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Whipping Tom: Terror of the Milkmaid’s Bum by Ardie Stallard

“Between 1672 and 1712 in London and at least two of the suburban or rural areas near the city, three individuals, each known as “Whipping Tom,” carried out brief, minor reigns of terror against unsuspecting females. The moniker’s pretty much self-explanatory: from what scanty records we can find, all three inflicted quick but undoubtedly painful corporal punishments on their victims. That is, spanking or whipping the unfortunate women’s buttocks. One supposes it’s a mercy that nobody thought to call any of the three ‘Jack the Whipper.’…

“The first Tom… personally intrigues me the most because, of the three, we know the absolute least about him. No information remains of where he staged his spankings or of his ever being caught, but that he existed is evident from the one record that mentions him, a comparison between him and Tom II (“Whipping Tom Brought to Light and Exposed to View,” Anonymous, London, 1681): ‘Know then, that according to common Fame, [the current Whipping Tom] is of the Generation of that Whipping Tom, that about Nine years since proved such an enemy to the Milk-wenches’ Bums, and often times occasioned the Country Dames to hire a Guard for the security of their Posteriors; whose name so overawed Joan and Ciss that they durst not stir out after Candlelight to meet their Sweet-hearts, for fear of having an Alarum beaten upon their Tobies…’”

Thus writes Felicia Culbertson Guthrie, heroine of Pink Flamingo Media’s “Switch” series who, with a little help from her friend Ardie Stallard, now takes pen in hand to write and offer up a novel of her own. Though not a factual account of the three historical figures known to us as “Whipping Tom,” her work is a plausible historical fiction piece of what COULD have happened. And who knows? Maybe it did! Edited by her husband, Joe Guthrie, and her friend “Ed” Edwards, in addition to Ardie Stallard’s contributions, it’s a spicy account of seventeenth-century adult spanking, both erotic and otherwise. Hold onto your toby, and take a read!

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Besides pulling turnips and turnip greens from our fall garden patch, this past week Papa’s been hard at work laying in a big supply of kindling and firewood for the coming winter. Sticks and strips and chips of wood were scattered everywhere around the big stump he uses for his chopping block. As I wandered off the main trail down to the block, I spied one such flat strip that was about as thick and wide and long as the stick with which Mama used to rap the knuckles of my older brothers when she was learning them to read and write and figure. Mama’d never used it on me, though she’d learned me the same things as well. Neither Mama nor Papa was particularly in favor of us going to school under my grandfather, whom I hardly even remember, nor my uncle Lance or anyone else, so Mama had handled all our book learning personally from the volumes she heired from Grandfather Atwood. And no one could say she’d done a bad job.

Anyway, still irked and unable to do absolutely nothing while I waited on my gentleman caller, I picked up this wood strip and examined it—and immediately got a vivid, and provocative, reminder that an idle brain is the devil’s workshop just like Uncle Lance proclaims from the pulpit. The wood strip looked like something Whipping Tom would be curious to try out against some poor girl’s tender backside, and so I twisted my body around, held the strip in my right hand—and administered a solid TAP to the right side of the spot in question on my own body. Whether from the sensation itself or the daydream that accompanied it I felt my guts squirm, my heart thump, my quinny swell and moisten, and my legs begin to tremble. I tried out a harder tap, then still a harder one, then struck the cheek opposite, then that cheek again…

“Uh, good afternoon, Miss Margaret, I’m sorry I’ve not brought back your clothing but we still have some hope for success… what on earth?”

I gasped in utter horror. There stood Leonard at the spot where the trail forked off the main path toward the ridge to the woodpile. God only knew what, and how much, he’d just seen. I know my face and my hair had to match colors for a moment but I tried my best to—to—well, whatever I was trying my best to do to keep myself from looking and acting like an utter fool.

“Wh-where’s your horse?” I stammered.

