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Satisfying Sarah by June Anne & “Big Daddy Freddy” Vincenti

Sarah is horny, but her husband Scott suffers from erectile dysfunction. To make matters worse, due to a heart condition, he’s unable to take pills such as Viagra. What was once an extremely healthy sex life has turned into secret self-gratification sessions. To find relief from her pent-up sexual tension, Sarah turns to masturbation. But touching herself only goes so far! She loves her husband, but she longs for the feel of a long, hard cock fucking her to orgasm.

It’s been almost a year. Sarah would never cheat, but someone needs to start…SATISFYING SARAH!

To make that happen, the couple will have to get creative. And turning to another man might just have to do. But not just any man. Sarah wants a man with a bull-sized cock.

“When they first agree to the idea of her being with another man, a stranger seemed as if it was the best possible option. Neither Sarah nor Scott would know the person, so no emotions would be involved. He’d be just a toy. A living breathing dildo capable of ensuring Sarah received the sexual satisfaction she had been seeking. Scott had been adamant about this. However, things have changed since they originally decided to seek out a bull.
Ever since seeing her colleague Noah naked, and glancing at his absolutely perfect body and his beautiful nine-inch cock, Sarah didn’t want just some stranger between her legs, she wanted Noah!”

Includes cuckolded husband, bull male with a BWC, masturbation, exhibitionism, threesome and spit-roasting.

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