The Wormhole



The Wormhole by Lee Dorsey
Five Hundred years in the future, fanatical Muslims have taken over planet Earth with the exception of North America. Yet, it’s just a matter of time before they’re conquered too. With that fact facing the desperate people, they leave Earth, traveling through a Wormhole to the Triangulum Galaxy, settling on a planet similar to the Earth that they call M-23.
Officers serving on the space transports are assigned sexual encounters with young female crew members every ten days. A roster is kept to ensure that the officers do not receive a sexual encounter from the same crew member within the rotation. Once the colony is established on M-23, the government gives Officers permission to marry. They are even allowed more than one wife. Female Officers are assigned sexual partners; their sexual encounters usually exploratory and free from inhibition.
One day, while exploring M-23, three young women disappear, only to reappear three days later with their memories completely erased. A search is launched for the cause of this anomaly and once it’s discovered, scientists develop the mysterious foreign matter into a weapon they refer to as BE1. They’ll take this weapon back to Earth to reclaim the planet, and an armada of ships is launched to that end.
However, once back on Earth, it’s learned that the Muslims living there are now 180 years in the future, and have no idea what transpired in the past. They live as 7th Century Muslims under Sharia Law.
It will not be long before a war begins to determine the fate of the planet Earth.

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