The Wormhole


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The Wormhole by Lee Dorsey

Five Hundred years in the future, fanatical Muslims have taken over planet Earth with the exception of North America. Yet, it’s just a matter of time before they’re conquered too. With that fact facing the desperate people, they leave Earth, traveling through a Wormhole to the Triangulum Galaxy, settling on a planet similar to the Earth that they call M-23.
Officers serving on the space transports are assigned sexual encounters with young female crew members every ten days. A roster is kept to ensure that the officers do not receive a sexual encounter from the same crew member within the rotation. Once the colony is established on M-23, the government gives Officers permission to marry. They are even allowed more than one wife. Female Officers are assigned sexual partners; their sexual encounters usually exploratory and free from inhibition.
One day, while exploring M-23, three young women disappear, only to reappear three days later with their memories completely erased. A search is launched for the cause of this anomaly and once it’s discovered, scientists develop the mysterious foreign matter into a weapon they refer to as BE1. They’ll take this weapon back to Earth to reclaim the planet, and an armada of ships is launched to that end.
However, once back on Earth, it’s learned that the Muslims living there are now 180 years in the future, and have no idea what transpired in the past. They live as 7th Century Muslims under Sharia Law.
It will not be long before a war begins to determine the fate of the planet Earth.

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Monday, 1/1/2463@0800

It’s been several months since I recorded anything in this diary. We celebrated the New Year aboard Triangulum I. This wasn’t the first time astronauts celebrated a New Year in space. But this time, it meant something to everyone; that we were on our way to a new home. Some of the crew got creative and rigged a pole; a ball came down as we counted down the last 10 seconds of 2462. As it turned out, New Year’s Eve fell on the 10th day of my sexual rotation. A few minutes before midnight, and as I was pouring a glass of Champaign, a beautiful woman by the name of Julia approached me. “Is your name, Adam?” she inquired.

“Yes. And what is your name?” I asked inquisitively.

“My name is Julia. I have been assigned to you for the night.”

As I looked into Julia’s beautiful deep blue eyes, I instinctively knew that this was going to be a great way to get the New Year started. I offered her a glass of Champaign. We sat down at a small table in the corner of the room. I wanted to have some social intercourse with her. I had learned over the past year since I have been having these sexual relief sessions, that it’s more rewarding to learn a little background information from the assigned partner. As we talked, and after she had three glasses of the Champaign, I took Julia by the hand and led her to my quarters.

When we entered the room she began to strip off her clothing. “Wait!” I said. “Let me do that.” She stood frozen and I approached from behind. I wanted the pleasure of revealing her beautiful body. I kissed on the neck as I removed her sweater and bra. My hands reached around and cupped her beautiful, well-defined breasts. I unzipped her short skirt and with one motion, I pushed her panties and skirt to the floor. I turned her around. Again, looking into those beautiful, seductive eyes I said, “Now, you undress me.” Doing exactly as I had commanded, she removed one piece of clothing at a time and as her hands moved over my body, I developed an incredibly hard erection. It was resting against her pubic area. She looked down and took it into her hand. She guided it between her legs and into her wet vaginal area. I could have had an orgasm in that position, but I wanted to prolong the pleasure. I turned her around and moved her toward the bed. She climbed onto the bed and got into a position on her hands and knees offering her body to me. I moved onto the bed as well. I knelt behind her. As my penis rested between her cheeks, I let my hands explore her entire body. I hadn’t had sex for 10 days. I reached between her legs and began to manipulate her sensitive parts. I could tell from the sounds she began to make that she was enjoying the experience.

“Turn out the lights,” she said

I stood and did as she directed. Then I walked over and knelt behind her. I could feel the firmness of her body next to mine. Julia seemed to have a way with seduction. She reached between her legs and took hold of my penis. As she fondled me, she asked,        “Would you like some skin?”

She took my hand and put it on her breast. I don’t want to brag, but I had touched hundreds of breasts in my young life, but, none of those breasts compared to what I was touching. Between her fondling me and my feeling her breast, I was on the verge of an orgasm. I didn’t want it to end that way. I wanted to explore everything with her. I won’t be having another woman for ten days. Therefore, I had to make the best of the present situation.

I turned her over and sat down on the side of the bed. I began to kiss her lovely concave belly.

I rose and positioned my body in the bed next to hers. She lay back as if to say, “Well?” I had this tremendous urge to kiss her. I put my lips on hers. She opened her mouth and invited my tongue in. Then she did something, that up until that time, I hadn’t experienced. She put her tongue into my mouth. Our tongues intertwined. It was very exciting. It was like she had control.

She rolled me over and straddled me. She looked down at me with a look of lust I had never seen on a woman’s face. “I want you to be my slave,” she said. “Will you agree to that?”

I wasn’t sure what exactly that entailed but found it to be exciting. I had always been the one to take complete control when I was having sex with an assignment. “What would you like me to do?”

She rose up and instructed me to slide down in the bed. This positioned my face directly under her vulva. She eased her body down on my mouth. My tongue automatically went into action. As her vulva moved in a clockwise direction she began to give me directions. Other assigned women had taught me quite a bit about how to please a woman orally. The library on the ship had several books on the subject.

Over the course of having female services, I had become very proficient at cunnilingus. What I was experiencing with Julia was something that wasn’t in the books.

Then she said, “I’m going to rise up. Keep your tongue where it is. She wrapped her firm thighs around my shoulders. She put both hands on my head and moved her vulva into my mouth. All the time, my tongue flicked in a circular pattern around the folds and explored the depth of the vaginal opening. She directed me to her clit. I began to lick and suck her clit which had become enlarged. My face was drenched in her lubrication.

“Insert two fingers,” she commanded. She began to move around the bed as her voice began to reach a crescendo. “Yes, Yes!” she said in a quiet, but excited voice. Her orgasm was so intense a tremendous amount of liquid exploded from her. She had hold of my hair. She was pulling it so hard; I thought she was going to relieve me of it. Finally, she just lay quietly. Then she said, “Enter me.”

I slid up and mounted her. She was tight and still pulsating from the orgasm she had just experienced. She wrapped her legs around me and began to move in a vertical motion. Our bodies moved in unison. I could sense the tension again mounting within her. I timed my orgasm to hers and we came together.

We lay like that for several minutes.

“I want you to go down on me again for a little while,” she requested.

Obeying her command and after doing my magic, as one of my assignments called it, she had several more orgasms. Finally, she said, “Enough!”

It was time to call it a night. We were both completely spent after what had been an amazing night of lovemaking. I took her in my arms and we went to sleep.


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