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The Penitent II: The Facility by Charles Arnold

Out of shame and guilt, Kathy Ryan, a young and wealthy American widow sexually submits to Ezra Stein, a disgusting, unattractive but brilliant man. Though she hates the tawdy acts Stein insists she perform, Kathy feels inexplicably compelled to obey him. A witness to her debasement is the powerful businessman, Mr. Satomi – to whom Kathy is curiously attracted. At the end of the The Penitent, Kathy signs a contract to become Satomi’s concubine and is handed over to Abul – a ruthless thug whose hatred of American women is pathological.

The Penitent II: The Facility opens as Kathy is brought to Satomi’s training facility in Northern Pakistan, horrified to discover that her training Master is the brutal Abul she fears and hates. Using potent drugs and hypnotic suggestion, monitored by Abul’s assistant, Madame Khe, Kathy becomes more sexually slavish than ever. Her own will is suppressed as she is trained to submit to any act required of her.

Kathy soon worships Abul’s foul feet, begs to be severely whipped, and with little restraint, sexually serves any man in the most degrading manner. The training becomes more grueling as her captors seek to send her ever deeper into a subservient state of mind where there is nothing that she won’t do. The true test will be her willing submission, without the aid of enhancements and hypnosis, to the very act that that she abhors most. Will Kathy’s will prevail, or will she pass this crucial test? In a final evil twist, Kathy’s virgin sister, Margaret, suddenly becomes another pawn for her captors to use against her, and she is forced to choose for them both between two terrible fates.

Charles Arnold writes of female submission in a unique and exacting fashion that is vividly shockingly. It is clearly not a romance. Included in its graphic content is humiliation, bondage, whipping, exhibitionism, punishment, orgasm denial, anal and oral sex, anilingus, psychological torment and degradation.

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The two older women led Kathy out and across the hall where a door swung open for them. The center of the marble floor was covered with a large many-colored circular rug. In a semicircle around it five men sat in beautifully upholstered chairs. Each man wore a white caftan. Abul occupied the middle chair. Kathy, her head bowed, approached to the edge of the carpet, her heels clicking on the marble floor. She then got to her knees and crawled to Abul, where she lowered her head to his bare feet. They were dirty, the long toenails almost black. Gently she pressed her mouth to the space between his big toe and the one next to it. Tentatively she parted her lips and with her tongue she touched between these two toes, first on the right foot, then on the left. She crawled back a little way and stopped, her head still bowed. “Thank you, Master, for allowing me to kiss your feet.”

It was clear that the men were astonished by Kathy’s beauty and her subservience. She knelt there cowering before the brutish Abul, a lovely young American woman: obviously intelligent, well bred, and modest. Her white skirt and blouse, the white heels, the tasteful handbag, the bright red perfectly formed lips, the slight sheen of oil on her smooth skin, her black hair softly curling under at her shoulders all contributed to present an image of the independent, happily married woman Kathy had been just six weeks ago. They had seen her grovel before the loathsome Abul and touch her soft lips to his repulsive toes, then watched her pink tongue lick between them. “Get up.” Abul said. “Look at us. I have some questions to put to you.”

Kathy rose to her feet and raised her head. The men were strangers to her. They were dark skinned and, except for Abul and one other, all were bearded. The youngest appeared to be in his thirties and the oldest, whose beard was gray, must have been over sixty. “Tell us who you are and why you are here,” Abul began.

“My name is Katherine Ryan. I am an American. I have been brought here to be trained to serve.” She stared dully at Abul’s face. Her voice was a quiet monotone.

“Were you forced to come?”

“No. I am honored to be here. I gave up all that I had so that I might serve you.”

“You were married?”

“Yes. My husband died.”


“Six weeks ago.”

“Less than two months.” He leaned forward. “That’s the way with you American women who are spoiled by fathers and spoiled by weak husbands. You grow up not knowing your place. You grow up thinking you are equal. You become arrogant, you give orders, and you always want to be made happy. But none of you are ever satisfied because what you really need is to be used. When a strong man comes along, you soon forget the weak husband. You quickly learn where you belong.  Isn’t this true?”

“Yes, you have made me forget the past. I know now that my place is here on my knees before you.

Abul sneered at her, “Yes, goddamn it, I make you forget. I show you where you belong. I tell you where to put your lips, how to use your tongue. It takes a strong man like me to make you crawl, make you beg, make you show respect and gratitude.”

“Yes, Master, a man like you who is strong. The things my husband gave me are nothing.  My life there was a false one.”

“You say you were rich?”

“We were well off.”

“What does that mean?”

“We had a big expensive house. We were members of the country club. We could go on vacations, entertain our friends. I could buy almost whatever I wanted. I was, as you have said, spoiled and arrogant.”

