The Secret Sins of Lizzy Barton


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The Secret Sins of Lizzy Barton by Lizbeth Dusseau
A breathtaking tale of dominance and submission, set against the backdrop of blackmail, unrequited romance and teeming sexual passion.
While away on holiday, Nellie Harkin loans her maidservants, Lizzy Barton and her sister Julia, to the haughty Pricilla Peacock and her son Jonathan Pierce. As a member of the infamous Braided Whip, the villainous Jonathan has been looking for the right female property to own and to present to his secret society. When he learns that the Barton girls have a damaging past they need to hide, he hits on a plan to subjugate one of these luscious females, and make her his slavish, groveling wife. Lizzy has already compromised herself with a cunning shopkeeper in order to keep her past a secret. Thus there’s little wooing involved to get the blonde beauty’s cooperation when Jonathan informs her that he knows about her lies. He soon demands that she surrender to ruthless punishment and unbridled sex, both in his private dungeon and his bed. When Jonathan suddenly asks for Lizzy’s hand in marriage, everyone is shocked. A landed gentleman and a lowly maid…who better to be his slavish wife than Lizzy?
On their honeymoon in Paris, Jonathan wastes no time showing off his subjugated bride before hotel guests, the concierge and at the Paris Opera House. Lizzy has little choice but to submit. Although she is repulsed by her husband’s repugnant demands, he’s awakened mysterious sexual forces in her being that seem to require satisfaction. If only Jonathan were as much of a husband is he is a sexual sadist.
When Lizzy unexpectedly defies Jonathan during a crucial demonstration of her submission, their fragile relationship is thrown dangerously off balance. Jonathan spirals deeper into his degenerate needs, while the frightened Lizzy is befriended by a would-be rescuer, the handsome scoundrel, William Addison. Is there any real hope of escaping the villain unscathed? Or has Lizzy condemned herself to be at Jonathan’s beck and call forever?
Includes graphic scenes of bondage, humiliation, exhibitionism, orgies, corsets, boots, whips, collars, shackles, dungeons, perverse sex toys, anal, enemas, fisting and sexual service.

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