Submissive Men


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Submissive Men by Orlando

Orlando has done it again with these twelve hot new tales in his latest story collection. In Special Services Bradley finds out that his new bride expects him to become her permanent toilet, then in Just a Friend, Keith’s wife brings home a hunk from work for a date…but the date isn’t with her! Then in My Ex-wife’s New Maid, Bruce accepts an invitation to visit his ex, only to be drugged and turned into a maid who will service her like a Queen. When she finally brings a male friend home and expects him to service him too, he revolts! Then, Brian makes a bet in A Proper Pedicure with his wife Betty, and unexpectedly loses. Due to a stiff penalty clause in the contract they signed, he has no choice but to submit to whatever she wants for the next week. And in Permanent Acquisition, David finally finds a woman to serve. He thinks it’s just for a week, but Miss Sally doesn’t do just a week! These stories and more include chastity, watersports, flagellation, forced bi, lesbian, humiliation, degradation, cunnilingus, castration, toilet service and more.

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“Well, Bradley, we’re officially man and wife,” my new wife said.


“Oh, are we a tad bit frustrated, Brad?” she laughed, patting my crotch.

“You’ve had me locked up for the past two months, Susan,” I said. “Of course I’m frustrated.”

“I didn’t want you cheating on me,” she said.

“I wouldn’t have cheated on you, Susan,” I pouted.

“I count masturbation as cheating,” she said coldly.


“How many times did I catch you?”

“Susan…I said I was sorry.”

“Every time you were sorry and every time you said that you would never do it again, didn’t you?”

She was right. I hung my head.

“Well, just keep on being the good little boy you’ve been today and tonight I’ll unlock you and we can make love.”

“Susan, couldn’t we just sneak off somewhere right now and have a quickie?”

“Bradley, it’s my wedding day and I want it to be perfect,” she said. “I want to wait until we are all alone and have plenty of time to enjoy each other.”

“But, Susan I’m so…”

She ignored my pleading and walked off down the hall toward the room where we were having our reception. I followed her. The hallway was deserted and I was having fantasies of us doing it in the hall or one of the rooms we were passing when she dragged me into a janitor’s closet.

“Great minds think alike, she wants a quickie after all,” was my first thought.

I grabbed her and kissed her. My hands found her breasts and started playing with them. She pushed me away.

“Bradley, stop!” she said sharply.

“But I thought…”

“I have to pee.”


“I have to pee, Brad,” she said, “get down under my skirt.”

“Susan, I don’t understand.”

“Look, Brad, in this wedding gown it is a huge production for me to use the toilet so I want you to take care of it for me.”

I looked around and saw the mop bucket and figured out what she was driving at. I pulled the bucket over and started working it under her dress.

“Bradley,” she said sternly, “what are you doing?”

“I’m getting the bucket in position for you.”

“I’m not peeing in that dirty bucket,” she said distastefully.

“What am I supposed to use then?”

“Your mouth, Bradley,” she said softly. “Now that we are married I’m going to expect special services from you.”

“Susan, you can’t be serious!”

“Brad, I need you to hurry,” she said urgently, “I really have to go.”


She looked at me with narrowed eyes. A flush was creeping up her neck. Her gaze dropped to my crotch.

“I really wanted to make love tonight, Brad,” she said shaking her head.


“I’m afraid that you are going to be spending another week in that belt,” she said.

“Susan, what are you talking about?” I asked.

“Brad, I’m not going to start off our marriage with you defying me right off the bat,” she said. “I told you I needed to pee and I needed your help and you challenged me. Your punishment is another week before we consummate our vows.”

“Susan, that’s not fair! You can’t expect me to…”

“I can and I do,” she interrupted. “It will be one of your duties. Now, do you want to try for two weeks or are you going to help me?”

She was serious. I fell to my knees and slipped under her gown. There was enough light to see that she wasn’t wearing any panties and in spite of the degrading act I was about to perform my dick got painfully hard in its prison.

“Put your mouth on me and make a seal,” she ordered. “I’ll go slowly and give you a chance to swallow.”

I did as she asked and within a few minutes we were in the hallway walking toward our reception again. I thought about another week in the belt. I had to try.

“Susan, I’m sorry that I…I mean it was just such a surprise and all and I’m sorry I balked a little. Please forgive me.”

She turned to me with her winning smile, “Bradley, I love you and I do forgive you.”

“Oh, thank you, honey,” I said happily, “I’m so looking forward to tonight.”

“Brad, I said I forgive you,” she snapped, “not that I am taking back your punishment. It will hurt me as much as you but you need to learn to be obedient.”

“But, honey, I said I was sorry,” I whined.

“I’m sorry too, Bradley, but the belt stays on.”


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