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Studies in Spanking: More Red-Hot Tails by Ardie Stallard

From Ardie Stallard, a second collection of seven sizzling spanking short stories and novelettes. An Introduction to Domestic Discipline tells the tale of the young wife Bree completing her last semester high school, now in the principal’s office about to have her ass paddled. Since she’s married, it won’t be a parent looking on, but her new and very captivated husband. In High and Lonesome: the Principal’s Story, while Principal Luther Magrum waits for his latest miscreant to decide between detention or five hard swats with the paddle, he thinks back to another mischief-maker Earletta, and how he gave her the ‘full’ spanking treatment. Then in the novelette Medieval Marriage Management, an uncooperative Princess Amina gets sentenced to prison, to be flogged twice weekly until she agrees to marry the horrible man chosen for her by her father the King. Turns out, the punishment is more erotic than punishing, and isn’t about to make the Princess change her mind, especially when the dreaded Dungeon Keeper doing the flogging is a handsome young man hardly older than she is. These stories and more spanking fans are sure to love!

Fantasy fiction where the ladies are submissive yet feisty and hot, and the disciplinarians exercise just the right mixture of strictness and restraint to leave their ‘victims’ begging for more, even if they won’t admit to that.

Includes M/f spanking, punishment, discipline, ass play, chastity, bondage, paddle, whip, brine-soaked cane, and an African whip/sjambok

Ardie Stallard is author of the Switch series and The Sting Operation and Other Tails,” and co-author  of Whipping Tom: Terror of the Milkmaid’s Bum.

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Suddenly there came a loud pounding on the dungeon door. “All right, all right!” came the muffled but angry and outraged voice of the Princess’ lady-in-waiting, “Master Dungeon Keeper! Must you whip the poor Princess to death? Show some mercy!”

“Very well,” Anthony answered with a wink to Princess Amina, who giggled again softly and winked back as she wearily laid her head on the stool. He opened the door and now the Princess’s lady-in-waiting and maid rushed in, fawning over her and unbuckling the cuffs on her wrists and ankles. The Princess herself appeared absolutely dazed, shaking her head lightly back and forth with a lopsided grin. The two guards, who’d accompanied the ladies back, looked on bemused—and ventured winks between each other and at Anthony, who frowned at them in return.

“Oh, my poor Princess!” sniffled the lady-in-waiting with a poisonous glare to Anthony. “Are you in terrible pain?”

“Terrible pain?” murmured Princess Amina almost absentmindedly as the two female attendants helped her to her feet, “Well… HOT pain, certainly, but not terrible. Master Dungeon Keeper, may I please have a look at Thuddy?” she requested softly as she caressed her well-flogged backside.

“Thuddy? Who or what on earth is Thuddy?” asked the maid with a frown. Anthony silently lifted Thuddy up for the Princess, who now ran her hands gently and slowly up and down the thongs with that same dazed, lopsided smile on her face.

“And, Master Dungeon Keeper, will I be encountering Thuddy again on Friday?” the Princess murmured, gazing up at her tormentor through her long eyelashes.

“Well… not if Your Royal Highness will submit to the King’s will, certainly,” answered Anthony with a confused look.

“Friday then, because I have no intention of marrying that old oaf he’s lined up for me! Ladies… could we go back to my rooms and you mayhap help me bathe and then rub some lotion on… a part of me that’s quite warm right now?” Amina asked of her servants. They both looked uncomfortable, but they vigorously nodded assent.

“I’ll see you again in three days, Master Dungeon Keeper,” she told Anthony, who blushed. “You’ve not broken me yet… at least in the way my Royal brother wants me to be broken. Let’s go, ladies.”

The two servants held Princess Amina’s arms as she climbed the stairs up from the basement. She smiled at both to reassure them she’d come through her ordeal safely, but still had to let go a ponderous sigh. What a shame that Anthony wasn’t of noble blood!



In the comfort of her bedroom in the uppermost story of the keep, Princess Amina winced, blushed beet-red, and giggled a little as she knelt on her bed, hugged a pillow, and stuck her rear in the air. Her lady-in-waiting and her maid attempted to administer first aid to her thoroughly-reddened backside. Together the attendants’ four hands gently rubbed and kneaded the Princess’ buttocks, intending to lotion her thoroughly after her nightly bath. They clucked their tongues, ooed and cooed, and sympathized with her condition so excessively that Amina began to roll her eyes. “Oh, come on now, girls, he’s not killed me, after all!” she chuckled as she allowed herself a flirtatious little twerk towards her ladies. Sometimes the nights got long without even a portrait of a man in the apartment. “If I’m in that serious a condition, at least hold up a mirror so I can see myself, or tell me about it!”

“Well, my Lady, you’re not heavily welted, or marked or even swollen… I mean your toby only, there, not your, uh… uh…” began the lady-in-waiting, “but you’re oh, SO red! From top to bottom and side to side! That young villain has mistreated you thoroughly!” she continued as she caressed her mistress’s bottom. “The cad didn’t bare you, did he?”

Amina gave her an over-the-shoulder glare. “He’s neither villain nor cad, Lady Elizabeth, and I do not wish to hear him named as either again! And no, he did NOT bare me! He flogged me over my gown! He was a perfect gentleman to me… well, as much as he could be!” she retorted. Lady Elizabeth blushed, gulped, and lowered her eyes. “Yes, Your Royal Highness,” she murmured.

The maid grinned. “Is Mistress sure she won’t submit to the King’s will?” she asked.

Princess Amina narrowed her eyes again as she now glanced backward over her other shoulder to return the maid’s look. “I’m sure, Kate!” she spat with some asperity. “Between that nasty old Earl and Ant—err, I mean the Master Dungeon Keeper, I’d rather have steady dates with the Dungeon Keeper and that thuddy flogger of his!”

Lady Elizabeth and Kate looked at each other, both trying to suppress smiles. Though the two might have only the keep’s guards to flirt with, this promised to be an interesting imprisonment. Lady Elizabeth arched an eyebrow as she gazed at the Princess’ swollen, moist vulva. “Would, err, my Lady like to be by herself for a few minutes before we draw her bath?” she inquired carefully.

“Ah, yes, Lady Elizabeth, I think that may be a good idea,” replied Princess Amina in her best effort not to act embarrassed, “I might have to bathe on all fours, though, with your kind assistance. And, uh, Kate, I’m not sure but I, uh… I might need my bed sheets changed while I’m in the tub. If you’d be so kind. I’ll, uh, be able to… err, I’ll let you know.”

“Yes, Mistress, I’ll take care of it,” promised Kate with another sideways glance at Lady Elizabeth. God only knew what would come of this, but it was loads better than reading Sir Thomas Malory or Chretien de Troyes.

“Just be careful with your maidenhead, my Lady,” whispered Lady Elizabeth cautiously as the two made ready to close her bedroom door behind them. Princess Amina glared at her… but returned just the ghost of a nod.


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