Scarlet Moons


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Scarlet Moons by Lizbeth Dusseau
Felicity Moon is a no-nonsense computer whiz ” and a feisty, headstrong maverick. Unfortunately her eccentric spirit only gets her in trouble. Butting heads with her boss, the straight-laced Texan, Grant Nichols, she finds herself shocked when he takes her over his lap and spanks her bare behind to a rich scarlet hue – Grant’s stunning answer to her willful bad behavior.
When Grant needs Felicity to find the source of a computer theft at his headquarters in Switzerland, she’s warned to stay away from his second in command, Rennie Halpern. Challeneged, she defies her boss and walks right into a frenzied romance. Her wild nights with Rennie not only bring her more spanking pleasures and pain, they lead her deep into a dangerous mystery. In a story filled with lots of spanking episodes, it’s safe to say that the only way to handle this unrepentant brat is with a good dose of leather, or the palm of the hand, or the back of a hairbrush on her flailing derriere.

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