The Commodities Market


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The Commodities Market by Patrick Richards

My mosts brutal and sadistic story of Femdom bondage, torture and captivity that I written. Not for the faint of heart! But if you want to know what happens to a young, hot shot commodity and specialty stock trader on Wall Street after stealing millions of dollars from the largest drug lord in all of Central America, sit back and read on. Patrick Richards

Adam Jensen had it all ” money, a beautiful wife and the uncanny ability to launder money for a very wealthy and extremely evil man. But when he dealt with Rafael Rodriguez, he was dealing with Satan himself. And as they say, “If you dance with the devil you’re going to get burned.”

He gets far more than that. Adam mysteriously disappears while on a Caribbean cruise and finds himself deep in the jungles of Central America. He is brutally tortured and physically conditioned by a sadistic Mistress and her two ruthless helpers. But that is just a prelude to what comes next.

After months of hard labor and pain he is sold at an auction in Rio de Janeiro to Frau Strobel, where he is to be kept in her dungeon to suffer in constant agony and absolute misery every day for the rest of his life. Eva Strobel and her two heartless female a

ssistants use diabolical tortures, fiendish games and even crueler punishments as well as daily agonizing bondage to satisfy their sadistic cravings and serve revenge to their cartel friend.
During this horrendous life sentence he meets Tomás, another young man who crossed Rafael Rodriguez. The tortures that they each endure are beyond comprehension.
Strictly by accident the lives of these two men change drastically one day, but who knows what will happen tomorrow?

Femdom, slavery, torture, CBT, modification, some oral and anal sex.

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At least an hour passed before the sadistic duo returned.  When I heard the door open, a chill went up my spine.  I was actually scared of what they would do to me next.

“Well slut, are you ready to continue.  I bet you can’t wait for me to fuck your ass again, can you?” she said, toying with me.

Suddenly I felt her hands on my butt.  I jumped a little, as I felt her new dildo touch my tight hole.  There was no rubbing or teasing.  There weren’t any tender words.  There was just a rebirth of the pain I’d previously experienced.

With a sudden, solid push my hurting asshole was brutally violated once more.  Only this time her cock was even bigger.

“M – m – m – m – m….”

She took great pleasure in ramming her cock into me as violently as possible.  She fucked me deep and hard, making it as painful as she could.  Her new dong was considerably larger than the last one that I still held in my mouth, but this one was different.  It had a different shape or maybe a slightly different curve.  It hurt like hell, but it felt a little weird.

In and out, in and out she pounded my backsides.  For several minutes she drove the long, thick monster deep into my ass.  It hurt so bad, but something strange was happening.  In spite of the pain I was starting to get an erection.  Oh God, I thought.  Why is my cock getting so hard?  I could feel it.  Strange sensations were growing within me.

The fucking continued, as gobs of spunk drained from my own hard cock.

“Look,” Felicia exclaimed.  “He just shot his load.”

“I knew he liked being fucked.  He couldn’t fool me.  I knew he was a fuckin’ whore.”

I shook my head back and forth, but she continued.

“You’re such a slut.  Getting fucked really excites you, doesn’t it?  I guess we’ll have to do this every night since it gives you so much pleasure.  Ha – ha – ha….

“But so much for the fun,” she said, as she unlocked my feet from the torture table.

After my collar was unhooked from the top of the platform, I was pushed to the floor and placed on my back.  With my arms still cuffed together I was forced to lay on them as they worked.  I heard a hum and looked up as a steel bar on a cable slowly descended from the ceiling.  I immediately knew my torture was only beginning.

The four foot wide spreader bar stopped just above my legs.  Maria grabbed my right foot and lifted it up.  I quickly noticed a thin cable ending with a small loop hanging about a foot down.  Felicia took that loop and put it around my big toe before pulling it tight.

“God no – o…,” I mumbled while still holding the dildo.

Moments later my left foot was pulled up to the other end of the bar.  A similar metal noose soon encircled my other big toe.  With my legs stretched too far apart the hoist again began to hum.  I watched intently, as it pulled my feet further from the floor.  Immediately I could feel immense pain as my toes began to support my weight.  There were two centers of pain that filled my brain.

Slowly I was lifted higher and higher.  My hips left the floor before the humming stopped.  As I hung there with my upper back and shoulders still resting on the concrete, Maria reached beneath me and fastened my wrists to a ring in the floor.

Oh my God! I thought.  As I tried to speak and beg for mercy, the dildo dropped from my mouth.

“It hurts, Mistress.  Please no more.”

“Did anyone give you permission to speak, slave?” she screamed.  “Besides that, you dropped my cock from your mouth.”

She reached down and picked it up.  “Open,” she demanded.

Moments later Maria shoved it back in my mouth and into my throat as far as she could.