“I took the stage from Hackney to St. Andrews,” he answered, his eyes still wide, “and got a room at the inn so your parents don’t have to worry where to bed me down tonight. I just now walked over the ridge. Uh… were you just SPANKING yourself?”

Now I looked down at the wood strip in my hand and my shame overcame me. I burst into tears, threw down the stick, and fled in the opposite direction, running deeper into the woods.

“Margaret! No! It’s all right! Don’t feel ashamed! I… I think I understand! Margaret! Please stop!”

He began to run after me and—well, not really knowing what else to do—I let him catch me though I was still sniffling a bit. He grasped me around the midsection, brought a fresh blush to my upper cheeks by planting a loud buss on the right nape of my neck, and murmured in my ear, “Please don’t feel shamed! This Whipping Tom madness has made me curious about—about—well, you know what about, too! And I’ve not been able to get my mind off you, either!”

I’m not sure whether it was the hilt of his dagger or something else, but I felt a poke through the fabric at the back of my dress of a blunt object, seemingly quite hard. And so I risked the welfare of my toby, and maybe even my maidenhead, a little by wriggling back against it, which gave Leonard a gasp of his own. He responded by cupping my duckies in his hands, and rubbing until my nipples were plainly visible inside my dress. “Oh… oh, my God,” I kept whispering, not even knowing what else to say.

“Margaret!” murmured Leonard again, directly into my ear, “You wouldn’t even believe how many young, spanked women—well, for that matter, not-so-young spanked women—I’ve seen in Hackney since I’ve last talked to you! There’ve been fifty-five attacks in total now since the tenth of October, and we’re not making any headway on the case at all! So far Whipping Tom’s been too clever to be fooled by a man in a woman’s garb, because he’s kept right on birching poor girls and we’ve never even been able to catch his trail. But… it’s just so deuced unsettling to listen to all the victims talk about what happened to them—and how much difference there be in the way they’ve reacted to the experience! Some are frighted out of all reason, most are angry and bitter and vengeful and I can’t blame them one bit for it, but there’s a few, I admit a VERY few, who actually seem to savor the memory of their attack. Some even enjoy talking about it and giggle over it and one or two actually express hope that Whipping Tom might come back to see them! They ‘like it rough,’ they say! So… if… well, if Whipping Tom’s made you all curious about spanking and being spanked, well… I must confess, I’m curious now too. I know I should have my face slapped for so saying, but…”

My chest was heaving and I was certain I’d fall into a swoon at any moment, though no forest girl I’d ever known was as prone to swooning as the daughters of the gentry were reputed to be. Mayhap it was all their corsets and stays, who could tell? “Leonard!” I managed to squeak out between gasps, “are we both daft? What’s… what’s wrong with us?”

He turned me round then and before I knew it, he’d locked his lips on mine in a fiery kiss, even hotter than the one I’d seen Papa give Mama the week before—or the one I’d given Raph Dodson whose arse kicked Papa back across the ridge. And now his hands left my duckies to put a firm grasp on my toby. By now I not only feared I’d swoon, but melt too.

He paused a moment after our hot, wet kiss to ponder my question, frowning slightly. I still had to gasp for air. “I don’t know what’s wrong with us,” he answered finally, “but why does anyone else have to know, in the first place? We can keep our private business to ourselves! Margaret, you were spanking yourself when I first saw you this afternoon. Would—would—” Here he had to pause to swallow and clear his throat. “Would you like some… uh… help?”

Hot and bothered as I was, I still had to giggle a little. “Leonard Rutledge!” I tittered. “Are you asking to spank me, like Whipping Tom?”

“I’d… I’d consider it an honor, Miss Sperrock,” he managed to croak, “but not like Whipping Tom. I’m asking your consent… and I’ll promise to be careful with you.”

