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Voluntary Prisoner by JG Leathers

Happily married Alaric and Morgana purchase a remote horse ranch in order for Alaric to fully immerse himself in his kinky pursuits, which include cross-dressing, chastity devices, strict and complete rubber enclosure, breath restriction, harnesses, suspension and isolation. No horses are necessary, just the multiple facilities available, including a vast horse training arena. While Morgana has no interest in his kinky fascinations, she leaves her husband free to do as he desires.

Months later, while Morgana is away visiting friends, Alaric arranges for a total self-bondage experience from which he’ll be unable to escape. He enlists the help of his Mistress friend to release him later that day (he hopes!), after some thrilling torment. An ingenious computer will control every facet of the bondage. He will be partially-gagged within a locked-on gas mask and helmet, denied of sight and sound. He’ll have no idea of what is to come, or when, for how long, or the strength of the torment he will be compelled to endure. He knows only that he’ll be milked both as a female …. and as a male. While many other nasty surprises await!

What he also doesn’t know is that his Mistress friend has been working with his wife to create this exact situation. And now he’s willingly, unknowingly, fallen into the trap they’ve set … And there is no way out! He’ll be thoroughly and permanently enslaved, trained, sex-changed and tormented as a fully controlled rubber toy, kept forever in a horribly effective and punitive chastity ensemble. So begins the tale of his descent into a world of bondage and discipline he’s only dreamt about ” a nightmarish reality from which he cannot escape. His lovely wife has turned into the cruelest of Mistress’s, and his fate is in her hands!

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My wife, Morgana, and soon to become Owner, and I (Alaric) were in our mid-30’s and had been happily married for 10 years, during which time we’d been pretty successful in our careers and financial arrangements. We had a nice home in one of the smaller communities in the Lower Mainland of BC, travelled when we felt the urge, and generally enjoyed life. Neither of us wanted the encumbrance of children or pets and so enjoyed a carefree life with both vanilla and kink friends. Actually, at first I was the confirmed bent person in our relationship and although my Owner was kink-friendly, until this point she’d not really been a willing participant and had just said that I was to go off and enjoy myself with other kinks when the chance arose, with the only proviso being that extra-marital sex was a deal breaker. She was also aware of my desires to play very strict games of self-B&D, and to dress in women’s clothing (we both had separate wardrobes, but I had a male and much larger one of female clothes), but said little about it other than to remark with a laugh to our kink friends that I had a bigger and better selection of women’s clothes than she did.

Physically, we were both in good shape and although not your fashion versions of beauty and handsomeness, we made a good-looking couple. My Owner is 1.65 metres tall and a beautifully proportioned 50 kg and a little shorter at 1.55 metres, slim and weighed in at 60 kg, although I was beginning to get a bit of a beer gut. Even so, when I dressed in my TV clothing, got the make-up on right and used the tight foundation garments that were needed, I could ‘pass’ most of the time. I liked corsets and with the ones I had, could create a decidedly feminine waist profile.

Over the years, as with most married folks, our times of sexual escapades grew fewer and fewer and we had fallen into a casual and comfortable rut. When it happened it was great, but not with the same passion and exuberance of when we’d first started and so as things moved along and being a normal male, my sexual desires were transmuted into the kink side of my life and I indulged in my fantasies more and more frequently. Self-bondage became both a passion and a challenge, and this experience, when combined with strong e-stim, vacuum, suspension, total rubber enclosure and almost but not quite inescapable restraints became something that I began to experiment with on a more frequent basis.

To set the scene properly, I should explain that my Owner and I had purchased a small ranch and horse training facility, about 160 km from our home, nearly in the mountains, on the north side of the Fraser Valley. We’d to decided to stay there for the six Summer months to just enjoy the peace and too, so that I could pursue some of my decidedly not mainstream hobbies in privacy. With no livestock to have to take care of and, being removed from the nearest neighbours by some 10 km of country road, it was very quiet indeed. We made use of all the facilities, including a huge indoor arena, which was where a large part of the following story takes place. The house itself was large, very modern and came with all the conveniences, including excellent, satellite internet and Wi-Fi, so we could easily stay in touch with friends and the rest of the world. One of the nice features also, was that the previous owners had installed a large, industrial strength diesel/electric emergency generator system with huge tanks of fuel that could keep us going for over month, if need be. Too, and most attractive to me, was that it had a suite of hidden underground rooms which the previous owners had used as a wine cellar for their huge collection, and that alone clinched the deal. Being a pretty good handy man with a wide variety of skills, shortly after moving in, I began fitting out these as a ‘prison’ area and with the aid of local contractors, a welding shop and a local blacksmith, the work was soon completed. I’d located an old jail that was to be demolished and purchased all of the barred walls and doors as scrap, and to the doors all came with keys!

