how silky she was all over. “Did I hurt you so badly, Tess?” Mal said, his voice husky.

She shook her head and grimaced, opening her eyes, two golden slits and then more. They shifted. Mal went still, staring. The irises of her eyes were completely gold, saturated with the color, almost metallic, all the brown gone. The color was rich and deep, shining, her eyes fringed with black lashes. Beautiful. “Well, we can’t hide that, can we?” Mal said a little numbly.



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