“Take him up further, sweetie.”

The winch gobbled up more cable, pulling me ever higher.  With my wrists fastened to the floor a terrible strain was placed on my shoulders.  It was a kind of reverse strappado position that was more painful than anyone could ever imagine.

“You know what we’re going to do now?”

I tried to nod my head, but with my head and neck bent obscurely on the floor I couldn’t move.

“That’s right.  You know don’t you.  We’re going to take turns whipping these,” she said with a sadistic laugh.

As she spoke, her hand had grasped my nuts and was squeezing and twisting with all her might.

“Now let me warn you once again.  Don’t drop that rubber cock.  Understand?”

I couldn’t answer, but she knew I got the message.

Maria released her brutal grip and picked up a whip from a rack nearby.  She dangled it a few inches above my face, so I could see her weapon.  It was a cat of sorts.  Five two foot long strands of braided leather extended from the handle.  It was impossible not to notice that along each of its tails several knots protruded from their almost smooth surface.

Slowly she took a position behind me a short distance from my crotch.  I couldn’t see her, but I heard a swish.  Her arm came around with blazing speed and the hideous tails of her whip came down between my legs and spread out, brutally slashing down upon my totally exposed balls and cock.  The force was ungodly.  The pain was unexplainable.  It hurt worse than anything I’d ever endured.

The dildo that I held was immediately expelled from my mouth and a deep roar of agony echoed around the chamber.  My stomach churned, and I nearly puked as the pain radiated through my intestines.  I’ve been kicked in the nuts many times but never was it anything like that.

Maria calmly walked over and picked up the dong again.  “You don’t listen very well do you?  Open that fucking mouth and don’t drop it again.  That just cost you another dozen lashes.”

I was sobbing and begging incoherently, as she moved back into position.  Again her arm went back, and the whip crashed between my legs.  It hurt just as bad, but I bit down on the cock and bellowed in agony.  I shook as hard as possible trying to escape her wrath, but it was impossible.

“Ready?” she laughed, as the whip once again found its target.

The third strike was even worse.  I turned my head slightly as vomit and the rubber dong flowed from my lips.  I choked and coughed while trying to scream and fight the pain.  I thought I was going to die right there as the puke ran from my nostrils.

“Let him down for a minute.”  When she did, I was able to turn my head and expel the vile liquid before I drowned.   I spit and choked and sobbed for several minutes before the hum began again.

As my widely spread legs were pulled back up, I screamed and begged.

“Oh God!  No m – o – r – e….”

Maria bent down next to me and softly spoke.  “This is only the beginning of my fun.  It’s making me so hot and horny seeing you suffer like this.  Certainly you don’t expect me to give up that pleasure because your nuts hurt a little, do you?”

She just laughed and shook her head, as she got up.  “Go ahead darling.  It’s your turn,” she said to her girlfriend.

Felicia stood off to the side a little to give her a better angle.  I could see a long very thin whip in her hand.  Slowly she raised it high over her head.

“No!  No!  P – l – e ….” I screamed, as it swiftly found its target instantly stopping my words.

The whip came down diagonally between my legs and cut across both of my balls.  Again my stomach heaved and piss ran down across my belly and chest.  I babbled totally incoherently, as she slowly moved to the other side.

I saw her raise her arm and brought it back down with lightning speed, but that’s about all.  My world went black.  I was saved by the bell.  My brain could not comprehend any more pain and thankfully shut down.

When I woke up, I was lying flat on the floor in total darkness.  My arms were still cuffed behind my back but my toes had been released from the cables.  Immediately I was aware of my balls.  A pounding, throbbing agony radiated from my groin.  I tried to move to ease the pain but found it impossible to put my legs together.

I think I passed out again, because the next time I roused around the sun was coming in the windows.  After a while I heard someone come into the old hanger.

Looking up, I could make out Maria standing over me.

“Please Mistress, no more!”

She reached down and touched my balls.

“Ah – h – h … please.”

After my arms were released, she helped me to my feet and over to a bench.  Finally I looked down between my legs.  My balls were black and blue and swollen to the size of fairly large oranges.

“Oh God, they hurt.”

“You’ll get over it.”

“Will they ever heal and be okay?”

“Does it make any difference?  They’re useless except to cause you pain.  You’ll never use them again for any sexual pleasure.   You’re just a slave to be used, abused and then discarded.  So get used to it.”

I hung my head, as she explained how they tortured me last night.  She said they brought me around two more times with smelling salts while beating my testicles, but I was too much of a wimp to take it.  I was glad I didn’t remember any of it.

“Come on and get your breakfast.”

“Can I walk or do I have to crawl?”

“What do you think?”

