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Condemned by Jurgen von Stuka

Okay Guys. Drop your sox and let go of your, ah, luggage.
That evil Bastard, Emil Brillcart, isn’t dead and Bibi and Jean are on his trail once again. If you liked AFTER SCHOOL or COURIERS, this is the next chapter in the tale of Europe’s most famous slaver and the private detectives who are out to get him. No holds are barred as Brillcart ravages gorgeous young women who easily fall into his clutches. You might just get the feeling that they wanted all along to be brutally tied, gagged, chained, whipped, hog tied, suspended, entombed and otherwise attended to physically, mentally and sexually by The System.
Consensual? Maybe. But it sure doesn’t seem that way as the two not so clever detectives contemplate their future, hanging chained by their wrists in an old anti-aircraft defense tower in Berlin, while one left over Neo-Nazi officer supervises their interrogation.
It’s Jurgen von Stuka’s latest kinky adventure for heroine detectives Bibi and Jean. Enjoy it and keep your hands where we can see them.

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“What do you want?” Madeline asked, opening her purse and intending to give the woman whatever small amounts of cash she had in Euros and dollars.

“Only you,” said the first man from the front seat. “Drive. Take the next left and get onto the autobahn. Go west.” he ordered the driver and the cab moved off quickly into the gathering snow storm.

“Lean forward and put your arms behind your back,” the cat-suited woman ordered, swinging the pistol now towards Madeline who complied at once, resting her head on the back of the front seat and hoping this would all end without anyone getting hurt.

“There’s about a thousand Euros there,” she said as the woman grabbed her wrists and wrapped a heavy, hinged, single metal band around them, closing the band tightly and engaging an automatic lock that audibly snapped shut. Madeline’s wrists were closely locked together, palm to palm. The woman then took a second metal band, this one slightly larger; a chromed oval with a flat bar connecting the hinge to the locking part. It was a bisected, slightly flat circle of steel and she placed it on Madeline’s left arm, just below the elbow.

“Bring your arms together,” she said. “I want your elbows to touch.”

“I, I don’t think I can do that,” Madeline said in a shaky voice. She knew this was true only because one of her former and well-to-do British boyfriends had, a few months ago and with her reluctant permission, tied her with expensive, full size, Hermes scarves, using the large silk square to secure her upper arms. The silk was wrapped two or three times around her arms at the elbow and then slowly drawn tight. This took place in a suite at The Savoy, exclusive London hotel, and Madeline remembered her anxious fear about having her arms bound that way. She asked the man, who she knew as Jake, to stop. Instead, he stuffed her sweet mouth with a clean cotton handkerchief and took another huge scarf and tied it into a knot which he stuffed into her protesting mouth as well, to more or less silence her. He pulled the long ends around behind her head, tied it tightly and then brought the ends forward again to cover her eyes. Then pulled off her tight skirt and lacy panties, left the thigh-high hose with the lace tops and raped her, slowly, almost delicately until he discovered that she was not a virgin. Somewhat surprised at this revelation, he then slowly withdrew his rigid cock and slipped a condom on to it. He applied some sort of lubricant to the condom and, rolling her onto her stomach, took her painfully in the ass while Madeline struggled and moaned into the €600 Hermes gag that she knew was worth more than what she made in an hour at her job.

Following the initial awkwardness of this coital encounter, she spent a sleepless night in the hotel bed, additionally bound with his belt and the sashes from two hotel bathrobes. The belt went around her thighs and the bathrobe sashes were used on her ankles and wrists. At intervals during the night he again took her in the back door, by now quite certain that Madeline was on her way to becoming an accomplished, submissive sex toy. At one point, a few hours after midnight, he removed the gag and asked her if she wanted to use the toilet. She shook her head yes. He untied her feet and walked her into the toilet, sat her down on the seat and asked her if she wanted him to leave. She again nodded “yes.” Assuming that she had nothing more to say, he replaced the soaked cleave gag with a more effective large red ball on a leather strap and noted that his captive seemed more than capable of taking the whole ball into her mouth and still making odd, but accepting noises.

In the early morning, the man took out the gag again and asked her if she’d enjoyed the night. Dry mouthed, feeling grossly violated and embarrassed, she only shook her head slowly. Not sure what she had answered, if at all, he asked her if she wanted to stay that way. She nodded her head slowly again, but more emphatically and mumbled that she needed to use the toilet again and take a shower. He tied her tightly to the handicap bars in the shower, left the shower running with warm water and told her he was going out for a shopping trip and would return within the hour.

“Don’t go away,” was his exit line.

Madeline didn’t even struggle against the bonds. Her wrists were tightly fastened to the steel safety bar behind her and her elbows secured close together with fabric torn from a pillow casing. She dozed in the comforting warm water and was nearly asleep, still kneeling in the shower, when her captor/lover returned. He untied her, dried her carefully, rubbing the soft Turkish towels vigorously between her legs and watching the reaction. From a plastic shopping bag he produced a roll of thin, braided nylon line that he used to tie her thumbs together behind her back, leaving a long loop dangling from the knots. When she protested that she was hurting her, he took a rubber exercise ball from the bag and washed it carefully with soap and water and then stuffed it into her mouth, covered it with several layers of black carpet tape and silenced the complaints.

“Get into bed and lie face down,” he ordered, swatting her perfectly rounded rump with the leather loop on a dog chain leash he also apparently just purchased.

Madeline complied, whimpering.

He tied her big toes together more loosely than her thumbs and then pulled her feet back, forcing her to fully bend her knees and slipped the thumb binding loop over her feet and tied it off, creating the first hog tie Madeline had ever experienced. She moaned. He used the scarves again to press the ball deeper into her taped and stretched mouth and to cover her tearful eyes. Asking her cheerfully if she perhaps needed something more, the man reached under her belly and slowly inserted a vibrating dildo into her already damp cunt.

