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The Dog Whisperer by Robert W. Connor

Can a handsome, divorced 38-year-old Ph.D. engineering professor accept his first female-led relationship? Can a beautiful, independent, never-married woman in her early 40s find happiness allowing herself to be as vulnerable as she is dominant? Carmen is a dog trainer who is also adept at adjusting the behavior of abusive men and conditioning them to please women. Drew’s wife divorced him for a wealthier man and he’s still broken-hearted. It’s the summer of Covid-19. Carmen and Drew meet by chance while walking their dogs and feel an instant attraction. She senses his unexplored submissive tendencies, has his health and history checked, then seduces him in her home gym, taking her pleasure several times before allowing his, which she promises will be the best he’s ever had. He’s exposed to BDSM practices he’d never dreamed of and is uncomfortable with when they become intensely kinky, painful, degrading, and semi-public. But Carmen keeps her promises, and as they earn each other’s trust their loving relationship deepens. Includes, Femdom, consensual, BDSM, orgasm control, cunnilingus, pegging, ffm, large breasts, long fingernails, high heels, big cock, spanking, caning, punishment, mixed wrestling, urethral sounding and acupuncture.

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“Drew, I’ve strengthened my pelvic floor so much that I could crush your penis inside me. You would need reconstructive surgery and would never have another penile orgasm for the rest of your life. It’s effectively vagina dentata. Of course I would never do such a thing unless some man was foolish enough to try raping me, but I’ve also learned to control those muscles in ways I can use to blow your mind. I can stop your climax any time I want; in fact, if you continue with me I guarantee that’ll happen through several of my orgasms before I allow you one, but when I do, it’ll be the best you’ve ever had. You’ll scream. You will lose your mind. If you decide to stay I’ll make sure you get one in the next hour, though before that happens I will use you for my pleasure several times, completely controlling your response.”

Between what she was telling me and the motion of her hands on my cock and balls, I was having trouble putting thoughts together.

“Is this something you do with Lucey?”

“Lucey is different. He’s not my type but you might be. I hope to explore that with you.”

I gasped as she squeezed me. “You didn’t answer my question.”

“I mostly won’t. You’ll have to get used to that. I ask the questions, not you.”

“Answer this one, please.”

She squeezed me again. Her fingers were very strong. “What I do with Lucey is none of your business. All you need to know is that he’s here now and will be gone soon.”

“Is he wearing a cock cage?”

She rolled her eyes. “Yes. He deserves it.”

“Would I be just replacing him?”

“Lucey is  … honestly, the only reason he’s here is because he said and did several disgraceful things to a woman in my presence, while you’ve been nothing but a perfect gentleman. I seduced him, which is another thing I’m very good at. He’s very submissive with Nell and me now, almost done learning to properly respect and cherish women.”

She leaned down to swirl her tongue around the head of my cock, pulsing the strong fingers of both hands, one around the base of my shaft, the other just under my glans. I gasped. No one had ever done anything like this before and it was overwhelming.

“Lucey is in training to properly serve.” She teased the head of my cock with the tip of her tongue, swirling very lightly, then plunged, taking me all the way in, bobbing twice as she sucked, her tongue pressing hard against me, then released with a schlurp, a trail of her saliva and my precum connecting her lips to my cock head. She pulled back a little to admire the sight, then sensuously licked it back into her mouth.

“There will be a ceremony where he gets to meet the bidders.” She pulled down on my balls while twisting her other hand around the base of my head.

“Compatibility will be tested.” She smiled sweetly.

“There will be substantial donations to charity.” She released the head, still clutching my balls tight, and batted the upper part of my shaft with her knuckles, side to side and into my belly.

“Lucey’s winning bidder will be decided. He will approve.” She pulled down on my balls for emphasis.

“He’s not the first male I’ve done this with.” She stood, releasing me, unfastened her shorts, let them fall to the floor, stepped out of them and into me, and pressed her warm moist pussy to my nose, still wearing her panties. My mind was reeling.

