A Forbidden Love


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A Forbidden Love by Lee Dorsey

2012 National Leather Association International Writing Honorable Mention! Pauline Reage Novel Award.
David Mason, a young, intelligent college student, determined to lose his virginity succeeds his first day on campus. While auditioning for the campus play, he meets the sensational Philippa Surino, a woman seventeen years his senior and his literature professor. David is cast as Tom Lee in “Tea & Sympathy, while Philippa is to play “Laura”, which David soon starts calling her as a pet name. A May-December romance quickly evolves into a lustful tale of sexual adventure. Soon, David and Philippa spend every Sunday together, though they both know teacher-student relationships are looked down upon.
At the same time, David meets two female students, Greta and Ilka, and begins a wild romp with both of them, all the while still seeing his professor on the side. David cannot seem to get enough sex from all the various women in his life. Soon, however, David finds juggling school and all of the women to be rather difficult. Finding himself utterly in love with his Laura and determining that she is his soul mate, he asks her to accompany him on Christmas Break to West Palm Beach. Unfortunately, this turns into a huge mistake and the professor leaves him for another man.
Unhappy, lost and confused about his love life, David stays in Florida to finish college and dental school. Living with his high school sweetheart, Emily, he finds himself in yet another debacle between Emily and her mother. As time goes on, he ponders what to do. Should he hunt down the woman he considers to be the love of his life? Can David find happiness in any other woman?
His first novel for Pink Flamingo, playwright and novelist, Lee Dorsey, has written a story of lust, sex and love that includes oral sex, straight sex, female domination, lustful sex scenes, multiple partners and so much more!

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We walked back in the direction of the dorms. We wanted to drop off the cards and paper work. Within a few minutes, I met her in front of her dorm. We had to walk about four blocks to where she had her car parked.

We drove to this quaint little New England town. It was about a ten minute ride in the car. Ilka told me that her father gave her the car for Christmas. Ilka is on a full scholarship. This is saving her family a lot of money not having to pay for her education. The car was used, but it could not have been more than five years old. We found a little restaurant that had an extensive menu. We sat and talked for about two hours. Jokingly, she mentioned that maybe when the two of us graduate from dental school, we could open a practice together. I reminded her that was an eternity from now. She insisted that we keep that thought in abeyance. Sitting there that afternoon, I saw a different side of Ilka. Now that Laura was out of my life, I could look beyond having sex with another woman. I could appreciate them for the other attributes they had to offer. We drove back to Ilka’s parking space. We walked the four blocks to her dorm. She invited me in. Within a half hour, we were in bed.

The difference between having sex with Ilka compared to Greta is the amount of affection that Ilka displays. When I have sex with Greta, she demands that she be pleased above everything else. Ilka is completely different in her approach. She keeps asking me if I like a particular position. She wants me to assure her that she is pleasing me. I enjoy pleasing my partner; however, it is refreshing to know that my partner is also interested in pleasing me. I think Ilka is emotionally attracted to me. That is the difference between Greta and Ilka. Greta only cares about herself.

I spent the night with Ilka. When I finally awakened in the morning, Ilka was kissing me. We had another round of sex before getting our showers. We dressed and proceeded to the dining hall for breakfast. While sitting in one of the cubicles, I spotted Greta come in with the same guy that I saw her with last semester. She did not see me. I do not want her to know about Ilka if I can help it. After breakfast, Ilka and I headed for the bookstore to buy our textbooks. Again there was a long line. It took over an hour to get served. Once we had our books, I went back to my room and dropped them off. Ilka and I decided that we would spend the day driving around the country side. Last semester, I was pretty much confined to the campus. It was good to get out and do some exploring. It turned out to be a pleasant day. We had lunch at an old diner. Later that evening, we came across an upscale restaurant. We had quite a delicious dinner.

I spent the rest of the week with Ilka. On Sunday night, as I was going back to my room, I ran into Greta. She insisted that we have sex. I agreed. I told her that I had to get back to my room immediately thereafter. I wanted to get organized for the next day of classes. At one point, during the height of one of Greta’s three orgasms, I almost said Ilka’s name. I have to be careful if I want to keep these women from knowing about the other.


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