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My Master’s Slave by Patrick Richards

Jason Thompson was an average eighteen year old college student. He played sports, partied with his friends and got laid every chance he could, but deep inside burned a secret lust for tight bondage and painful discipline. At night, when tightly tied in some strict, self-bondage position, he dreamed of a sexy, leather-clad Mistress whipping his ass and brutally torturing him, making him suffer for her own sadistic pleasure.

One day that all changed. Jason was working out in the gym when a weightlifter approached him and asked for help. Phillip Madison recognized some faint, but tell-tale signs of Jason’s self-bondage and quickly lured him into a world of submission, sex and unbelievable pain.

Even though he was a straight, heterosexual male, Jason hardly resisted the transformation that was taking place. For over a year he was molded and changed. Tattoos and piercings were just the beginning. Hormones and laser treatments turned Jason into a sex toy that learned to crave the pain and humiliation that his Master had to offer.

Many agonizing hours are spent in Phillip’s dungeon, but he soon learns just how much of a masochist his little toy really is. Whether it’s riding on a Spanish donkey, a stringent dose of stretching or a session with a Scottish tawse and Spencer paddle, Jason’s little cock is always hard and ready. Jason soon learns that the benefits of his submission far outweigh the pain. He is spoiled with fancy cars and worldly travel as he eagerly satisfies his Master’s extraordinary carnal needs and sadistic lust.

A little over a year after it begins, Jason goes through another life changing experience. Only time will tell what happens.

Includes: body modification, cross-dressing, anal and oral gay sex, submission, bondage, humiliation and unimaginable pleasure.

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In the back of the club a torture session was already in progress.  This was cock and ball torture at its finest.  A young fellow was locked with leather manacles to the front of a cross.  Some sort of a sleeve or sheath-like thing had been buckled tightly on his cock which was in turn drawn with a rope to a ring in the wall several feet away.  His cock was stretched nearly to the breaking point, arching his body out away from the cross so just the four leather cuffs held him fast.

You could see he was in tremendous pain when Phil leaned over and whispered, “The sleeve that’s fastened around his cock is lined with dozens of tiny vicious spikes.  They all point forward so as his cock is stretched the needles dig into his skin and won’t let it come off.”

“That’s kind of neat, but it’s gotta really hurt.”

“I’m sure it does.  I’ve got one of those nasty little sleeves at home, if you want to try it.”

I didn’t speak for a moment.  “Maybe… it might be fun,” I responded with a sly, sexy little grim.

Phil reached over and put his hand on my crotch.  He could feel my dick.  It was as hard as a railroad spike and pushed my little panties straight out.  He just smiled.  He knew the thought of it excited me.

The poor slave was struggling to keep his body pushed out away from the cross to relieve the strain on his cock, as his Master brought a three tailed whip across his chest.  You could hear the lashes slam sharply against his tightly stretched skin but only a deep subtle moan escaped his ungagged lips.

The next stroke left a couple dark red marks across his taut stomach.  He flinched a little but took it quite well.  His owner swung his arm back and brought the whip down across his chest leaving colorful marks on his nipples, and a slightly louder moan could be heard.

As the whipping continued, he began to struggle.  The pain was obviously getting to him.  I noticed that every time he pushed further out from the cross to lessen the pain of his overly stretched cock, someone immediately took up the slack in the rope.  He couldn’t win.  My God he had to be suffering so badly, but down deep he was like me.  I knew he was enjoying it more than he let on.  I could tell.

The brutal whipping continued, as my Master got my attention.  I really wanted to watch the entertainment, but I knew what he wanted and got down between his knees.  I sucked and licked his hard cock as the sound of the whipping continued.  Whenever he got close to blowing, I eased off until he indicated he was ready.  Finally he filled my throat with his pain-inspired blast of jism.  He ran his hands through my hair and held me there with his cock still in my mouth.   His fingers continued to twirl around in my hair for several more minutes before he let me up.

On the stage the first real scream could be heard.  The brutal whip had landed just below his painfully stretched cock.  His poor balls took the brunt of the whip.  He struggled to pull away but couldn’t possibly escape.  His efforts only increased the cock pain by several more levels.

Finally the entertainment was over.  As they released the poor wretch from the cross, he immediately sank to his knees.  It wasn’t that he couldn’t stand.  He knew his place.  He kissed his Master’s feet and thanked him for the pleasure of being whipped and the pain he had received.  Before long the slave was following his Master out to the bar.  A leash was attached to the spiked sheath which remained in place for all to see.

We followed them out so Phil could have a drink with his friend.  The brutalized slave knelt submissively next to his owner, and I got a good look at his bound cock.  The sheath was buckled extra tight around his poor pecker and covered the entire length of his shaft from the base to his cock to his coronal ridge.  The head of his penis was a dark purple and fully enlarged as if he had an erection yet his shaft looked half its normal diameter because of the tightness.   Then I noticed his piercings.  He had both an ampallang and apadravya through the head of his cock.  The horizontal one was a very thick ring while the vertical piercing was just a heavy barbell.   I could see little droplets of blood seeping out on both ends of the leather device, but droplets of pre-cum also dripped from his piss slit.  Obviously the spikes had done a good job of biting into his tender skin, but I was right.  He really liked suffering for his Master.

For some reason I was overly fascinated by the obviously painful sheath.  I could imagine being tied down to the floor in a tight spread-eagle and having that thing on my cock.  My ass would be pulled off the floor by the cable that hangs from the ceiling of our chamber.  All those little spikes on the inside of the sheath would dig deeply into my most sensitive skin and hurt so badly.  I wondered if my Master would do that to me if I asked him politely.

There was a stirring in my balls, and my pecker swelled as I continued to think about it.  I caught myself staring at the fiendish device that covered his long cock.  For some reason I couldn’t take my eyes off it.  I had to try it.

“Intrigued by that, aren’t you slave?”

“Oh yes, Master.  I don’t know why, but I am.”

“Because you’re a little pain slut.  You crave the painful things I do to you.  But you’re a little bit like some others I know.  Your eyes are sometimes bigger than your stomach.  We’ll try it out sometime after we get home.  I bet your curiosity for that little thing will be satisfied very quickly.”

I blushed and smiled just a little as I replied, “I hope we do Master.  I can hardly wait.”


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