Journey Into Chastity, Book Two: The Ecstasy of Denial


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Journey Into Chastity, Book Two: The Ecstasy of Denial by Stanley Jeffries

Dominant Femmes and Lesbian lovers, Laura and Christine return in Book Two of Journey Into Chastity, with their submissive John and more hot Femdom action. As this kinky ménage a trois continues, John finds a new sense of direction in his life. However, rather than just seeing his saucy Dommes on the weekend, he spends a long Easter vacation living with the girls, and their intense affair heats up fast. As a birthday treat, Laura finally allows John to make love to her, and he enjoys the only proper orgasm he’s had since the three-way relationship began. However, despite John’s strong affection for Laura, he’s falling in love with Christine, and she with him. She’s the kind of girl that can make a man scream!
While the couple’s furtive passions simmer, Laura and Christine continue humiliating their slave. They demand John earn the highest grades before he’s allowed another orgasm, yet for all he does to earn their favor, the promised orgasm remains elusive. To humiliate him further, they invite their gay friend, Brian for an evening of Dom/sub play. Though rather than being humiliated, John actually enjoys giving the blowjob and the sodomy that follows, even though he’s denied any relief of his own.
Although John willingly takes everything these two females throw at him, Christine is increasingly uncomfortable with what she is doing, especially sharing John with Laura. But when she asks Laura if she can “have him for the night,’ her well-laid plans suddenly go awry when Laura refuses and the girls come to blows! Laura isn’t about to give him up so easily.
Again and again, John sees chances for his much desired release vanish before his eyes.
Can this sexy threesome survive? Will John and Christine see their love flower? Perhaps most important to John, will Laura ever give up the key and release him from his chaste existence.

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