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Humbled Men by Orlando

If you are a fan of Female Domination and I assume that you are if you are checking this book (Humbled Men) out, there are stories you like, stories you really like and stories that haunt you. By haunt you I mean stories that for some reason are so disturbing that they touch a nerve deep inside you. Stories where the woman is so capricious, so mean, so cruel, so uncaring, so forbidding, so completely heartless that you can’t believe someone could be like that. A woman who goes so far beyond your fantasy of how cold your make-believe ideal femdom woman would be that it frightens you so intensely that pieces of the story come back to you for days, sometimes weeks later. I write stories like that once in a while when, for some fortuitus reason I’m truly inspired. Stories that I can’t get out of my head. This is another collection of those stories that I can’t stop remembering. They include, chastity, feminization, puppy play, oral service, whipping, bi, toilet service, watersports, cuckolding, cunnilingus, just to name a few. This is another in the “Men” series by Orlando which are available on Amazon and from Pink Flamingo. Stories where a man thinks that what he wants is to surrender control to a dominant woman. In his mind the excitement of having a woman control his every moment is fodder for hours of masturbation and pleasure. Somehow the reality is never like the fantasy. Somehow the reality is always frustrating as the poor guy gets more than he wants, but not exactly the things he wants

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