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Having It All by Jurgen von Stuka

Featuring Bondage Brokers & Complicity

Bondage Brokers

Frank and Ellen broker bondage experiences like realtors broker property. They will capture and hold women who seek the ultimate BDSM experience, regardless of the price. Their cellar is full of young, eager females who have consented to be chained and locked away indefinitely, unaware of the true outcome of their erotic sex adventure. Ellen is not immune to this situation and Frank has his own ideas about how their relationship will wind down.

Includes M/f domination, auto/self bondage, sexual violations of all body parts, impalement, bondage, flogging, lesbian and cross-gender sex, rubber and leather fetish experiences.


The perfect erotic scenario? One creative man in a house with three kinky women who need constant discipline and correction. Sandy has recurring, ultra realistic dreams of bondage and torture as a woman throughout history. She is a totally submissive woman with pressing needs to be kept in slavery and servitude. Jim decides to help her out. Sandy’s lesbian sister and her friend visit and this changes the household dynamic considerably. The women are subjected to anything Jim can devise and he finds himself faced with adapting to an environment with three sub women who may be able to take more than he can give.

The story features extreme bondage, whips, chains, gags, cages, mechanical sex devices, lesbian sex, slave and maid games, body piercing, suspensions, impalements, isolation and rubber.

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