As to our recreation activities, other than travel, we were pretty much home bodies and able to run our separate companies from the ranch. We weren’t interested in playing golf, messing with boats, cars, or aircraft, but liked to take the occasional easy hike into the bush on our property. My true passion though was kink: B&D/S&M, Transvestism, and fetishism, and having a reasonable talent with words, I enjoyed writing stories about my favourite types of play. Not only that though, because over the years I had purchased an extensive array of all sorts of restraints and other lovely equipment to challenge and terrify me; some of it pretty nasty, I enjoyed actually using the equipment. Unfortunately, I seldom got to do any truly intense play and this resulted, inevitably, with me indulging in self-bondage, or solo play if you prefer. At any rate I soon became quite adept at setting up self-B&D situations, but I wanted to do the ultimate one … to the point that I would be utterly unable to escape. I contacted my good friend, Marlene; a quite evil, highly-skilled pro-domme, and arranged with her to come and release me from my solo play session, because this time, I would be utterly incapable of doing so myself.

It took me a couple of days to arrange all of the complex details for my solo session to come, but soon the barn/arena, separated from the house by 300 metres of open lawn and with its own paved drive, was ready.

My Owner had gone to visit some old friends on the other side of the country and would be away for about 10 days, thus giving me free rein to proceed with my plans for this ultimate session, and so on a quiet Friday morning I began the process. Other than a visit by my good friend Mistress Marlene, a truly-dedicated sadistic lady who would come to release me … eventually, I had no other guests coming while she was away. However, what I didn’t know was that she and my Owner had been conspiring for some time so that I could create the environment that would allow for my intense session of suspended, rubber-entombed, imprisonment and torment to happen. In fact, although I wasn’t aware of it either, they planned this to be the ‘softening up’ process for me to be more or less permanently locked into an elaborate, very secure, stainless steel, chastity cage and other restraints that would be impossible to remove once they’d been locked on. In addition though, the chastity device had also been created as my training and discipline aid, using remotely-controlled electric shock through the genitals. It was made by Dream Lover®, but the one that was especially created for me had been ‘souped up’ to an incredible extent. Marlene and my Owner had also decided that the only time I’d be released from the cage, once I’d begun to wear it, was when Marlene came to the house to torment me again. But there was to be more to my coming chastity confinement: far, far more, than just wearing the cage, as I would discover to my enduring horror. In fact, over the past year, Marlene had been quietly encouraging and training my Owner to empower herself and become both my Mistress and a full-on Owner, and at the same time to harden her heart so that she’d not worry about hurting me. Marlene had recognized a latent streak of sadism in my Owner and had encouraged it to flower.

Although blissfully unaware of it, I was about to step off the precipice and there would be no coming back.

This really serious session had been a long time coming to fruition and now it was time for me to finally go the complete route, but this time I’d use two full layers, then over these, the suspension harness.

At last, having procrastinated as long as I could, using every excuse I could come up with, I was ready to proceed. I’d taken care to set-up all of the clothing, equipment and restraints in the huge, open arena yesterday, so that they could be fitted in a logical progression. I knew from past experience that it would take me at least two hours to fully dress myself including the suspension harness, then probably another 30 minutes to connect all the hoses, wires, chains and restraints. So, I estimated that I’d begin my solo session around 11:45.

Marlene was supposed to arrive sometime after 8:00 in the evening, then eventually free me, but only after she’d had some sadistic fun, but to add to my uncertainty about how long I’d be tormented before I’d be released, she’d said that she might be delayed if other things along the way appeared more interesting. Of course she knew where the keys for the house and arena were hidden and once in the building, was familiar with all of the controls of the discipline machinery. So, with the ability to come and go as she wished as well as a thorough knowledge of the equipment and what it could do, together with a strong desire to torture me without worrying about disturbing anyone, I felt that I’d covered all the bases.

I’d ensured that the arena was quite cool because I’d be wearing two full rubber suits; the 1.05 mm thick under-suit and on top of that, the 3 mm thick wet suit, and so needed the temperature to be as low as possible to prevent heat prostration. That didn’t mean to say though that the extended session itself would not be a true trial of endurance and no doubt at points during it I’d faint or collapse for other reasons!

