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Training Nathan – ebook


Training Nathan by R R Green

Mardi Gras is approaching and Sydney Australia is where it’s at, the new gay and lesbian capital of the world. In this haven of sexual freedom, Nathan explores his sexuality. But after overindulging, he collapses in the street and awakens in a strange room, dressed in underwear that is not his own. His rescuer, Simon, is overbearing and controlling, and when Nathan lashes out against him, he finds, much to his pain and chagrin, that the formidable Simon is more than a match for him. On top of that, after receiving his first spanking, he becomes embarrassingly aroused.

Despite his misgivings, Nathan is gradually drawn to Simon, and introduced to the BDSM scene, learning the fine line between pleasure and pain, submission and control. Simon, ably assisted by a dominatrix friend and her lesbian slave, exposes Nathan to a variety of BDSM erotic activities including bondage, pony play and lesbian love. But will Nathan be able to get over his fear of coming out? Can he embrace the needs of his lover and master, and commit to the one who has taught him so much?

This story will engender unexpected levels of arousal, especially if you enjoy gay and lesbian erotica mixed with spanking and heavier forms of BDSM, bondage, slavery and gay male domination and submission

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As the elevator rose, Nathan became very quiet, wondering. Apart from the photos on Simon’s walls, he hadn’t seen anything else in the apartment that indicated he engaged in the pastimes to which he had alluded. His personality showed his tendencies towards control and Nathan could attest from experience that he was capable of delivering a painful spanking when goaded into action but he wondered what other techniques he may use. Simon’s words as he described Dominique came back to Nathan’s mind – she ties them up and beats them.

As they reached Simon’s apartment, he opened the door and motioned for Nathan to enter before him. Nathan entered with great trepidation, expecting at any time to be attacked and overpowered. His adrenaline was pumping as his body entered its fight or flight mode. It was almost disappointing when nothing happened. Simon simply closed the door, took the bag from him and placed it on the floor.

“We are going to spend some time in my playroom, Nathan. Go to the guest bedroom, use the bathroom if you need to then strip down to your swimming briefs and come back out here. When I return you are to be kneeling on the floor with your head bowed, your eyes closed and your hands behind your back. Do you understand?”

Simply hearing Simon’s words, so calm yet so commanding, set off a reaction in Nathan’s swim suit that was becoming annoyingly routine for him. He was shaking as he tried to reply, only to find his voice was nothing more than a soft croak. He cleared his throat and whispered, “Yes, Sir.”

He followed the instructions to the letter and, as he waited, he slipped his hand in front of his crotch confirming that the pre-come that had already soaked through his briefs had not gone away. Knowing he could do nothing to control it, he returned his hand to join the other behind him and waited.

With no idea how long he had been kneeling in position, he heard the sound of footsteps on the hardwood floor. As they came closer it was all he could do to remain in place and keep his eyes closed. Eventually they stopped directly in front of him. He felt a finger under his chin lifting his head up. “Open your eyes, Nathan.”

Nathan found himself looking directly into Simon’s leather clad crotch, his mind taking him back to the Machismo Bar. The pants were the same, however this time Simon was topless, his hairless torso almost gleaming in the soft light of the apartment. There was a pair of silver handcuffs, just like the ones on his business card, hanging from a belt loop on his pants.

Simon put a hand on top of Nathan’s head before turning and slowly walking around behind him. Struggling to remain still, Nathan felt a mixture of fear and excitement as Simon continued with his ritual and the only thing he was sure of was that the wet patch in his briefs getting bigger. He heard a metallic click a split second before Simon’s hand moved from his head and then the cuffs closed down harshly on his wrists. Instinctively he tried to move his hands only to find he had nowhere to go and the harder he pulled, the more it hurt. He felt Simon’s hot breath in his ear. “You are trapped, Nathan. You are mine,” he whispered, his voice deep and throaty.

“Oh, fuck.”

“You knew this was coming. You want it. If there is any point at which you feel it is just so much you can’t take it any more, you are to use the safe word, red. If I hear you say red I will stop everything I am doing to you and release you. Do you understand?”

Nathan was struggling to stem his rising panic. He had allowed himself to get into this position and so far, Simon had been more than honest with him. As he thought about how to reply, he turned to watch as Simon moved back around to face him. He glanced down to see his fingers close over his nipples, teasing them lightly and Nathan would have sworn there was a direct nerve running from them to his now painfully erect cock.


The teasing stopped and his fingers clamped down on Nathan’s tender buds. “Yes, who?”

Nathan threw his head back, looking up into Simon’s stern face. “Oh fuck. Yes, Sir.”

“Better. Each time you forget to address me correctly, you will pay.”

“Ooh. Yes, Sir. I’m sorry, Sir.”

“Better.” Easing up on his nipples, he teased them a little more before stepping back behind him once again. Slipping an arm up between Nathan’s cuffed arms and his torso, he pulled upwards with just enough force to ensure Nathan knew how helpless he was. “Stand.”

With Simon’s support he struggled to his feet and Simon frog marched him towards the closed door. Nathan had walked past the door a number of times but it had not even registered on him. Stopping in front of it, he watched as Simon put his thumb up against a pad and a green light blinked. There was a faint click and the door opened. Simon thrust him forward and they entered a room unlike anything Nathan had seen before as the door clicked closed behind them.