“You and your husband and rich friends, you play tennis and golf and drink all afternoon at each other’s swimming pools?”

“Yes, we did those things.”

“You go to college?”

“Yes, I graduated with a degree in fine arts.”

Abul nodded at his guests, “A rich husband, a fancy house, and a college education. A degree in fine arts. Sometimes she would travel in a limousine and treat the driver like camel shit. Isn’t that right, Mrs. Ryan?”

Kathy fought to keep her voice from trembling, “Yes, I am truly sorry.”

“You need to be punished and will get what you need, Mrs. Ryan. Now, this husband of yours, what was he like?”

“He was very handsome. Intelligent and kind. Everyone liked him.”

“And you, did you like him?”

“I loved him. I loved him very much.” She paused, looked down at the floor, and then raised her head. “I love him still,” she said.

“The last time I was in your house did you invite me to your wedding bed?”



“I…I don’t know how to explain it. At that time, I felt that only you could give me what I needed. I wanted you to take me, to possess me there in my house.”

“You wanted me, as you say, to possess you in this same bed where you and your husband had often made love?”

“Yes. I felt…I felt…drawn…compelled. It was something I wanted very much. You have a power over me that I cannot understand or control. On that night in my house you were all that mattered to me. My desire. no, my need for you was greater than anything I had ever felt. It is more intense now. In your presence, I tremble.”

“Continue, Mrs. Ryan.”

“That night I had no thought of my husband. No thought of anything but you. I wanted to feel your hands touching me. I wanted to make love to you…to please you in ways I had never pleased any man. I wanted to do whatever you ordered me to do. I begged you to take me there on the bed where my husband first made love to me. I wanted to accept whatever…whatever. you did to me .”

“Tell my friends how you served me there in your fine house on your wedding bed.”

Kathy paused once more. She felt the buzzing in her head. She glanced behind her at Miko who nodded. Facing Abul, Kathy began, “With Miko’s help I had cleaned my anal passage for you. She applied to me the oils, and perfumes, and cosmetics she knew might please you. I wanted to be beautiful for you. I will always want to be beautiful for you.” She could feel the color rise to her cheeks. “On my wedding bed you permitted me to kiss your lips and body, make love to your penis with my mouth. You allowed me to…to…touch your anus with my tongue and press my lips to it. I begged you to enter me from behind, and you honored me in that way.”

“Did you ever make love to your husband as you made love to me?”

“No, never. Never anything like that.”

“Did he excite you?”

“Yes. We were in love. There was much pleasure. But when you took possession of me there, in my bed, I knew…I knew that you were my Master.”

“But you loved your husband?”

“Yes. As I said, I love him still. I will always love him. But yours are the feet I kiss in reverence and in gratitude.”

Abul smiled at his guests who murmured their approval. He turned back to Kathy, “So, Mrs. Ryan, just two months ago you were a rich, spoiled American with a college degree, and a membership in a country club. You had a big fancy house, and a handsome husband and were living a rich American life and making love in your king sized bed.” He turned to look at the men on his right and left. “Now, my friends, we see before us, this recent widow dressed in clothes she might wear for a pleasant evening on the town with her husband. This same Mrs. Ryan has come halfway around the world to receive from me a very personal gift. Isn’t that right, Mrs. Ryan?”

Kathy hesitated, looking down at the pattern in the rug at her feet. She raised her head, “Yes, Master,” she said.

“Describe this gift you are so anxious to receive, Mrs. Ryan.”

“I…I…,” Tears began to well up in her eyes, “Please, Master, would you…would you ask me questions about it?” The room around her seemed to go out of focus. Abul and the other men were white blurs. The words that Miko had made her repeat over and over filled her mind. Her head ached with them. She knew if she said them as she’d been instructed, she would soon be permitted to sleep. They were, after all, only words.

Abul looked across at Miko who nodded. “All right, then,” Abul said, “where were you to receive this gift?”

“Here, lying on my back on this carpet, naked before your guests.” It was the correct answer.

“And what were you going to do on your back? Were you going to spread your legs and ask me to please fuck you?”

“No, Master, I would never presume to ask you for anything.”

His questions were coming as she had expected. It gave her some comfort to know she was prepared for them, even though, for her, the questions and answers had little meaning.

“Tell us what the gift is.”

Kathy brought her hands up to her mouth. She bowed her head and was silent. Miko stamped her foot. Kathy flinched, then whispered something they could not hear.

“Speak up!” Abul demanded.

“The gift is to…to…be permitted to suck your cock and to be granted permission to part my lips and…kiss and lick…kiss and lick….” Once more, Miko stamped her foot. “Kiss and lick your anal opening,” Kathy said quickly.


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