“How’s that?” he asked, laughing. “You keep it in there. Squeeze those muscles tight.” He added. “There’s more.”

There was more. It was a soft plug that she could not see, but felt as he introduced it to her already violated anus, using the same perfumed lubricate to ease it up inside and leaving a short hose trailing out between her thighs.

“Feel that?” he asked.

“Ummm,” Madeline hummed. The plug felt surprisingly good as it seemed to sooth the soreness of the earlier rectal reaming. As she tried to settle herself in the strict hogtie and retain the cunt probe, she felt and heard the man squeeze the rubber bulb at the end of the hose and she felt the inside plug expand. Madeline struggled and whimpered as loud as the gagging ball allowed.

“Relax,” Jake said, gently stroking her buttocks and again squeezing the inflation bulb.

It felt like her ass was exploding. Madeline wiggled and thrashed on the bed, groaning from the expanding plug and the dildo in her cunt as well. The combination was more than she thought she could stand. At some point, he disconnected the inflation bulb and hose, allowing a small amount of air to escape from the interior plug. This provided a modicum of relief and Madeline stopped her struggle.

“Ah,” the man said pleasantly. “I think you need a few more accessories and then we’re done.”

He tied a doubled length of the braided line tightly around her narrow waist and then led the ends down over her flat belly, through her pussy, threading them through a small eye in the base of the dildo and pulling them up through the anal divide, looping the rope around the nipple end of the inflated plug. Then he tugged on the rope, pulled it up and tied it off at the back of the waist rope. This rope harness secured both front and back insertions and Madeline gasped as the rope was tightened and knotted.

“Now,” he said, stroking first her shivering ass cheeks and then her hair, “just a few more additions for you to contemplate.”

“Gnoooo noor,” Madeline murmured through the ball gag.

“No more?” he asked, laughing once again. “No more?”

Madeline grunted and shook her head side to side.

“I see,” he said. “You think that you are in charge, despite the inflated plug up your lovely ass and the thing vibrating inside your cunt? You think you are in charge?”

Madeline just moaned, the vibrator in her pussy an immense distraction. It would calmly message her already sensitized interior flesh and then, without warning, spurt into a faster, more active mode. She realized that this variation was the most stimulating part of the hellish little motor’s action and she tried to anticipate this without success. Her feeble defenses against this automated, mechanical activity in her cunt were useless. She twitched and shook, trying to expel one or both penetrators and soon realized that any motion simply intensified the stimuli.

Her captor busied himself braiding her long hair into a single tight strand that was anchored at the top of her head, not at the back as she might have done in a different situation. He finished the braid with a long strand of the braided nylon line, threading it through the multiple twists of the hair and tugging on it to make sure it was a good, firm anchor for what was to come. Then he took the end and brought it down to the knotted waist and crotch strands at the base of her spine. He pulled her head back slowly, taking out the slack in the rope as it pulled on the crotch line. With her head now back and her face aimed at the ceiling, Madeline whined and struggled to breathe through her nose. The man tied off the hair braid line and tested to make sure that this arrangement kept adequate tension on the twin probes in the girl’s ass and cunt.

The novel hogtie forced Madeline into a cruelly bent bow and her slightly pointed breasts were now off the bed and aimed at the headboard, an opportunity that the man could not ignore. Quickly, while his captive moaned and shuddered from the strict position and the things happening in her lower regions, the man tied loops of the nylon line around each rigid, extended nipple and led the double lines to small rings on the bed’s upper headboard.

How can he keep doing this to me, she thought. I can’t stand any more, but I want more and more. There’s another wave of orgasm coming and he knows it and he keeps adding things so that I am distracted and cannot focus on the coming climax.

This is so unfair. No one has ever done this to me before and by all accounts I should never have let it happen. But now, lying here, stretched out like some gymnast with my pussy digging into the mattress, my breasts aimed at the wall and my head bent back so that if I could see it would only be the ceiling, I cannot stop it. I want, I want more…

Her thoughts trailed off as another rising tide of electric pulses rose from her impaled cunt and inflated rectum and the wave was almost there and coming, still coming with greater intensity. She was sweating madly, the salty liquid pooling on the mattress under her crotch, mingling with the hot secretions from ass and pussy. She squeezed her eyes shut and at the same time squeezed her abdominal muscles and felt the vibrator seemingly increase in intensity…..

“That should do it,” she remembered him saying quietly as he inspected the perfectly posed object of his efforts.

Madeline lay tensely bent at the waist, shuddering, her fingers fluttering, her jaw clamped on the gag, a soft mewing sound emanating from behind the mouth stuffing. She couldn’t have spoken if her mouth was free. Speech was beyond her ability. Everything in her head and body was a jumble of hot sensations coming into her brain at an alarming rate, like a thousand garbled conversations all crossing and re-crossing her mind at once.

He spoke. “How is this all stacking up in your head, little Miss Madeline? Are your still having fun?” Again he talked to her in the same soft voice, stroking her arched back, feeling the cool wetness of her sweat and tracing it down her spine to the crack of her ass and then going into the hot crevasse between the buttocks and touching the ringed end of the anal probe, lightly pushing it further in and feeling her shudder again.

“Good thing the hardware store on the corner had all of the things I needed,” Jake said. “He keeps a sort of ‘erotic shop’ in the back with a locked gate to keep the kids out. That little inflatable thingie up your ass is one of his more creative designs. He calls it “The Porcupine,” and indeed it seems to be a reasonable simulation. What you are feeling are the tiny little spikes that only emerge from the ball when interior air pressure is increased. Totally harmless, but, as I am sure you’ll agree; stimulating to the max.”


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