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Plowing the Grove: Book One of the Fox and Raven Series by Gemma Stone

Gemma Stone is back with a sexy new series. Roger Brent is a successful American investment banker working in the City of London, the city’s financial hub. He strikes a deal with Lord John Upthegrove for a cache of very rare and old Scotch whisky.  Little does he know how that single transaction will change his life. When he calls Upthegrove at his country estate, it turns into a video chat with Lord John’s horny young—and naked—daughter Ashleigh, who tells him she is both a nudist and a submissive. Roger is an experienced Dom but he has made no connections in England. He winds up collaring both Ashleigh and her college friend and lover Sarah. They introduce him to the BDSM subculture of London, and soon he has more “connections” than he could possibly imagine. All is going along swimmingly until Ashleigh’s father discovers their relationship and threatens to derail everything.

Maledom D/s erotica, with male and female domination, female submission, lesbian sex, bondage, spanking, whips, exhibitionism, voyeurism, public sex, chastity belts, oral and anal sex, humiliation and play rape.

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Roger pulled his Jaguar F-Type up to the front gate of Astondale. GPS had guided him right there. He stepped out of his car and pushed the button for the intercom. Inside, Ashleigh viewed the security camera. It was the best look she had of him yet. “Who is it?” she asked innocently.

Roger looked up at the camera, which was clearly visible. “It’s Roger. Let me in.”

“Roger who?”

“Are you going to let me in, or shall I turn around and drive back to London?” The buzzer sounded, and the heavy wrought ion gates swung open. Roger drove up the long driveway to the main house and rang the bell.

The door swung open. There in the doorway stood Ashleigh Upthegrove. She was nude. She was not naked. Naked implied a certain vulnerability or embarrassment. Such was not the case here. She stood openly inviting any and all to view her. There was, however, no one to see but Roger, and she knew it.

“Oh, Roger, it’s you,” she said. I’m glad you are here. Since we spoke yesterday, I have hardly been able to contain myself. I’ve been looking forward to a good rogering. Are you here to take care of that for me, …Roger?”

He looked her up and down. He had been right about her height and her physique. He had wanted to tell her to greet him in such a state of déshabillé, but he had not wanted to risk spooking a relative novice. He had trusted her self-professed nudist tendencies to take care of the matter.

“That depends,” Roger replied firmly. “Did you pleasure yourself between the time we spoke and now?”

“I’m used to clitting off whenever I feel like it, and I was so randy after our conversation. It was absolutely impossible to resist,” she protested.

“And did you do it to climax?”

“Five times!” she exclaimed.

“After all that, I’m not sure you’re in need of my service. Perhaps I should just go.”

Ashleigh retreated out of the door and stepped into the large foyer. “Oh, no, please don’t leave. I need your rod so much I can’t stand it. If you go, I’ll just die!”

Roger followed her into the house. “Spare me the melodrama,” he said somewhat sternly. He had no intention of denying her—or himself. He looked down between her legs. Changing the subject, while keeping it firmly on sex, he continued, “I see you’re shaved.”

“Yes, Sir. From what I know, most real Doms require that. Is that true? Besides I like the way it looks, and it’s clean.”

Roger smiled to himself. He still didn’t know what experience she’d had, but she certainly seemed eager. “You are certainly are bold, answering the door in the nude and standing there so openly.”

“I gave the staff the weekend off. There isn’t anyone else here but us in a mile in any direction.”

Their conversation had barely begun. As an experienced Dom, he had learned self-control. He made a mental note to ask about the staff. “Have you ever been inspected, sub?” he asked.

“Inspected, Sir? I don’t think so. I don’t know what you mean.” She seemed unsure of herself, but Roger was pleased she apparently had learned to call a Dom “Sir.” He thought maybe it was the age difference, but she hadn’t shown herself to be the deferential sort.

“Just stand there and let your arms hang loose at your sides. I want to inspect your body.”

Ashleigh stood, trying to pose as instructed. Roger approached her and began to scrutinize her, bringing his face close to her bare skin. He walked in circles around her. She could feel his breath, and it gave her a little electric thrill. With his right hand, he massaged both her breasts. “C cup?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir,” she said, smiling. Using both hands, he pinched her nipples hard and twisted, causing her to wince. Then he slid one hand down to her mound. He felt its smoothness.

“How long have you waxed your pubic hair?”

“About two years, Sir.”

“You are very smooth, sub. I like it. I don’t know that all Doms demand it, but I do.” With his index and middle fingers, he played with her labia. He could feel she was already wet and her clitoris was engorged.

“Thank you, Sir.”

He stepped behind her. “Just one more thing,” he said, placing his hands on her buttocks. “Bend over and grab your, ankles.”


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