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Plowing the Grove: Book One of the Fox and Raven Series by Gemma Stone

Gemma Stone is back with a sexy new series. Roger Brent is a successful American investment banker working in the City of London, the city’s financial hub. He strikes a deal with Lord John Upthegrove for a cache of very rare and old Scotch whisky.  Little does he know how that single transaction will change his life. When he calls Upthegrove at his country estate, it turns into a video chat with Lord John’s horny young—and naked—daughter Ashleigh, who tells him she is both a nudist and a submissive. Roger is an experienced Dom but he has made no connections in England. He winds up collaring both Ashleigh and her college friend and lover Sarah. They introduce him to the BDSM subculture of London, and soon he has more “connections” than he could possibly imagine. All is going along swimmingly until Ashleigh’s father discovers their relationship and threatens to derail everything.

Maledom D/s erotica, with male and female domination, female submission, lesbian sex, bondage, spanking, whips, exhibitionism, voyeurism, public sex, chastity belts, oral and anal sex, humiliation and play rape.

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