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His Uprising – ebook



His Uprising, by Gregory Allen

Femdom. Alex’s lessons on Kimberly’s brand of feminism are undertaken in earnest following a women’s volleyball match Kimberly makes interesting with a bet. Whether he’s punished or granted sex depends on the grace and agility of the women on the screen. Kimberly, sitting behind him as he watches from his knees massaging her feet, is the woman who ultimately decides his fate. Alex has been a loyal, obedient submissive partner for many years but Kimberly requires more. She senses the beginnings of an uprising, and though Alex pleads that he would never rise up against her or want to, Kimberly needs convincing. His failings are mostly out of clumsiness or shyness but they must still be addressed.

A speech on women’s suffrage Alex learns to properly deliver, aided by both Kimberly’s lavish praise and a regimen of negative reinforcement, leads to an afternoon of his serving her friends from her women’s studies class back in her college days. Alex recites his speech from his knees. Demonstrations of the handiness of a well-trained, motivated servant are also on the day’s agenda. He’s the perfect model of male submission leaving her female friends empowered. But will Kimberly’s demand that Alex push his submission to greater depths lead to that uprising after all? Is there anything Alex won’t do for Kimberly? Will Kimberly’s dominant streak ever be sated by Alex’s efforts to please?

Includes: female domination, male submission, orgasm control, spanking, caning, female body worship, tease and denial, and romantic sex.

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“Well, that was a good game.” Kimberly leaned over him, her soles scraping his thighs. She picked up the condoms. “We won’t be needing these, after all. Too bad.”

“Kimberly, please,” Alex said in a whisper.

“What was that?”

“I didn’t even want to bet.”

“Is that how you’re going to be, after the way those women tried their hardest for your entertainment? You’re already about to be a sore loser, Alex, don’t be a sore loser.” She giggled. “Look at them, congratulating the team that just defeated them. Aren’t they good sports?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“See? Women can handle losing without getting whiny and begging. I understand, none of those pretty ladies will have to not come for a week because of losing, but don’t you dare pout. Those women played their best. They wanted to win as badly as you wanted them to win. You should appreciate their effort.”

“I appreciate them. I already appreciated them, and then you made the bet.”

“Alex, stop now before you get yourself in trouble.” Kimberly pressed pause and the screen froze. The women from Alex’s team looked defeated but not dejected. The women from Kimberly’s looked thrilled but weren’t gloating. Kimberly lifted her feet off Alex’s thighs and her legs from off her shoulders. “Face me and kneel up.”

Alex crawled in a half circle and stretched up from his knees. Kimberly stroked his cock with the back of her hand. The faint touch made Alex moan.

“How dare you get defiant. Whose cock is this?”

“Yours, Mistress. I’m sorry. I got caught up in the competition, the game was so close. It’s just so frustrating.”

“You’re permitted to feel frustrated. You are not to question me with a tone. A bet is a bet.” She stroked his cheek with the back of her hand and glanced down at his cock, observing with satisfaction the suffering gleaming from its tip. “Alex, you’re not making any sense. Do you realize I could have simply changed my mind and given you a week and punished you if your team had come out on top? Since when is the mistress of this house under obligation to be fair?”

“She isn’t. You’re not. It’s just hard to feel like it was left to chance. I think if the game had gone the other way, the night would have gone differently. I know, of course, that it would be up to you.”

“I enjoyed watching you squirm over the outcome. Doesn’t that help? In a way, it’s adorable that you have more trouble abiding your fate by chance than you do abiding your fate by my decree. I could almost reward you for it by making use of those condoms, after all, and sparing you a punishment. Except”—She raised a finger and waggled it at him.—“it was by my decree that the game’s outcome would decide your fate. So you were defying me with your little outburst. Were you not?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Kimberly touched her finger to his lips and told him to kiss. Alex placed a soft kiss on the pad of her finger, and then she reached down and stroked his cock just as lightly. She made a fist around his cock and pumped him. Alex moaned as the fluttery hint of a pleasurable orgasm he knew he would not receive passed through him. Alex took the strokes until he felt on the verge of release. “Please, Kimberly, may I come, please?”

“What about our bet?” She loosened her grip but kept pumping him.

“A bet is a bet,” Alex said.

“So you wish me to stop, so that you may honor our bet?”

“Yes, please, Mistress.”

“Yes, please, what?”

“Yes, please stop stroking my cock so I may honor our bet.”

“Would you come from the slightest touch?” She played with the back of her finger along the underside of his cock.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“And you’re going to give that up for me?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Say my name. And you’re going to give that up for me?”

“Yes, Kimberly.”

She leaned back and pushed play. She pointed to the TV, indicating Alex should watch. “Such good sports,” she said, as the women lined up and exchanged high-fives. The women from Kimberly’s team completed this display of good sportsmanship before elatedly grouping together for a team celebration. The women from Alex’s team displayed stoicism slapping hands with their victors before walking away dejectedly, but they partnered up and consoled each other, clustered in groups. Kimberly fast forwarded and Alex watched both groups of women form circles of hugging bodies, butts pushed out as they bent over and leaned into each other, celebratory and consolatory, respectively, all in double time. They passed, again in double time, into their respective locker rooms.

Kimberly gripped the bands of her volleyball shorts and tugged them down off her hips. Alex turned back around knelt in front of her. Her panties underneath were only partially obscured by her shirt as she leaned forward, pulled the shorts over her knees and off from around her feet. She pulled her panties off the same way, only working more slowly; they seemed to peel away, wet from her arousal, that permeated Alex’s sense of smell, that seemed to fill the room with her sweet scent. “I think the slightest lick could make me come.” She hooked a leg around the back of his head and drew him in, but she held him at bay with her knee pad pressed to his shoulder. “I’m going to punish you after. I want you to pleasure me while you remain on the brink of pleasure for yourself, which you will not receive. That’s your punishment for pouting over how our bet turned out. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Kim—”

She pulled him in close. “No more talking out of you for a while.”


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