My head swam. It was almost as if I were outside my own body looking down at the two of us. I couldn’t even believe what I answered, because I gave it no forethought whatsoever: “Well! Don’t be TOO careful! We want it to be fun, don’t we?” I giggled. I wish I could give word to what I felt at that moment. It was as if Leonard were Adam and I was Eve, both of us ready to take a big, juicy bite of succulent Forbidden Fruit and loving every moment of it. Except the Forbidden Fruit, in my mind’s eye at least, was more like a firm English cucumber than an apple, and it might be going in more spots than between my lips—although I wouldn’t rule that out. The very thought of offering my toby to Leonard for his punishment—or at least his concentrated attention—set my loins absolutely aflame.

Well, what can I say? We were both novices, and the experience wasn’t quite perfect for either of us. My knees and thighs were trembling so hard I almost lost my balance as I leaned forward, arched my back, took my hands and stretched my dresstail tight over my toby, and looked over my shoulder… and quite frankly, I thought my gentleman spanker was going to pass out before he ever struck me once! As it happened, he hit too high a few times but a good many of his blows landed exactly where they should, as Mama put it, on the fleshy parts of my back, and for the very first time in my life I experienced a spanking from a man who attracted me. Rather than having to ask him to stop, once or twice I had to ask, almost beg, him to continue! But when all was said and done my toby was stinging deliciously and the spanking stopped only when he suddenly spun me around, took my tingling buttocks into his hands again, squeezed hard, and lifted me off the ground to his eye level. Our mouths locked onto each other and our tongues played together in another hot kiss.

I doubt I’d have had the will to keep my maidenhead if our encounter had happened in the spring, summer, or even earlier in the fall. As it was, a chilly wind began to blow, and if that didn’t exactly cool mine and Leonard’s ardor for each other for some reason it reminded me that my father was apt to come looking for me if he happened to open our front door, call for me, and not get a reply. I’m unsure whether it was my imagination or not, but at that moment I thought for certain I heard a muffled “Nutmeg!”

I gasped and whispered to Leonard, “Sweetheart! Put me down! I think I just heard Papa call!”

“Margaret Sperrock, I want you so badly!” murmured Leonard in reply, sending cold chills up and down my back by kissing the nape of my neck again softly—and still rubbing and flexing his palms over my toby. I moaned—both in arousal and frustration.

“Leonard!” I hissed again, “Papa’ll kill you if he finds us like this! And he’s a forester, and I’ve no doubt that he knows how and where to hide bodies! Please! Come with me! Let’s go to the house and have dinner! It’s all my own cooking, you know.”

“I was doing MY own cooking just now,” he whispered back with a slight quaver to his voice, “and I’d LOVE to taste… oh, uh… I mean…” He blushed, and I couldn’t help giggling happily.

With a shuddering sigh, Leonard finally let me back down to my feet, put his arm around me, and began to walk me back to the woodpile, although he kept his right hand fastened to my toby as if his fingers were leeches! “Leonard!” I hissed again as I looked up at him in appeal, “if Papa sees where you’ve got your hand, we’re both in trouble! Please! I’ll—I’ll try to think of some way for us to have private time after our meal!”

“Is your toby still burning from the spanking?” he whispered as he tried to adjust his breeches with his other hand. For some reason he seemed to be inordinately concerned with his appearance in front.

“Yes, Master Rutledge!” I giggled, “I rather like calling you ‘Master,’ for some reason! Yes, it’s still stinging wonderfully! Thank you, sir!” He gently squeezed me again back there, I began to slow down hoping for another hot kiss—the woodpile was in sight now so we didn’t have much time—


Leonard and I must have jumped at least a foot in the air. It was Papa, sure enough, and the only reasons he ever calls me by my full first name rather than one of his pet names for me is to introduce me formally to a guest at the house—or if he’s frightened, extremely annoyed, or both at the same time. My ears hadn’t been playing tricks on me, after all. I gulped. We’d had it now. I feared it’d take all the diplomacy, begging, and even tears that I could muster to keep Papa from using his big splay feet to kick my poor Leonard’s arse clear back to St. Andrews, if not all the way to Hackney. And when we arrived at the woodpile and saw him, standing at the fork of the path in the exact same spot Leonard had spied me spanking myself with the wood strip, his countenance was a far cry from the playful one I’d seen on him when he was sporting with Mama earlier. My heart sank.

