Kidnapped: The Taming of the Princess Bitch


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Kidnapped: The Taming of the Princess Bitch by Alexander Kelly
Snatched off the street by heavy-handed thugs, the panicked Paige is bound, gagged and whisked into the back of a van. Despite her determined efforts to free herself, she moves from van, to concrete floor, to limousine, to a ghastly coffin especially fitted for the transport of a human submissive.
Arriving at her ultimate destination – a scary barbed-wire compound – Paige discovers that her boyfriend Robert has turned her into a submissive. She’s now one of many captive sex submissives residing in a hidden valley where a secret society of Masters and submissives exists, known only as Valhalla. Because no one knows who sponsored Paige into their highly organized society, she’s passed among the valley’s ruling triumvirate as they each attempt to cruelly torture the needed information from her.
Paige has no answers to their interrogations, but she soon sees how the ruling members spar, and hopes to use this fact against them and finally earn her freedom. Before long the feisty submissive – who just happens to relish her masochistic sex – is dubbed the ‘Princess Bitch’. In an especially cruel torture, she’s deprived of the sexual fulfillment she loves. No matter how many frustrated insults she hurls at her conniving captors, everyone bows to her as if she were not a slave at all.
In time, Paige learns that she alone has been forced into this strange brand of submissiveness, while the others are there by choice. Her secretive sponsor has planted her at Valhalla in hopes that she will bring down the triumvirate. In an odd twist of fate, she is poised to take on a powerful role in the future of the valley society. Although to secure that powerful position, she’s required to submit to the meanest of tortures – taking fifty from the dangerous bullwhip, and then trained as a ponygirl forced into the brutal pony races. While the fate of Valhalla may hinge on Paige, a far more personal fate may await the Princess Bitch, when an unexpected romance blooms between Paige and one of her captors.
How will it end? That’s for the reader to discover… you can be assured however, that as this suspenseful novel unfolds, the skilled author, Alexander Kelly, will include a feast of graphic sadomasochistic content including bondage, whips, racks, gagging, sex, torture, electric play, dildos, strap-ons and ponygirl training, with both Male and Female domination of Paige and her fellow female submissives.

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The door leading outside was still open just enough for her to see a sliver of black night. If she could just get through it, maybe she could roll herself down the alley to a street. Perhaps hide. That would really make her ?kidnappers? shit. The trick was in getting over there. The man still hadn?t come out to check on Paige. He seemed to lean forward, as if he were reading something. The longer Paige delayed the more likely he?d glance at her. The time to move was now.Paige rocked herself onto her side and flopped like a crippled seal toward the door. Grease spots soiled her clothes, soaked through to her skin, but that didn?t stop her. No, it was the phone suddenly ringing that made her freeze.Once, twice, the electronic bell went off. Paige held her breath. If the man looked up while answering, he?d discover she wasn?t in the spot where he?d left her. Don?t look up, please don?t look up!Thank heaven for small favors. The man just picked up the phone.?I?m surprised it took you this long to call,? he said in a familiar manner. ?You like what you see, huh?…Yeah, we can arrange a pick up…?Good. Keep talking. Paige restarted her half-crawl, half-flop toward the door. Just keep talking. In the background, she still heard the one way conversation, even if she didn?t comprehend all of it.?What…tonight?! You want her now? Then consider the price doubled! That?s right, you heard me. Supply and demand! The higher your demand the higher my price. You don?t like it, take it up with the arbiter. Oh. Oh, I see. Well, that kind of changes things. Fine then. We?ll see you there.?Almost there. Just a couple more feet. Almost!Cold night air wafted over Paige but not from her opening the door. A pair of legs blocked her way. The tips of black boots pointed accusingly at her.?This isn?t very nice. Leaving without thanking your hosts is most impolite.?Paige looked up. Short, blonde hair. A thin, cruel smile.?Colin!? the woman called. ?Get out here.??Sheila, I?m on the phone.? Colin stuck his head out of the office. He took in the tableau before him. ?Uh, I?ll call you back.? He tossed the phone over his shoulder and rushed out of the office.?How the hell did she get all the way over here?? Sheila demanded.?How would I know? I was on the phone. They?re going to pay double.??Really? She must have some quality we don?t know about.? Sheila knelt down to Paige. ?How about it, sweetheart? What?s so special about you??Paige growled through her gag.?Still got some fight left? When I?m done with you, you little slut, you?ll wish you never tried to escape in the first place. Oh, I?m gonna love this!?They each hooked an arm under Paige?s own and dragged her