As to the personal appliances that would be used: over the years I’d purchased or created all of the necessary garments, toys and equipment, starting with a zipper-closed, thick rubber, under-helmet. This came with eye, nose and mouth holes and four ‘buttons’ around the face for the mounting of a blind fold and gag pad. I’d at last obtained my matching, custom-made, 1.05 mm thick rubber catsuit and it was closed by a strong zipper from the base of the spine to the top of the double thickness collar. It was truly a bondage suit if ever there was one, being so heavy and restrictive. It had been designed with an inner bra and at its front, small, reinforced-edged apertures were centred over each of my breasts to hold the vacuum/electrical breast cups tightly and securely in position. Its crotch had a three tab zipper to allow whatever access may be required and to ease entry, the lower arms had strong zippers on their undersides from the wrists halfway to the elbows, with the lower legs having the same arrangement from the inner ankles halfway to the knees. For my hand coverings, I had a pair of thin gloves for the inner suit, then would come a pair of long-gauntleted thicker ones to go over the inner ones.

For footwear I’d purchased a pair of thick latex, mid-calf length bootee’s and these had individual toe tubes, then for the outer footwear I had mid-calf length, zip-closed bootees. My outer covering was a three mm thick neoprene wet suit with a high collar, and a separate, matching open-face helmet with a long neck tube; this with a wide skirt/bib around the base of the neck that went part way down my chest at the front and back and out to my shoulders on the sides.

There was additional equipment I had to fit myself with before the inner helmet and the first was the set of nasal tubes: two, deeply-penetrating, eight mm diameter, 10 cm long, thick-walled, flexible black neoprene hoses that were designed to penetrate into my nostrils and deeply up into my sinuses. Two cm from one end of these tubes are ‘collars’ of three windings of aluminium wire and these are joined by a short ‘bridge’ that would rest against my septum once the tubes had been fully-inserted. Although they are certainly longer than needed and will be vastly uncomfortable to emplace, they are in fact a safety measure that will ensure that breathing through my nose will not be obstructed should the inner helmet slip down.

The next equipment is a pair of high-capacity ear buds that will act to both deafen me and to obscure all external sound when connected to a normal AM/FM radio that has been tuned to an FM frequency with only the constant hiss of static on it. The high volume being poured into my ears will eliminate any ability to hear other noise.

After the thick inner helmet has been slipped on and zipped closed after the nasal tubes and ear buds have been fitted, the next and scariest article will be a ‘Butterfly’ type gag partially-inflated with a silicone gel surrounding a wide diameter drinking/feeding tube that passes through it. Of course the gag is designed to ensure that any kind of coherent speech is virtually eliminated, as well as stifling any other cries, and without doubt, the screams that will surely emanate from within the confines of the gas mask. Whatever residual noise there is will be mostly eliminated by the gas mask itself and the long, corrugated air hoses attached to it.

My gas mask is a brand new, military grade one that comes with a six point head harness, two 40 mm, NATO thread air supply/filter ports and a one litre drinking reservoir that can be quickly and easily connected to its front, and then, inside, to the gag pad’s drinking tube. I’d created an option for the mask so that the inner side of the transparent face plate can be fitted with a one mm thick, black neoprene liner that completely eliminates any light from entering the mask, effectively rendering me blind. With this liner mounted on the inner side of the face plate, removal is prevented unless the mask is taken off.

The hardware and machinery that would soon be used took me a few years to acquire due to its cost, but it was all top-of-the-line quality and had been brought back to original factory specification in terms of performance. There were two Gast® industrial grade, vacuum pumps that develop nearly a full of 28” Hg and coupled with each of these is a real, Surge® milking machine oscillation valve that provides the constant, simultaneous suck-squeeze-suck/squeeze cycling. For e-stim, I have two, ErosTek®, ET-312B machines that have had their firmware and software modified and again, souped-up to meet my needs. Channel A of one of them is used for the penis sucker tube and Channel B is used for the bi-polar butt plug. The second e-stim unit has its Channel A split-routed to the right and left breast cups and Channel B is free to be used anywhere else. The firmware for this machine has also been modified so that the channels can mirror each other or be separately-controlled.

