The Fall of the Ice Queen – ebook



The Fall of the Ice Queen by Don Julian Winslow

A story of another age, of an early civilization seen only dimly through the veil of time. It’s a time when life is more primitive and closer to our animal roots. Life is hard, and wealth, glory and sexual pleasures are taken by conquest. The Thralkild court is rich and opulent, with scantily clad slaves and breathtakingly beautiful courtesans, all of whom who eagerly engage in the most outrageous acts at the command of their lecherous sovereign.

From these mists, emerge two strong personages: The great King Rahn the Conquerer, and his consort, Lohr his proud and beautiful Queen. Both are ambitious, ruthless, cunning, and both revel in sexual pleasure, at a court known far and wide for the depths of its depravity. Though the King’s lustful appetite is legendary, it remains for his newly-chosen Consort, the insatiable “Ice Queen,” to plunge that depraved court into new depths. She’s a woman consumed by bizarre erotic obsessions driving her in the relentless pursuit of power and sensual pleasure ” a pursuit that will lead to her ultimate downfall.


Now Rahn stood over her, looking down at his naked captive who knelt with huddled shoulders raggedly heaving, her bowed head just inches from his crotch.

“So you want me to treat you like a princess, do you?  And why should I?  Even if you were called princess once, you certainly are not one now,” he said in hard precise tones.  “You are nothing!  A mere slave.  A sex slave who, if she is allowed to live at all, lives at the pleasure of the King.  And if I let you live…it will be only as long as you please me.  You make no demands here; you live only to obey.”


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