Encounters with a Dungeon Mistress


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Encounter with a Dungeon Mistress by J.D. Laydon

Machin was innocently having a quiet post conference night cap, in a hotel bar. A chance encounter with three unique strangers, changes his life by leading him into a weekend of sexual depravity.

Mistress Taz a female dominant by lifestyle, already owned Max, her existing submissive male. She held fantasies of experiencing submission for herself, but only on her own terms. The third member of the group was a professional Master, who had failed to fulfil Taz’s darkest needs.

Machin survives a challenge and wins a weekend contract to experience Mistress Taz’s legendry brutality. He experiences extreme sexual domination and punishment, that he could not have imagined. Forced feminisation, sensory deprivation and confinement are just samples of his virgin experiences.

The contract allows him a period of switching roles. To capitalise on his control of the devilish beauty, Machin evokes the help of Max, managing the existing slave’s limitations.

Machin is soon in chains again and learning to endure more pain and subservience at the hands of the sexually wanton maid, during his epic weekend.

The weekend climaxes in a party, of likeminded lifestyle Dominatrices and their regular submissive slaves.

The heat is on with a competition event of endurance of pain and sexual torture. Machin has the promise of prolonging his time with Mistress Taz if he can he survive the evening and impress, the haunting beautiful Dominatrix of his darkest dreams.

Keywords: Female domination, Male domination (limited), BDSM, sexual servitude.


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It was a damp London evening as I returned to the Pullman St Pancras hotel on Euston Road. It had been a two-day conference and had been intense work. There was then the usual post conference dinner to attend.

I had booked the 630am train back north, so I could make the office by 9am. I was not sure why I had been so enthusiastic to get back early Friday morning, but it had seemed like a good idea at the time.

As I walked through the rotating doors and said hello to the doorman, I looked across at the bar. There was just one customer, sat there and I was hoping the barman was still serving.

I’d stayed off the free-flowing wine fairly effectively at dinner, to keep a clear head, but now fancied a night cap, before heading to bed.

I sat up on one of the bar stools and just as I did so the other customer decided to leave and headed for the lift.

The barman wandered over looking a little bored.

“You are still open?” I asked hopefully.

“At least another hour, as long as you are staying with us!” Was the welcome response.

“Large Gin and tonic, Caorun if you have it. If not Tanqueray”. I had no time for the modern fashion of fruit or spice flavoured Gins.

“Room number?”

“Oh! Five, two one, Machin.” I added for good measure and showed him my key card.

“Good choice, by the way and yes of course I have it.” The barman replied, now showing a little enthusiasm, to my choice of Gin’s once the preliminaries were out of the way.

As he made my drink, I noticed the party of 3 enter the foyer, using the reflection in the mirrors behind the bar. They were an odd-looking gathering, most notably as they were all wearing long raincoats of one form or another, even though it was a dry evening.

There were 2 gentlemen and one tall and clearly elegant lady. I was sure of her class, even with just the limited views from the mirror.

Her heels were clicking on the floor as she walked. The noise resonated around the relatively empty foyer. I was surprised, as it was only midnight on a Thursday. It had been much busier last time I was there.

As the lady walked across the foyer, I finally got a view of her shoes …or I should say boots when the angle in the mirror allowed it. Tuning round was not going to be part of my reaction, however intrigued I was.

I could only see the bottom half of the boots, as the long coat obscured more, but the silver heel, glistened in the floor lights. There was also silver at the toe and I could see small, elegant hooks, which meant there was lacing up the front.

I moved my attention to the men, who appeared to be as chalk and cheese to each other as they could be.

The older one stood tall and appeared in complete control of his surroundings. He carried a large bag, which reminded me of a cricket equipment sports-bag, such was its length. His stride was long and slow, keeping pace with the elegant lady.

The younger man, looked like he shuffled, more than walked. His head was bent and he looked in a degree of discomfort.

The barman, brought my drink, which distracted me, momentarily. But I sensed the impending presence of the party.

“Are you still open? We could use a night-cap!” The lady appeared in charge of the party, her voice was rich and mellifluous. I felt a little ripple of excitement, run down from my neck, to my back.

“Assuming you are hotel residents. As it is after midnight, I can only serve residents”

“Room five zero three, Sinclair” Elegant Lady said curtly. I noted they were on the same floor.

“And…?” Barman asked looking at the tall older man and checked his screen, putting the number in as he did with mine.