to an engine hoist with a large chain that dangled from the center. Working together, they removed the ropes. Paige realized if there was a real chance of her getting away, it was now. But Colin held her arms tight behind her while Sheila buckled on a pair of leather wrist cuffs connected to a short chain then locked the chain to the engine hoist. Sheila pushed a button which brought Paige?s wrists up, up, then up some more. Paige protested behind her gag. Soon, her arms were nearly straight above her. Bent double, the strain on her shoulders threatened to make her pass out.Something long, thin, and sharp passed in front of Paige.?Let me help you out of those dirty rags, my love.? Sheila turned the knife back and forth, its flat, shiny edge flashed. Paige screamed behind her gag. Sheila gave a short laugh then set to work. The knife cut its way up from the bottom to the top button. It traveled along both sleeves, reducing Paige?s red blouse to tatters. Colin ripped it away. It fell in a greasy corner, now truly only a dirty rag.?Now, what about these?? Sheila touched the knife between Paige?s breasts. It lightly traced along her lacy, white bra.Paige held her breath.?What?s the matter, my love?? Sheila said sweetly, deliberately mistaking Paige?s alarm for modesty. ?After all, it?s not like we haven?t seen any before.? The knife slashed through the thin fabric of the bra. Paige?s breasts now hung suspended much like herself.Sheila kneaded each one. Her nails dug deep and left little red marks. ?You certainly have enough here. I wonder how they?ll look after my whip meets them.??Stick to business,? Colin cut in. ?Just get the toy bag from the office. I?ll get our little beauty ready.?Sheila?s eyes flashed. ?The last time I left you alone with her, she nearly got away!??Just get going.?Sheila hesitated then threw up her hands. ?Okay, okay,? she said and disappeared into the office.Colin unzipped Paige?s skirt and pushed it past her hips. With little pause he also brought down her pantyhose and light blue panties. When he found how wet they were, he shook his head. ?Randy little thing, aren?t you? You?d better hope Sheila doesn?t find out.? He crouched to remove Paige?s low-heeled shoes then gathered up the heap of clothes. These joined the blouse in the corner.Paige stayed on her toes to keep as much pressure off her arms as possible. She made a point of staying quiet too, sure if she made any complaining noises, they?d probably make it worse.Colin lowered Paige?s arms. She moaned in relief, automatically doing a couple of shoulder rolls to relax her muscles.?You look like you?re limber. Good.? Colin slapped Paige?s ass. ?Nice and firm. You take care of yourself. That?s a good slave quality.?Sheila emerged from the office carrying a doctor?s bag overflowing with leather toys. She threw them all down on the floor. ?We don?t have a pole to tie her to and to leave her on the floor seems so messy. I?ve got an idea.? She ran a hand up and down the engine hoist chain. Paige stared like a deer in the headlights as Colin and Sheila sorted out the twisted cordage. Although stained in places, she couldn?t look away as the rope held her in morbid fascination. Minutes later, they set Paige to flight. With each rope they wound around her body, with each tied knot and foot she ascended from the floor, Paige?s chances of getting free slipped further from her grasp Yet, strangely, a feeling of transcendence filled her, replacing any previous desperation. The fight in her had curiously disappeared, and she was nothing but an empty vessel now, clear of emotion. Detached.This wasn?t happening to her. Oh, no! This was someone else; Paige became not more than a spectator. A stranger occupied her skin. Four feet off the floor, arms and legs hogtied, her midsection supported by rope. Interesting. She didn?t know a body could bend that way. It must be in better shape than most others. And the dark hair. Who would?ve thought it was long enough to be tied to a rope that held up the head? Consider the mouth as the wadding is removed? the beautiful round lips stay separated as a ring gag is mounted just inside the rim of her teeth. And the pussy. The knees are pushed wide. See how easily Colin slips the massive dildo inside, like a hungry partner in her ravishment. More rope is tied around her waist and over her crotch keeping it in place like a new permanent fixture within her.Words were said, admiration given. But the stranger who possessed her couldn?t make sense of them. It concentrated solely on its tactile universe; the arms and legs connected to each other, the drool on her chin, the plug in her pussy. And down there, very far away on the hard floor, little ants going about their dull jobs, not caring on whom the human gods above had just pronounced sentence.As if to give Paige a better view of her nether world kingdom, the chain slowly rotated counter clockwise. First the van, the chariot that delivered her to this hell. Then the door, the portal she almost escaped through, so near and yet so far. Next was the office, the inner sanctum where the gods, Colin and Sheila, retreated for their personal bacchanalia, celebrating their success with each other?s flesh.Sheila sat on Colin?s lap. She ran her fingers through his hair, and they