Slowly I made my way to the cabin on my hands and knees.  On the floor in the corner was my bowl.  I just dropped my head and ate what they had left for me.  With a little nourishment in my belly I curled up on my mat and immediately went to sleep.

It was about noon when I finally woke up.  My balls still pounded after last night’s brutal ordeal.   As I sat up, I heard Carlos speak.

“He’s awake.  Go get Maria.”

Within a few minutes I was kneeling and kissing the feet of my Mistress.

“Get up and get out to the runway.  You’ve got lots more concrete blocks to move.  I let you sleep longer than I should have, so you’ve got time to make up.”
“But Mistress, I don’t think I can walk with my balls so sore and swollen.”

“Maybe I should just cut them off then.  Will that solve your problem, Esclavo?  It’s your choice.  I don’t care.  They’re not my nuts.”

I slowly got up and walked very bow legged out to the block pile and began.  It was extremely difficult, but I continued waddling back and forth for nearly two hours.  I only took a couple of short breaks to get a drink.

Finally Maria came out to check my progress.  She walked over to my completed pile and counted today’s blocks.

“Fifty-six blocks?  Is that all you could get done?  When you get 200 more moved, you can quit for the day.”

So that’s the way it was.  I continued trudging back and forth for several more hours.  It was like that every day.  Day in and day out, hour by hour I carried blocks from one side of the strip to the other and back again. Then I suffered at night to satisfy her sadistic needs.

Probably two weeks passed before I really started to notice a difference.  It actually was getting easier to move the blocks.  I was really getting in shape.   My stomach was flatter and was actually starting to ripple, the rest of my muscles were beginning to bulge and my body had darkened to a deep bronze tan.   I couldn’t help noticing how the sweat glistened on my body in the hot tropical sun.

Obviously someone else noticed that I wasn’t working, because she came out of the cabin with her whip in her hand.

“What the fuck are you doing just standing around?” she yelled.

God, it hadn’t been but just a minute or two.

“Fuck you,” I said totally under my breath so she couldn’t hear me.   “Don’t get all in a huff Mistress.  I just needed a minute.”

Obviously it wasn’t the right time of the month or something, because she came totally unglued.

“I saw your lips move, asshole.  I know what you said,” she screamed, as her whip flailed upon my naked flesh.  “What’s this ‘fuck you’ shit?  That’s not how you talk to your Mistress.  I’ll show you.  Get over there, you worthless bastard!”

Suddenly Carlos and Cesar came out of the cabin to see what the fuss was all about.

“Carlos, bring me a hammer and a large nail… some pliers and hand cuffs.  Hurry up.”

I had no idea what she had planned, but I knew it wasn’t going to be good.  I figured with the mood she was in I was in really deep shit.

Maria locked my hands behind my back before pushing me over to a four foot post that was sticking out of the ground between the forest and the run way.

“Carlos, take those pliers and pull his tongue out across the top of that post.”

Immediately I knew what was going to happen.  “No, please Mistress….”

“Shut up and open your fucking mouth, or I’ll nail your balls to the post instead.”

I knew she was serious.  It was either my tongue or my balls.  What choice did I have?  Reluctantly I opened my mouth and slowly extended my tongue.  Carlos clamped the rough, rusty-steel jaws of the pliers on my tongue and squeezed them tight.  I moaned with the sudden pain and was forced to bend over as he pulled it out over the rounded top of the post.   The extreme pain caused by the pliers was multiplied, as he tugged it a little further out, but I knew that was nothing compared to what she was going to do.

“Harder Carlos, I want this worthless mother fucker to really suffer,” she chuckled.

His strong hands exerted a far tighter grip on the pliers.  The crushing force of the metal jaws was excruciating but his pulling felt like he was ripping my tongue out by its roots.

My eyes were squeezed shut as tears flowed steadily down my cheeks.  A low nasally moan escaped my lips.

Suddenly I felt the tip of the nail against my tongue.  She pushed it down hard into the overly sensitive organ.  Then the sound of the hammer striking the nail resonated in my ears.  It was metal against metal.  The nail easily passed down through the center of my tongue and was immediately imbedded into the wooden post.   Ungodly pain exploded in my mouth, but she wasn’t done.  Laughter escaped her lips as the evil bitch struck the nail two more times with the hammer, making sure it was solid and wouldn’t come loose.

I screamed and howled from the most inhuman and vicious punishment.  How could anyone be that cruel?

I tried to beg but only wordless pain-filled sounds came from my open mouth.

“You’ve heard the expression ‘watch your tongue?’  I bet you will from now on,” she laughed.  “Come on guys… let’s get in out of this fucking sun.  It’s going to be a really hot one out here today.”

As she turned to walk back to the cabin, she stopped.  “Oh, this is one for good measure.”

Suddenly her foot came up between my legs and slammed into my already brutalized balls.


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