A Fine Catch!



A Fine Catch! by Rose St. Andrews

It’s 1981, Scarlett Astor, daughter of the wealthy Astor family, falls overboard from her yacht and is fished out by Steve, Greg and David Mayhew, fishermen out on the Grand Banks. Naughty as she is haughty, she insults them and causes endless trouble on their ship, which results in her getting royally spanked. Desperate to get ashore and back to her soft life, she tries to butter up the guys by being helpful and offering them sex. With the former, she’s an utter disaster, she can’t cook, clean, do laundry or anything else. She even damages the boat and that earns her still more punishment.

In the case of the sex, she finds it awesome, which surprises her – until she realizes that the spankings are a contributing factor, and that totally confuses her. Over time, the guys slowly strip away her rights and responsibilities, until she’s reduced to the ship’s pet. She’s theirs to spank and screw, and the fiery passion the acts awaken in her drive her wild – especially when they lash her to the ship’s main boom and take turns at her!

What will happen when they get to shore? Will she go back to her old life? Will she even want to? If not, what does her future hold? Read the book and find out.

Scarlett suffers a wide variety of punishment and sexually driven spankings that include pain, humiliation, rope bondage, forced and consensual sex, multiple partners, and lots of wildly orgasmic pleasure.

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Greg moved closer. Scarlett felt a surge of hope. Was he going to stop his sadistic brother from torturing her?

“Steve, think! That’s a good chunk of money. We could fix the boat; get a new radio, better gear – the works.”

“I am thinking,” he shot back. “You’re both clearly not.”

“What are you talking about?” Greg replied.

“Listen to your brothers,” she begged. “Please, ouch! I promise you more money than you can possibly imagine, ow!”

Steve ignored her, which only added to her pain and humiliation. “Guys, think for a second. Other than the Astors from the Titanic, have either of you ever heard of any modern members of the family?”

She turned and glared at both brothers. Steve kept right on spanking, her ass positively glowing with ache and fire, and they took their dear sweet time considering his question.

“Huh, he makes a good point,” Dave said – after about fifty smacks.

“Yeah,” Steve said simply, his piston-like arm continuing her agony. “How do we know the Astors are rich? Oh, and here’s another point to ponder: How do we know she’s one of them?”

“Good point number two,” Dave said. “She doesn’t have any ID.”

“That’s not my fault,” she whined. “It must have fallen out when I fell overboard, ouch! I was on my private yacht. Get on the damn radio and call them, ow! Pleaseeeee, ouch ow!”

“Missy, even if we had a working radio, which we don’t, we don’t know their call signs,” Steve explained. “And even if we did, there’s still the matter of you apologizing. This spanking doesn’t end until you do.”

Scarlett positively seethed with rage at his words. However, her resolve was fading as the sting and ache continued to grow. This asshole wasn’t going to stop beating her until she gave in. While it was just about the last thing she wanted to do, the pain was terrible, and then there was the added humiliation of him spanking her like a child in front of his brothers. They both seemed quite entertained by the whole episode.

“All right, all right, I give,” she wailed. “Apologize, I apologize. There, happy? I said it. Now stop, you mother, ouch!”

“Really? You call that an apology?” Steve said, his tone dripping with sarcasm. “Our dad would laugh in your face over as pathetic an attempt that was at genuine sincerity.”

“He’s right, Miss,” Dave said. “You might want to try again.”

The near-constant smack, smack to her poor behind was too much. Their tone, the casual way they treated the whole scene, and the blaze raging in her flesh broke her. Her eyes filled with tears, she blinked them away a couple times, and then they started falling. Now her embarrassment was complete. She was sobbing like a naughty child being spanked by her daddy in front of her big brothers.

“Wahhh! All right, I’m sorry, Mr. Mayhew, I am so sorry. Pleaseeee, no more, I’m begging you. I’ve learned my lesson and I take it back. You guys didn’t rob me-wahhh!”

Steve instantly stopped. “Ah, now that is sincere. All right, Miss Astor, all is forgiven, we can put this sorry little episode behind us – no pun intended – and move on.”