        “Where’ve you two been?” he demanded with an intimidating frown as we approached. Leonard tightened his grip on my bum, I scowled at him and wiggled it slightly to remind him he’d better let go of it for the time being, and tried to work up my best, most innocent and engaging expression for Papa. At least Leonard caught the hint and relaxed his hand.

8 reviews for Whipping Tom: Terror of the Milkmaid’s Bum – ebook

  1. pfmedia

    The BookViral Review:
    The mystery of Ardie Stallard continues in another superb BDSM offering, ‘Whipping Tom – The Terror Of The Milkmaid’s Bum’. With a tongue-in-cheek, wholly transparent delivery, Stallard mixes saucy desire with delicious irony, as we are taken on a racy journey which has its conception in three historical accounts of an equivalent sin-public non-consensual whipping of the backside! The ingenious plot connects these separate crimes and their resolution seamlessly, through the generations of one family.
    Stallard’s wholly believable narrative captures the setting of Epping Forest and London Town perfectly, as does their representation of 18th Century British Society. Irrepressibly entertaining, one can imagine frolics in leafy glades as the protagonists explore the complicated negotiations of sexual desire in the fresh English countryside.
    Stallard cleverly draws the line between titillating fun and self-serving and selfish depravity as characters negotiate their own diverse selections of rompish lovemaking, which come upon them wholly by chance, but are settled into unswervingly in their respective relationships, keeping bonds strong and sparks flying deep into middle age.
    A stellar cast of characters breaching two generations echoes the innocent and fun element of dominance, while not drowning the cleverly constructed plot or reducing the characters to purely sexual beings. Combining the perspectives of each character, Stallard is true to each, subtly teasing out their personalities through their own words and actions. A refreshing openness explores the multi-faceted attraction of youth, whilst accepting flaws and deviations as part of life and the human psyche.
    Particularly engaging are the feisty and fun Mother and daughter duo, Barbra and Margaret (Meg) whose relationship matures and blossoms as the story unfolds, and who unfailingly keep the ardour of their respective beau’s flowing in good measure, despite slightly indiscreet dalliances. The endearing and long-lasting relationship between Barbra and Will is a delight, as they unfailingly find themselves deeply connected both emotionally and sexually despite the ravages of circumstance and age.
    Sensual and spicy- an amusing and vastly entertaining novel recommended for the frolicsome and open-minded.

  2. pfmedia


    5.0 out of 5 stars Intriguing, scandalous, and twisted all at once
    Reviewed in the United States on April 26, 2023
    Verified Purchase
    It is definitely not for the faint of heart, but for readers who are open to exploring new and taboo subjects, this book is a will captivate you from beginning to end. The author does a fantastic job of vividly describing the scenes, characters, and emotions throughout the book, making it easy to visualize everything that is happening.

    My favorite part of the book was the scene where Margaret spanks herself with the wood strip and is caught by Leonard. The tension and steamy atmosphere in that scene were palpable, and the author did an excellent job of conveying the erotic overtones without being too graphic. The plot twists and turns kept me on the edge of my seat, and the satisfying ending left me feeling fulfilled.

    Overall, I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a captivating, dark, and romantic read. It isn’t your typical love story, but that is what makes it so unique and engaging. It is scandalous, twisted, and sexy all at once, and I can’t wait to see what this author comes up with next!

  3. pfmedia

    D B

    5.0 out of 5 stars An amusing jaunt into the spanking kink and a look back in time
    Reviewed in the United States on April 28, 2023
    Verified Purchase
    “Whipping Tom” is a light-hearted, fun little jaunt into the world of serial spanking in 1700’s England. It is written at a very high level for an erotic novel, which was a pleasant surprise. I was especially struck by how artfully edited it was. The absurdity of these three swooping into these “victims” lives and spanking them senseless provides a lot of entertainment and out-loud laughter with the classic prose.

