Love Cats


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Love Cats by Krystianna Mercury

Janey Peyton is filthy rich, living in NJ during the 1980s. She seems to have it all, including an Italian live-in housekeeper who drives her batty with her overbearing dated love advice. Since Janey’s workaholic, status-driven parents are absent, the love-starved Janey desperately seeks a soul mate as she cruises the new age nightclubs. Enter Beck Stewart. Like Janey’s parents, he’s addicted to the grind but for all the right reasons. He wants to make a better future for himself, and his potential wife, who he hopes will be Janey. Because of their electrifying chemistry, the fact that Janey’s a good lay”and she has an impressive book and record collection Beck falls hard for her, turning a blind eye to the red flags. “She lies. She snoops and she hates my cat! Nothing keeps her happy”‘ And still he can’t resist. Yet, when Janey mistakes his overtime hours for neglect, she get her revenge, taking on other lovers and gets careless hiding her male and female conquests. It’s enough to make him end the relationship. But will his determination to stay clear of Janey really stick? More to the point, can Janey refashion herself to be the woman Beck wants?

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