“You’re different. You’re for pleasure.” She reached to her stretchy top and pulled it over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Her breasts weren’t particularly large, but they had a nice heft and long, pointy upturned nipples. She was exquisitely toned, veins prominent on her biceps, forearms, and neck. Her necklace held a small gold key.

“I wear a 32C when I wear a bra. I don’t know if it matters to you but many men have seemed intrigued, or enticed, or titillated to learn that they were much bigger before I started lifting; I used to wear a 30DD. My daughter is even bigger. Those tidbits, like so many other little things I do, help me seduce men like you. I like my boobs better now and they’re still large for a petite, fine-boned woman like me, don’t you think? Touch them, cherish them, I know you want to. They’re firm, so soft, and hungry for you.”

I took her breasts gently into my hands, then squeezed lightly, getting to know their feel, their curves, their heft, brushing my thumbs across her nipples. She moaned, and it seemed like she wobbled on her feet.

“Oh, that’s good, Drew. They want this so much. I’m starving for you, I haven’t had a man for two months. One hand behind your back now.”

I complied. She stepped forward, straddled me, and lowered herself so her unheld breast was against my lips.


I touched the tip of my tongue to her areola and circled lightly, once, then flicked my tongue across her nipple. She gasped but moved her hand behind my neck and pulled me closer.

“I said suckle.”

I complied, taking her nipple into my mouth and suckling like I meant it. She groaned, wobbling on her feet.

“Oh god, Drew, that’s good. I’ve always loved that. Harder.”

I did, working my tongue and flicking her other nipple with the hand that wasn’t behind my back. She bucked against me.

“Shit. Oh shit that’s good. You could probably … oh shit, ohhhhhhhhh …”

I redoubled my efforts, squeezing her breast harder, flicking her nipple, then pinching and twisting.

“OhhhhHHHHHHHH Drew! Lean back!”

I did, and she pressed her panty-clad pussy to my belly, rocking her clit on me. She wailed.

“Shit Drew … I’m gonna come! Don’t stop! Don’t you dare stop!”

She came, bucking and moaning against me. I was pretty damn hard. It didn’t seem like a particularly intense orgasm, but no woman had ever come like that with me before, and she’d seemed surprised. She grabbed my wrists, pushed me supine onto the bench and sat astride me, over my belly. She placed my hands on her thighs, which were somehow silky-soft over that taut muscle. She guided my hands from her knees to her hips, then let go. I took the hint and gently stroked her legs.

“Well, that’s new,” she said, smiling. “I might just keep you.”

1 review for The Dog Whisperer – ebook

  1. pfmedia

    The Dog Whisperer is a wonderfully crafted work of erotica, a story that blends vanilla romance with female-led erotica, bringing an unsuspecting newbie into the realm of an experienced female dominant, with a relationship that opens his mind and her heart to unexpected possibilities.

    I loved the ways Robert W. Connor blended themes and subjects, exploring some hardcore, fantasy-driven BDSM scenarios within the context of a blossoming romance. It’s an intelligent, thoughtful tale, one that explores how and why people come to the lifestyle, but it’s also a passionate one, conveying the depths of pain and heights of pleasure.

    Carmen and Drew are fantastic, well-drawn characters with depth and personality. Drew is a polite, chivalrous gentleman, easily relatable to both curious and experienced readers. The novelty of his experience is convincing, and even if he handles pain a little too easily, we can appreciate how and why he falls under this woman’s spell. Carmen is likable, a woman to be respected and admired. We know she can be a cruel female dominant, a woman who has broken misogynists and retrained chauvinists, but we see her mostly as the kind, patient, guiding force in a female-led relationship.

    As believable as the romance is, it’s the erotica that most readers are likely interested in, and Connor has a lot of fun with that. It’s not just the dynamic between Carmen and Drew, it’s also the involvement of her other submissive and her dominant circle of friends. That’s where the heaviest fantasy element comes in, and where kinky readers will best appreciate just how lucky Drew was to be walking the right trail on the right day at the right time.

    Intensely erotic and wonderfully romantic, The Dog Whisperer is that magical blend of femdom erotica and FLR romance that’s well worth reading.

    Beauty In Ruins –

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