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Snow on the Roof by M. Daniel

Terrence, Betty and Trixy began their relationship while in college – many years ago! In time, they drifted apart and led separate lives, only to reunite when they’re in their sixties. It’s been a lifetime since they were last together. Nevertheless, this Master and his two slaves are out to prove that just because there is snow on the roof does not mean there is no fire in the furnace. In fact, the fire is burning hot amongst this kinky trio.

Master Terrence is kept busy keeping his two slaves on the straight and narrow, which is not so easy to do. At the same time, it’s his aim to elevate Trixy to his Number One. For Betty, in her new status as ‘Number Two,’ it will be a challenge submitting to Trixy. In fact, there will be a lot of adjusting for them all, but you can be sure that there will be plenty of hot and steamy sex, along with strict, severe punishments when naughty slaves misbehave. It’s a unique arrangement for a threesome in their later years. However, it’s one held together by their life-long love for one another, which is why it works so well!

This three-way romance includes M/f/ F/f, BDSM, spankings, lesbianism, paddle, birch rod, whip, cat-o-nine, submission, cuffs, suspension, whipping, leather, rimming, oral and anal.

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The blows from the wide, leather belt landed with well-practiced precision. Her Master held her firmly in his grip. With his arm wrapped around her upper back he bent her over and held her close and firmly to his side. Her naked bottom was helplessly exposed to receive her disciplining. The anticipation of what was coming had her trembling, but not in fear. Sexual arousal stirred within her from the tips of her toes, barely touching the carpet, to the tingle in her swollen nipples. She hung helplessly in his powerful grip, the moisture between her legs glistening on her cleanly shaven pussy. She did not realize she had messed up until he told her. But once she was told she obediently raised her skirt and held it out of his way. Her Master, enjoying the sight of her plush bottom offered up to him, slowly pulled his belt out of the loops of his pants. She pressed herself closer to him and bent a bit more to offer herself more willingly. He draped his arm around her more tightly, and lifted her into a more accessible position to continue her disciplining.

“Stupid slut,” he hissed at her.

“Yes, Master. I’m sorry, Sir,” she said in a timid whisper, still not knowing how she had messed up but submitting to his authority without question.


Her whipping continued as tears began streaming down her cheeks as the belt continued its staccato delivery of unrelenting blows to her now deep rose-colored bottom. She endured her whipping in silence except for the gasping for air that escaped her throat after each blow landed.


“Your last three,” her Master said. “Count them!” he demanded.

SLAT! “One, thank you Sir.”

SLAT! “Two, thank you Sir.”

SLAT! “Three, thank you Sir.”

Only then did he release her, helping her to regain her balance and stand up straight and finally telling the reason for her whipping.

“How the hell could you screw up like that, Trixy?” he scolded. “Who the fuck ever heard of putting mayonnaise on a corn beef sandwich? You fucking ruined my lunch, idiot,” he said, picking up the sandwich and smashing it into her face. “Get the fuck in there and fix my lunch, stupid. And don’t fuck it up. Throw this shit away,” he said, twisting the smashed sandwich harder against her face. “Go!”

“Yes, Sir. I’m sorry Master” she said gathering up the smashed sandwich before any of it spilled onto the carpet. “I’m sorry, Sir,” she said again, as she left the room while reaching back and rubbing her burning butt.

“What the hell did you just do?” he yelled at her.

Only then did she realize her mistake. “Oh, my God!” she thought. “Oh, my God.”

“Get back here!” he demanded of her.

She laid the bits of sandwich on the coffee table and with her face still covered with bits of smashed sandwich, she hung her head in defeat, and approached her Master. She had inadvertently reached down and rubbed her stinging bottom cheeks. It was a natural reaction after a severe whipping of twenty-five lashes, but it was also a violation of her Master’s rules. Rubbing her bottom to relieve the pain defeated the purpose and cheated Master of his loving effort to improve her and make her a better slave.

She forgot. But she knew apology or asking forgiveness was pointless. Rules cannot be violated. So, with her head hung low, she approached her Master and bent as he wrapped his arm around her upper body again. Before he even began delivering the blows she broke into tears. She knew that being disciplined for a mistake with the sandwich was one thing. But being punished for violating a rule was something worse. Disciplining was sometimes mild or moderate but punishments were always extremely severe. He held her close and tightly in his grip and told her, “Not a sound, Bitch. Not one fucking sound.” Then:




“My God!” she thought, “Oh, my God!!!” as a non-stop, rapid-fire barrage of lashes landed like tongues of fire flaming across her naked bottom. She dared not make a sound or even wriggle too much even though the blows landed in rapid fire roaring flames. Her bottom quickly exploded into a massive, deep, dark red splotch that spread from the small of her back down to the tops of her thighs and slightly beyond. There was not a speck of blood in sight. But the flaming red splotch on her ass, glowing as it was under the flood of hot sweat covering her body, gave the appearance of a well-beaten and bloodied bottom.

“Now go in there and make my lunch, damn it!”  he said, releasing her and letting her drop to the floor at his feet. She struggled to her feet crying uncontrollably as she gathered up the smashed sandwich and headed toward the kitchen determined to make her Master the best corn beef sandwich ever. Both her bottom cheeks throbbed and pulsed and roared with almost unbearable pain.

“And just for that take off that damned dress. And keep it off,” he ordered her.

“Yes Master,” she said through her burning pain. And yet, through all of her tears and twisted tearful grimace a soft smile crossed her lips as she thought, “My God how I love you, Master. I love you so damn much. Thank you,” she said, as she stood at the kitchen sink removing her dress. “I love you, Master….”

She fell in love with her Master Terrence decades ago. When she was a freshman just arrived at college with her girlfriend Betty. Her and Betty were lovers mostly because they were both too shy around boys. But all of that changed when they met Terrence. He was a sophomore. Her and Betty spent lots of time in the library. And that’s how they met Terrence. He was a student assistant worker in the library. The attraction was instant. They both liked his forceful domineering personality. And he liked that they were both rather meek and submissive. He slowly tested their submission and obedience by ordering them to come to the library only when he was on duty. Eventually he was directing how they spent their personal time as well. Before long they were spending every evening in his dorm room where he supervised their studying. And before long he was Master Terrence telling them how to dress, who they could hang out with, and one evening even giving Betty her first spanking on her bare bottom for showing up late for study time. And Trixy sat staring in wide-eyed and envious disbelief. After that both Trixy and Betty spent all of their evenings with him. In his dorm room in the evenings he made them strip and remain naked. And they loved it.

They remained an exclusive three-way couple all through their college years and beyond. After being together for over a decade things fell apart. Trixy had to leave and go back home to Louisiana to care for her ailing mother. Betty took a teaching job in her hometown in Florida. And Terrence remained in Ohio working as the head librarian at the same university they had all attended. Decades passed and then one fateful day Terrence was touring a brand new senior citizen housing community called Ten Trees, a lovely place with individual one or two bedroom houses at really good prices. But he was not the only one on that tour. Trixy and Betty, who had been living as lovers ever since reuniting some years earlier, were touring the same senior community. And that is how the two eighteen-year-old girls and the nineteen-year-old boy reunited as sixty-somethings looking for a nice place to enjoy their retirement years. And they picked up right where they left off with their exclusive three-way BDSM triad.


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