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Conquered by Parker Daniels

The Normans are coming, and Lady Elsbet of Bailliot is the one remaining Saxon holdout standing in their way!

Looking down from atop her battered ramparts, Elsbet knows she must make a split decision. Fight her enemy or let them in. In the interest of her people, she decides to do both. Arranging a meeting with the leader of the Normans, Elsbet leaves the safety of her castle walls and meets Rolph de Dronis in his camp.

Tall, powerful, and magnificently handsome, Rolph offers her a tempting deal. The safety of her people in exchange for her complete and utter submission. Not just of the keep, but of her body.

With time, supplies, and faith running desperately short, Elsbet reluctantly accepts the deal. What she doesn’t anticipate is how much she will enjoy being conquered by this Norman invader. A man who has done more than just breach her walls-he’s stolen her heart as well!

A passionate tale of longing, lust and unexpected desire, focusing on Male Domination and female surrender, with obedience, control and torrid graphic sex.

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