A Fine Catch!


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A Fine Catch! by Rose St. Andrews

It’s 1981, Scarlett Astor, daughter of the wealthy Astor family, falls overboard from her yacht and is fished out by Steve, Greg and David Mayhew, fishermen out on the Grand Banks. Naughty as she is haughty, she insults them and causes endless trouble on their ship, which results in her getting royally spanked. Desperate to get ashore and back to her soft life, she tries to butter up the guys by being helpful and offering them sex. With the former, she’s an utter disaster, she can’t cook, clean, do laundry or anything else. She even damages the boat and that earns her still more punishment.

In the case of the sex, she finds it awesome, which surprises her – until she realizes that the spankings are a contributing factor, and that totally confuses her. Over time, the guys slowly strip away her rights and responsibilities, until she’s reduced to the ship’s pet. She’s theirs to spank and screw, and the fiery passion the acts awaken in her drive her wild – especially when they lash her to the ship’s main boom and take turns at her!

What will happen when they get to shore? Will she go back to her old life? Will she even want to? If not, what does her future hold? Read the book and find out.

Scarlett suffers a wide variety of punishment and sexually driven spankings that include pain, humiliation, rope bondage, forced and consensual sex, multiple partners, and lots of wildly orgasmic pleasure.

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