It looked larger than Simon’s living and dining room together. There were thick blackout curtains over what he assumed were the windows and the floor was lightly padded black rubber. The walls were covered with racks with all sorts of strange things hanging from them. There were coils of different colored ropes, all manner of leather straps and shiny chrome buckles and items that Nathan could not even identify. A framework of pipes covered one wall. There was a bed over in one corner and what looked like a barred cavity beneath it, like a jail cell. Over in one other corner there was a large ‘H’ shaped rubber mat hanging from the ceiling on chains.

One thing that got his attention was a leather hood, one of many that were lined up on a shelf. He had seen something similar when watching a movie some years before and he remembered what the wearer was called – a gimp!

Simon’s pride in his play space was obvious as he said, “Welcome to my playroom, Nathan. What do you think?”

“Shit!” Nathan was trembling. As he looked around, trying to get a feel for how some of these things would be used he struggled with his words. “I… I… oh fuck… I don’t know what to think, Sir. It is amazing but I have no idea what most of this stuff is.”

“You are about to learn, Nathan. You will learn to love and fear this room in equal amounts if I’m doing my job correctly.”

As he was speaking, Simon was moving Nathan over to the wall with the pipes, pushing him up against the cold steel. Wrapping his arms around him, he released the handcuffs. Now was the time to make a move if Nathan was ever going to try to escape but there was no handle on the door – no escape. It could only be opened by Simon using the thumb pad.

Despite his fear, Nathan was mesmerized. He found himself yearning for whatever it was that Simon was offering and he willingly allowed Simon to take his wrists and stretch his arms out along the shoulder height horizontal pipe.

“Hold the pipes, Nathan. Don’t move.”

Watching Simon select some ropes, he was entranced by his muscular shoulders and he felt weak at the knees. It was as if he was already attached to the pipe and he was afraid he would collapse if he let it go.

As he returned with the ropes in each hand, Simon gave them a flick of his wrist and with a sharp snap they uncoiled completely, snaking out across the playroom floor. With what seemed like another flick of his wrist, the ropes were looped multiple times around Nathan’s unresisting arms. As he pulled them tight and tied then off, Nathan was trapped.

Stepping away briefly, Simon returned holding a leather collar. Without a word he slipped it around Nathan’s neck, pulling it up snugly. He then made a point of holding up a small brass padlock before slipping it through a loop on the buckle clicked it shut. He then lowered one hand and grasped Nathan’s hard cock through his briefs. Looking him in the eye he said, “Now you are mine, Nathan. You are mine until I choose to remove that collar.” As he said it, he rubbed Nathan’s cock a few times before grasping it firmly. “Don’t you dare come without permission or I’ll make you swallow it,” he hissed. As he finished saying it he continued to stare into Nathan’s eyes and rubbed some more. There was a strangled groan from Nathan as his face screwed up and his body jerked, unable to prevent his orgasm.

“Oh fuck, oh god, oh no, ohh.” He closed his eyes as the crotch of his briefs quickly filled with his ejaculate as Simon kept rubbing, pumping him dry as he continued to stare at him. When he was satisfied that Nathan was totally spent he released his cock and stood back.

“Oh dear, Nathan. You don’t have much self-control, do you? Maybe you really wanted to consume your own mess.”

“No Sir. I didn’t. I don’t. I couldn’t help it. What you were doing to me…”

“Oh, so it’s my fault?”

“No Sir. Oh, I’m so sorry.”

Simon looked down, pulled the waistband of Nathan’s briefs out and undid the drawstring. He then drew the trunks down, making sure he wiped Nathan’s now softening cock as he did so. He knelt and drew them all the way down, tapping Nathan’s ankles to get him to step out of them. Placing the soiled briefs to one side he then secured Nathan’s ankles to the ankle bar, spreading his legs as he did so. He finished the tie by looping a rope from each ankle to each corner post, preventing Nathan from closing his legs.

Picking up the briefs, Simon turned the crotch out, holding it up so that Nathan could see his sticky, creamy mess. The horror in Nathan’s eyes was obvious as Simon looked from Nathan and down to the briefs. With one hand he pinched Nathan’s nose closed and watched. In a lightening swift move as Nathan gasped for air, Simon forced the sticky mess into Nathan’s mouth, forcing it deep inside as he released his nose.

When he was sure Nathan had swallowed most of it, Simon cast the briefs to one side and kissed him. Completely covering his reluctantly compliant mouth, Simon forced his tongue inside, exploring Nathan’s mouth as he demonstrated his enthusiasm. He could feel Nathan’s body fighting him initially, the tension in his arms obvious before he gradually relaxed and surrendered to Simon’s insistent tongue. It wasn’t long before a moan slipped past his lips and he began to actively respond and reciprocate Simon’s passion.

Eventually Simon broke off the kiss. Wordlessly he stepped over to a peg board on the far wall. As he returned, Nathan could see he was holding something in his hand. Not realizing what it was until Simon placed it over his eyes, it was too late for Nathan to prevent the blindfold being fixed in place, not that he was in a position to stop Simon in any case.



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