exchanged a long kiss. Colin reached up to Sheila?s jacket, the zipper went down and his hand passed inside. Sheila?s own hand pushed her jacket back then brought a nicely shaped breast forward. Colin?s mouth broke away from Sheila?s and eagerly sought the tit. Sheila saw Paige watching them, smiled, and blew her a kiss.The phone rang again. Neither of them picked up for four or five rings, and then Colin sighed and answered it. Sheila zipped up her jacket.Paige strained to hear what was said. Something again about an exchange? Whatever.Boots clicked on the hard floor. Sheila turned Paige to face her. ?If things go right you?ve got nothing to worry about from us. On the other hand, I may want to keep you anyway. I like a ready mouth near.?She brought one of her tits up to Paige?s orifice and pushed the nipple inside. Paige instinctively pulled her tongue away.?Don?t be shy, sweetheart. You should learn to broaden your horizons. No telling what you might discover.? She reached into Paige?s crotch. ?Oh, what?s this? Why, you little sexpot, you?re running like a river! My, my, maybe you?ve already decided to go adventuring.?Paige?s eyes widened. No, no! She was returning to her body. ?Now, now. Don?t be ashamed. It?s our little secret.? Sheila laughed lightly and wiped her hand on Paige?s face.Colin emerged from the office and clapped his hands together. ?Okay, it?s all set.??But I haven?t finished yet,? Sheila protested. ?Can?t we keep her just a day more??Colin shook his head. ?She?s too much trouble. Besides, she?s seen us. We need to get rid of her.?Get rid of her? Paige frowned. What the hell were they talking about?Colin softly stroked her face. ?Sorry, babe, can?t help it. As these things go, you were interesting and fun but business is business.? He turned to Sheila, ?But you can play with her on the way.?To Paige, Sheila suddenly resembled a hungry wolf. They readied Paige for travel. A head harness with a large leather plug replaced the ring gag. The harness?s many straps enwrapped her head, pressing tight against her cheeks. They released her from the suspended hogtie, and Colin?s strong arms carried her to the van. He laid her up against the van?s wall. Her breasts and stomach were covered with yards of rope which were cinched down to rings behind her and kept her tight against the wall. Sheila saw that the arms were secured overhead, legs splayed apart in the air, and ankles tied to rings in the roof. Her hands lingered over Paige?s crotch, fumbling with the dildo.?What are you doing?? Colin said.?Like you said before, I?m putting my time to good use. I?m going to give her one last thrill.? A wicked grin grew on Sheila. ?Or make that?thrills.?Paige felt a couple of small pushes against the dildo. A knob at the base was turned and the vibrations started.The ride was too long?or too short. It was hard to gauge when one was experiencing constant orgasms. Paige shook her head, strained against her bonds, and struggled all she could in between her internal peaks. When she reached the summit, she screamed behind her gag, vocal cords turned raw. Sheila?s hands were a constant presence; caressing her tits, forcing her to climb the heights, or lightly soothing on her way down. She also regulated the dildo vibrations, anything from a soft whir to harsh throb. Through her haze of ecstasy, Sheila?s shadowed face continued to grin. Her tongue snaked out and lapped away drops of sweat from Paige?s nose and forehead. When they got off the freeway, Paige was exhausted.Sheila removed the dildo. ?You taste wonderful.?The van slowed to a crawl. The glow of intermittent street lamps gave way to darkness.?This is the place. Let?s get it over with,? Colin said. He left the motor running and came back to assist Sheila in untying Paige.The back doors opened, and Paige chilled as the night air wafted through the van. Out there lay freedom. If she could only get away! A plan formed in her mind. Timing would be critical. Not only on her part, but with Sheila and Colin too.Sheila untied Paige?s torso then went to work on the wrists. Colin busied himself with the ankles. First, one wrist was freed, then a leg. Easy. Easy. Now!For a fraction of second, Paige wasn?t restrained. She drove a fist into Sheila, striking her in the shoulder and sending her backwards. Her legs coiled and sprung out against Colin?s chest, sending him reeling against the far metal wall. Paige tucked her arms and legs in tight and rolled out the back. She hit the grass on her side, got her legs under her, and blindly ran. She tore at the gag as she sprinted, finally shedding it several yards from the van. Dimly, she heard Colin and Sheila calling her.She did it! Her legs rose and fell, arms pumped. She was free! Paige laughed insanely. That?ll show them! If they wanted her, they?d have to catch her again. And this time, she?d be ready for them.There are some bushes over there. A grove of trees. Quick, get under cover. Hurry, hurry! Don?t give them a chance to run me down with that van. She tumbled headfirst behind the bushes then crouched behind a thick trunk.Adrenalin coursed through her; she fought to get her breath under control. She also needed to take stock of her situation. For one thing, where was she?


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