He helped her to stand. She so wanted to slap his face, and more importantly not accept his help, but she was so achy and sore that getting off his lap unassisted wasn’t an option. There was also the fire in her ass. It was a great deterrent to any rash actions she might contemplate in the heat of the moment.

Yeah, the heat in my poor cheeks is enough to cool my jets. For the moment!

The one thing she’d learned from his assault was that she needed to bide her time. As long as she was trapped on this old scow she was at their mercy, and it was clear they didn’t have any. Hell, they could do anything to her that they wanted to!

Greg stepped forward as Steve made for the ladder up to the deck. “Here, Miss, let me show you to the head. You can wash up there and I’ll get you some clean dry clothes.”

“The whaaat?” she squeaked.

The guys chuckled.

“Ah, she’s a lubber all right,” Steve said as he climbed up.

“It’s what we call the bathroom,” Greg explained.

“And hey, go easy on the shower,” Steve said firmly. “Our desal doesn’t put out too much fresh water.”

“Your what?” she said as she started to lightly rub her poor stinging cheeks.

“Desalinization,” Dave said. “We’ve got a little gizmo that removes the salt from the seawater, and that’s what we use to wash and drink.”

Greg nodded as he took her by the elbow and aimed her toward the front of the boat. “Yeah, and ours – like everything else on this old girl – ain’t exactly operating at a hundred percent these days. But, it’ll give you a hot shower, which I imagine will feel real good to you.”

“Just don’t make it a long one, right?” she said.

Dave snorted. “Hey, you hear that, Steve? Looks like you got through that thick head of hers.”

“Yeah, I just had to apply some ‘encouragement’ to the seat of knowledge!”

Steve and Dave laughed long and hard at that as they went up on deck. She winced, her butt muscles clenching at her humiliation, which got her up on her tip toes from the fiery sting.

“Wow, Miss, that’s amazing,” Greg said as he watched her. “Are you a dancer?”

She furrowed her brow. “A what? Oh, the…sur les pointes. Yeah, I took ballet as a kid. Never any good at it.”

“Sorry to hear that. Well, come on, this way,” he said, gesturing for her to follow him.

They moved down a narrow hallway, passed several small rooms that were clearly where the guys slept. Gad, they were such slobs. Well, Greg’s room was at least moderately tidy. Each cabin had a nameplate on the door, so it was easy to tell who bunked where. Finally they reached what could laughingly be called the bathroom, although from Scarlett’s point of view it was a closet with a tiny sink and toilet, and a broom closet for a shower.

Damn, it’s a good thing I’m so thin. How do these guys manage to fit? Huh, based on their vile stench I’m willing to bet they don’t bathe until they get back to shore. Maybe not even then!

“There’s a towel in the cabinet under the sink, Miss, and a bar of soap in the shower. Sorry I can’t offer you shampoo and conditioner, but…well…”

She waved him off. “Never mind; I get the picture. You have to rough it out here. Thanks. Oh, and call me Scarlett. After all, looks like we’re going to be stuck with each other for a…while. Right?”

“Yeah, sorry about that too,” he said, squirming and rubbing the back of his neck. “And I want to apologize for Steve’s…actions. He…well, ever since our dad died he feels he’s the patriarch of the family, and has to always take charge of things.”

“That including beating a poor innocent young woman?” she shot back.

He snapped to attention and locked his gaze on her. “Hey, don’t go misrepresenting things, Miss Scarlett! That was a spanking nothing more. Now sure he went overboard, but you did make a wild unsubstantiated accusation against all three of us, and that’s what set him off. You just give him a chance, give us all a chance, and behave in a reasonable fashion and we’ll get through the next couple months as friends. You wash and I’ll get you some clothes.”

Without another word he spun on his heels and marched off down the hall before she could even think of a response. She fumed, stormed into the bathroom and slammed the door. Who did he think he was telling her off? He and his brothers were nothing more than common workers. She bought and sold such men on a daily basis, made them do what she wanted through money or sex, and these guys were no different.

Oh yeah, I will break them. And they’ll pay for what Steve did to me, all of them!


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