“Oh, sorry I’m not a resident, I’m just coming for a drink.” His voice was rich and easy and he exuded composure.

“I’m really sorry I would only be able to serve two of you. Two people per room.” My barman was being a jobsworth.

“One of them is with me. My room is a double. Does that solve the little problem?” I interjected, hoping to be helpful.

“You would have to order the drink Mr Machin.” Jobsworth was making this really difficult.

I looked at the party and lifted an eyebrow at the lady, who I now saw had intense dark make-up, with eyes that looked grey in the light, but were full of sparkle and fire at my involvement. She raised her eyebrow back in response, but didn’t speak.

“Well let’s get the lady the same as me and the gents can then order for themselves from room five-zero-three, if that works for you?” I turned to look at the barman, who was smiling at the little game of charades.

The two men, then spoke their requests and Barman went off to put the order together.

“Thank you for helping!” The lady spoke to me first. Her tone half laughing, half irascible.

“I think the Barman needs some training akin to that you got today, Max. Don’t you Zen?” She had looked at the pained younger man first. She finished by looking at the older man.

She sat up on the stood, in the middle of 3 to my right. As she got up, the coat opened to reveal the full length of the boots, which went well above the knee at least. The lacing was impressive, but the heel was even more so. She could do serious damage with them, with either the toe or the heel.

She looked back up at me and said: “I hope I am getting something at least palatable?” I couldn’t work out whether it was a question or a statement, the way she said it. Max coughed gently.

“Stay standing Max!” Lady said almost inaudibly, but he followed her instruction. However, Zen sat confidently on the far side of her. I noticed he had leather trousers on and black boots, that disappeared up the legs. I looked at Max and realised for the first time, that he wasn’t wearing trousers visibly beneath his coat, which was the longest of the party.

“Gin and Tonic!” I kept my tone neutral and brief. I wanted to see what direction her next comment would take, though I couldn’t resist another glimpse at her boots.

“Tell me it is a decent gin and I will buy yours for you, for the kindness!” This was a statement not a question, it was clear. Whilst she was clearly in control of Max, I couldn’t work out how Zen fitted in, when he wasn’t staying the night with them.

“If its Bombay Sapphire, or pink nonsense, then I will be disappointed and I’m not always pretty when I am disappointed am I Max?” Now she had my full attention.

I had dated a lady, who loved to play dominatrix in our sexual games. She had got me completely infatuated with the BDSM scene, but our games were only for ourselves and not played out in public, like this appeared to be.

Lady was continuing to play out her scene in my presence.

“No what Max?” I heard as I came back from my reverie of the past.

Max looked at her astonished. He thought better of arguing, but had looked across at me uncomfortably, before saying “No, Mistress Taz!”

“Better Max. Now your answer if you don’t mind?” She was looking straight at me with the fire in her eyes, now in full flow.

“Two large Cognacs and a Caorun and Tonic.” The barman beat me to the answer, as he placed the tray down in front of the lady, I now knew to be Mistress Taz.

Mistress Taz hadn’t taken her eyes of mine, since asking the question the barman answered.

“I hope that passes the test?” I said, not dropping my eyes “Mistress Taz!” I risked to finish, lifting my glass in toast.

Zen burst out laughing at my reply.

“You are on dangerous ground, despite your kindness.” Zen said with a rich voice, with a Mediterranean accent I couldn’t quite place. “You should tread carefully!”

I didn’t reply to his warning, but Mistress Taz chose to speak next.

“Yes. The choice of gin is excellent, so you have had yours bought for you. I can’t understand why they mess with quality, by adding unnecessary flavours.” Lady started, with a kindly voice. “But Zen is correct and he is telling me quite firmly, that you didn’t have permission to call me by that name. However, after all, you are not part of our scene and therefore not bound by its’ rules.” Her words excited me as she spoke.

The next four words rocked my life. “For now, at least.”

“I apologise. Perhaps I had taken my intrusion in ordering your drink way too far. I have also been far too disruptive on the three of you and your …..scene” I struggled with the last word. “Perhaps I should leave you in peace?” I said it as a question.

I got up to go and asked the waiter to put the drinks I ordered on my room.

“Wait!” Her voice broached no argument.

Her eyes were angry at first, then she sighed.

“You are right, you should go. I thought at first, you might be interesting, but you haven’t listened twice now”. She turned to Zen. “What do you think Zen?”

“I’m not sure I should advise you. As a professional, I’ve never included anyone, that I’ve not prepared properly in advance.”

