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A Female-Led Marriage by Gillian Ormendroyd

Femdom from Femdom Cave. Within the pages of this unique novel, you’ll read Gillian Ormendroyd’s part-autobiographical tale, describing the evolution of A Female Led Marriage, from its beginnings as a loving and traditionally male slanted union, to its current condition of outright wifely authority. In such a marriage the wife exercises utter and complete control of her husband both sexually and domestically. This thoughtfully considered and completely believable portrayal of a covert marital arrangement is becoming more and more widespread and mainstream. If only we knew what happens behind closed doors! If you are a woman who enjoys control of her man, or a man who needs the firm supervision of a dominant female, Ms Ormendroyd’s part-fictional story will definitely strike a chord. Within the framework of such a marriage, private needs get met, including male-chastity, foot-worship, pussy-worship, arse-worship, underarm worship, toilet-duties, spanking, cuckolding, cock-caging and any other activity likely to make the wife feel the supreme sexual and domestic goddess she’s always seen herself as being.

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