A Tale of Two Kingdoms


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A Tale of Two Kingdoms by Dominic Ridler
Two kingdoms at war against the backdrop of sexual depravity. When the pure and beautiful Yolande, heir to the throne of Parvania, is kidnapped by the evil Igor, ruler of Breconia, war breaks out between the two kingdoms. Igor’s intent is to force Yolande into marriage. Meanwhile, her mother, Queen Ingeborg, organises a raid into Breconia led by her niece, Seraphina, and by Yolande herself, who kills Igor and escapes. Though devoted to a military life, the virgin Yolande, is shocked to discover that she’s not altogether devoid of sexual feelings. Seraphina, on the other hand, is quite promiscuous, ready to invite the most skilled and best-endowed lovers to her bed. Meanwhile, after a power struggle in Breconia, the Thane of Crawdor prevails. With plans to attack Parvania, he takes the lovely Gwendolen, newly married to Prince Gustav, as hostage until Gustav can raise troops to support his cause. Gwendolen becomes the ruthless Lady Crawdor’s playtoy. She’s forced into a variety of sexual scenarios with numerous men and is made to her watch her husband being sexually humiliated by Lady Crawdor and her soldiers. Amid the prevailing depravity, Parvania’s army, consisting largely of female troops, and led by the beautiful and heroic cousins Yolande and Seraphina, advances into Breconia for the decisive battle. Heterosexual activities, including anal and oral. Lesbian sex. Femdom, including strap-on penetration. Also Threesomes. Double penetration. Sexual humiliation. Bondage and whipping.

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