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The Master of Ironwood by Don Julian Winslow

Old school F/f M/f D/s erotica from a master of the genre.

At loose ends after four years in the Royal Navy, young James Harrington stumbles on an advertisement for an ‘Estate Manager’ and eagerly applies for the position. However, the job is not exactly what James expects. Navy Commander Hamilton Sterrett plans to completely refurbish an old estate and former girl’s school, Ironwood, which was left vacant for decades after rumors of its libertine past forced its doors to close.

In the spirit of Ironwood’s salacious past, Sterrett intends to create an exclusive gentlemen’s club, a veritable pleasure palace for a select number of rich and influential men. Serving these men in their hedonist pursuits will be beautiful young women who exhibit the necessary sophistication, grace and charm required for their elite job.

Women from various walks of life, from exotic dancers, escorts to spoiled rich girls sign the generous six-month contract. From there, James takes over, demanding a strict disciplinary regimen and holding a firm line against any show of rebellion.

The girls are trained accordingly, learning the rules of house and understanding the price for disobedience. James revels in his new occupation – what red-blooded male wouldn’t when given free reign with such sexually attractive females? While most girls adapt to his demands with proper persuasion, for the truly rebellious, the Commander has hired Katrina Kemp, a physical education instructor with a commanding presence who’s eager to take on any willful brat.

But while the formidable dominatrix gets results, she and James are sure to clash, since only one of them can be in charge at Ironwood.

General BDSM in a world of Masters, Mistresses, and submissive females. Includes graphic depictions of discipline, punishment, bondage, dildos, spanking and whipping with paddle, strap and whip. Oral, anal and straight sex.

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