To control these devices and monitor my body reactions, I’d purchased a sophisticated, industrial Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and spent considerable time setting it up to add-in all the randomness that I could imagine and thus ensure that the stimulation and torment that would come does not repeat in a predictable pattern. As well, at points during my session the PLC will remove or reduce my ability to breath, over and above the restriction already imposed by the bubbler columns of the air supply system. It will also control the volume of the static coming in from the ear buds, but will normally set it at maximum, and too, it will operate the electric hoist.

Other essential parts of the torment ensemble are, first, the set of two deep, clear acrylic, breast cups that have been modified to be vacuum and e-stim capable and a large bore, Surge®, milking machine teat suction unit and it too has been modified to be e-stim capable.. The tube is mounted in a rigid crotch cup that integrates with the suspension harness’s waist cinch and the crotch strap also holds the bi-polar, electric, brass butt plug in place.

In terms of the remainder of my restraints, I’d use my Axsmar®, five mm thick, 50 mm wide, stainless steel collar, and for my hands and wrists I have modified two sets of Peerless® hand cuffs and they are connected to the ends of a 60 cm long, 15 mm diameter, steel separator bar. My upper arms would be cuffed with larger Peerless® shackles; these to be cinched tight above the elbow joints, and I have left these with their regular connecting chain. For my ankles, I’ve modified another two sets of these larger shackles so that they are now fastened to the end links of a 30 cm long hobble chain with its central link having a six metre long leash chain fastened to it.

Inside the arena, all of the hardware is mounted in a rack in one of the rooms at the far end of the building where the hoses and cables are connected to the PLC switcher, and from it, to the equipment itself leads in a thick umbilical across the ceiling to hang beside the dangling leash chain and suspension cable and spring arrangement, then in a long loop, ready to be connected to my equipment. High on the wall below the umbilical is a separate, lockable panel that contains the system’s Master Control Switch.

The arrangements had already been set-up with all of the tools, garments, equipment, restraints, chains and leashes, pre-positioned on a large rolling table at the centre of the floor; needing only to be fitted, then have their opened locks closed before the stand was pulled beyond my reach by another winch. The keys and tools required to eventually free me of my equipment all hang at the end of the outer room and would only be available to Marlene, whenever she arrives. During the dressing sequence and for a randomly selected time before the session begins, the arena area will be fully-lit, but once the system’s Master Control Switch had been activated, at some point the PLC would extinguish the lights, then activate my ear buds so that I’ll be alone in a vast, total blackness, deafened by the unending static flooding into my ears while waiting in terror for it all to begin. In terms of bondage other than the restraints and harness I’ll already be wearing, once I’m fully-cuffed there will be no way for me to escape the small circle of freedom of movement defined by the leash chains and suspending cable. I’ll be tethered by the hoist cable and spring arrangement and a floor ring directly beneath, with a six metre length of chain so that I will be unable to get near any wall, or, of course the locked-away Master Control Switch on the far away wall. A backless stool is bolted to the floor off to one side, but it’s not really a place to rest.

Over the rubber suits I’ll wear my full body harness with its shoulder and centre-of-the-back waist cinch rings connected to the a metre long spreader bar. From the ½” diameter cable’s end hook, a shallow, the central link of an inverted ‘V’ of chain goes to the ends of the spreader bar and on the underside from the ends, the sets of heavy suspension springs will lead down to be clipped to the shoulder rings of the chest harness as well as to the rings on the waist cinch on each side. I employ the springs to virtually take away gravity. Any movement I make results in a gentle up and down bouncing reaction, and once I’m aloft, there’ll be no way to release them. Above, the cable leads over a set of pulleys to the remote-controlled winch in the other room and at some point after the lights go out, it will be activated and hoist me until the soles of my feet are a little more than six metres above the floor, then keep me there for an unknown length of time. At that height, if my legs are straight, there will be a small loop of the hobble chain that will allow me to kick, but only a little.

While I’m suspended and even while I’m not, the PLC will unleash all of the capabilities of the vacuum and e-stim equipment, but given the randomness I’ve programmed it, I have no idea of when, for how long, or what level of strength the various torments will be! I will remain a fully-suspended prisoner until Marlene decides to release me, but I know that when she takes over from the PC, she will quite happily torture me in her own way and for another unknowable time before I’m finally freed.

Being as weird as I am and a confirmed masochist, I’d been looking forward to this session with great anticipation, and not without a little fear, but really, I had no idea of the consequences of what I was about to do or of how dramatically my life would be altered after the session was done.


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