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Vanished by Parker Daniels

When P.I. Ryan Bonnie wants to find something, she’s unstoppable. Just ask anyone. But when she ends up working a job in Alabama of all places, looking for a missing 22-year-old socialite with only a bracelet and a trunk full of sex toys for clues, her winning streak looks like it might come to an end. Yet with the help of one particularly sexy FBI agent named Benjamin Clyde, her keen sense of intuition, and a small town full of secrets, Ryan just might be able to solve this twisted erotic tale of mayhem, sex, and greed!

You’ll find plenty of action in this fast-past detective thriller, along with very creative sex, BDSM Maledom/fem sub, Femdom/male sub, and lots of sex toys from gags and dildos to zip ties, chains and so much more.

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Coming to stand beside me, Agent Clyde wordlessly handed me a pair of latex gloves that he’d retrieved from his pants pocket.

Now you give me these,” I teased, and he smiled wryly back before concentrating on the contents of the trunk.

Reaching bravely back inside, I removed the massive flesh-colored, red-tipped dildo. I set the horse-sized latex appendage down on the kitchen table, acting as though I did it every day. Cool as I appeared though, I couldn’t help thinking how wrong it looked resting beside the bowl of assorted fruit that had been left for me by my hostess.

Together, Agent Clyde and I removed several more dildos in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. We also uncovered a whip, a leather ball gag, two silk blindfolds, pleasure balls, scores of assorted porn, a butt plug, and one battery-operated device whose function I could only guess at.

“Just another Friday night, right?” I said, trying to add some levity to a very bizarre and uncomfortable situation.

Agent Clyde played along and gave a short laugh.

I cocked my head to the side. “Something’s not right here.” Stepping back a few feet, I reassessed the trunk. “Somehow the dimensions are off. The outside of the trunk appears much bigger than the inside.”

“You’re right,” Agent Clyde agreed. Running his hands along the seams of the trunk, he promptly discovered a false bottom. “Bingo,” he said, lifting open the compartment and revealing two DVDs. “Is there a DVD player in this place?” he asked. I nodded, having spotted it earlier when I was seated on the couch earlier…

Jokingly, I said, “Something tells me it’s not a pirated copy of Elizabeth’s favorite Disney movie on this disc.” And, of course, I was right.




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