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Penance Corporation of America I & II by Chris Bellows

Book I: Muffin Brown Aspires and Book II: The Judge’s Revenge

Two novels in one volume
When a government penal facility is turned over to a publicly traded corporation and run for profits instead of the rehabilitation of the inmates, the rules of incarceration change dramatically. Care and treatment are designed to maximize revenue and minimize costs. Extravagances such as food and exercise are reduced to minimal levels, making prisoners as docile as possible. Once acclimated to the severe restraint of restricting cages, inmates find that parole and early release are rare occurrences. Once tamed, a prisoner best serves forever – like an annuity for the greedy shareholders.
Book One, Muffin Brown Aspires, tells of the young and energetic Muffin Brown, a newly arrived handler at Penance Corporation, who’s sweetly ruthless in taking charge of her ‘cell’ where a dozen meek and groveling males depend on her for everything… and the little femme fatale grudgingly gives little.
In Book Two, The Judge’s Revenge, an unscrupulous federal prosecutor overplays her power and in a riveting tale of intrigue is forced to join the many male prisoners at the Penance Corporation facility. She has information which federal judge Patricia Wilmot desperately seeks. And how better to obtain it than have her secretly incarcerated in a facility where no one ever leaves. More extreme bondage, corporal punishment, and a most curious manner of extracting information…forced lactation…will make the reader reconsider any thoughts of a life of crime.
The Penance Corporation of America needs profits and welcomes criminals as a sheepherder welcomes lambs. Is it any wonder that the parole board is routinely encouraged to extend all stays indefinitely. Readers will be clamoring to know how this amazing story concludes!
Extreme, inescapable bondage, sensory deprivation, caging, humiliating medical procedures, corporal punishment, oral servitude, feminization, piercing, fisting and forced lactation and milking all combine in this tale dedicated to creating model prisoners for the benefit of the bottom line.

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