    A wonderfully and artfully written take that takes you back to times of old. If you love a good adult novel, and particularly love a good spanking, you will enjoy this book.

    I highly recommend this book, and greatly look forward to more from this author.

  4. pfmedia

    Jude Griffin

    4.0 out of 5 stars not be everyone’s cup of tea.
    Reviewed in the United States on May 5, 2023
    Verified Purchase
    While it may appeal to readers interested in historical fiction centered around erotic spanking, the subject matter may not be suitable for all readers. The book is a metafictional historical novel that imagines the lives of three individuals known as “Whipping Tom” who carried out brief reigns of terror against unsuspecting females in 17th century London.

    The writing style is adequate and the book includes explicit scenes that may be considered spicy or erotic in nature. However, the plot and character development may not be fully fleshed out, and some readers may find the book lacking in depth or substance.

    Overall, “Whipping Tom: Terror of the Milkmaid’s Bum” may be worth checking out for those interested in the genre, but may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

  5. pfmedia

    Mike Joyner

    5.0 out of 5 stars A wonderful book!
    Reviewed in the United States on May 3, 2023
    Verified Purchase
    The read is all-inclusive to its title, set in a time long ago, it rolls historic perspective with sexual depravity and covers a taboo subject . It is all done artfully, well written, and arraigned to draw the reader in for an enjoyable adult book!

  6. pfmedia


    5.0 out of 5 stars Sexy, erotic, stimulating and very well-written. A joy to read
    Reviewed in the United States on May 2, 2023
    Verified Purchase
    Not being one to usually read (or enjoy) erotica, this book came recommended. And I very much enjoyed it. The old English setting of London is vividly described and provides an intriguing background to the tales of sexiness within. Fun and… frankly erotic. Recommend.

  7. pfmedia


    5.0 out of 5 stars WOWWWWWWW!
    Reviewed in the United States on April 26, 2023
    I love it when a book takes me back in time and gives me a glimpse into a fascinating and lesser-known piece of history. “Whipping Tom: Terror of the Milkmaid’s Bum” did just that, transporting me to 17th-century London and the reign of terror inflicted by the three Whipping Toms… And the spicy account of adult spanking, both erotic and otherwise, made for an entertaining and unique read!!!!!

    Overall, I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in historical fiction or those looking for a new and exciting read.

  8. pfmedia

    Robert Bruce

    4.0 out of 5 stars A Scandalous Journey to 17th Century London in “Whipping Tom: Terror of the Milkmaid’s Bum”
    Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on May 5, 2023
    Verified Purchase
    Ardie Stallard’s “Whipping Tom: Terror of the Milkmaid’s Bum” is a captivating and scandalous journey into the world of erotic spanking set in 17th-century London. The novel revolves around the mysterious reigns of terror by three individuals known as “Whipping Tom,” who inflicted swift and painful corporal punishment on unsuspecting women.

    Stallard’s vivid descriptions and artful writing bring to life the old English setting, providing an intriguing backdrop for the steamy and twisted tales within. This unique and sexy story offers a fascinating glimpse into a lesser-known piece of history and is definitely not for the faint of heart. However, for readers who are open to exploring new and taboo subjects, this book will captivate from beginning to end.

    The novel features a satisfying conclusion, and while it isn’t your typical love story, it presents an alternative way of showing affection in a romance. With its erotic overtones, plot twists, and vivid portrayals of the era, “Whipping Tom: Terror of the Milkmaid’s Bum” is a tantalizing read that offers both entertainment and laughter, as well as an unexpected journey into the realm of serial spanking in 1700’s England.

    If you’re a fan of adult novels, particularly those with a penchant for a good spanking, this book will undoubtedly be a delight. Be prepared to be transported back in time and immerse yourself in the scandalous and sensual world of “Whipping Tom: Terror of the Milkmaid’s Bum.”

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