They were talking about me in my presence and I was starting to get a little cross for the first time. Tiredness was kicking in, I realised. I was still half perched on my chair.

“Well, you are still here, so let me tell you, our deal this evening at least, so you understand.” Her voice softened into that of narrator. I rested y weight back down.

“You already know I am Max here’s, mistress. Show him your bottom Max please, lift up your coat. Discretely from the reception area, please!” Max twisted and obeyed, this time without delay. He lifted his coat, trying to show me his bottom half without the Barman seeing or showing anyone in reception. He was however pointing to the darkened windows leading on to Euston Road. I knew there were long net curtains there as I had tried to look in to see if the bar was open on my way back.

I tried to stay calm, when I saw both the back of his thighs and buttocks. They were criss-crossed with red welts. One and only one had a little trickle of blood coming from it. The rest of his buttocks looked generally reddened. His bottom had a thin leather strap, which looked part of a harness. Even in the dim light I wondered if he had a plug in his bottom.

“Nice handiwork!” Although I had loved being in the hands of my dominatrix girlfriend, I was sure she had never left my bottom looking quite like that.

“Zen here is a professional Dom. I hired him for a night of fun, at our favourite fetish club.” Mistress Taz continued undaunted. “So, we have had an interesting threesome. Max has had his desires of being thrashed in public fulfilled. I have had a similar thrashing as I love both sides of the BDSM scene. Zen is a professional, so doesn’t mix business with pleasure as you heard and was just dropping us back here and bringing in my bag of toys. He is on overtime already!”

She stopped. I wasn’t sure if I was to fill in the silence.

“Then you are here, with those playful twinkly eyes and smart mouth. But you got us a drink and I owe you at least a pitch at something you might want?”

Her eyes were alive with fire and promise.

“Could you take what Max has taken? If so then I might use you for the night!”

This was an offer, it was clear. I had to parry for a moment, but wasn’t sure how to play this game, in front of the men.

Zen momentarily intervened.

“Can I just remind you Taz, you don’t know this man from Adam.”

I decided to ignore Zen and parry for myself.

“What if I wanted more than just one night?”

She laughed rich and long. “Zen is worried about me and you make that comeback after seeing Max’s arse. Maybe I should be worried, but not for the reasons, Zen is thinking about. What, you want to steal my heart away Mr Stranger?”

“Who knows. You are certainly intoxicating I know that already.” Max was shuffling uncomfortably. He was the sub here and was getting ignored.

“Let me make you an offer Mr Machin. You take 10 strikes of Zen’s crop, which I have taken many more of tonight. 15 strikes of Max’s flogger, which is a breeze by comparison and 5 of my magic wand. If you can without begging for one of us to stop, then you can have your forfeit”.

To flavour the offer, Mistress Taz, undid the bottom two buttons of her coat as she was finishing the sentence. The boots went mid-thigh. There were shiny black stockings above and what I could see of a suspender belt, looked thick leather, with a large metal clasp where it connected to her stocking top.

She was toying with me, the latest revelation being a clear challenge to refuse.

“Other than a night ‘with’ you as you describe, what is in my forfeit?” I thought I had taken my discussion too far, both Mistress Taz and I knew already, that I was going to accept the challenge as set.

I briefly turned to look what the barman was making of out interaction. He was pretending to clean glasses half way down the bar, but it was clear he was fully engaged in listening. Mistress Taz didn’t seem to care. Only Max was uncomfortable, but that was likely from his wounds, I now realised.

“What would you like, it is your forfeit after all?” Her voice had gone deeper. She was enjoying the game of chess we were engaged in.

“Two nights!” I was pushing my luck. “One where you submit and do everything I ask and demand. The other when I am given to you to do as you demand and take what you make me take.”

“A true switch!” Mistress Taz looked over her shoulder at Zen. I couldn’t see, but she was obviously communicating with him, with her eyes or in a whisper.

“Just what you craved tonight. It is why you brought Max and bought me for the night.” Zen stressed the difference between the two similar words. “I suggest we take him to his room. I will leave you after my ten strikes if he is behaving. You will have your bag to cuff his wrists first. Then it’s all your game. I’d put Max to bed before you go for your 5, I’ve seen what you can do with that beast and Max may have had enough for one night.”

Now for the first time I was worried. The game was on it appeared. I’d seen Max’s damaged bottom and what was clear is that he had taken a lot of punishment. Although he was shuffling right now, I knew he wasn’t that soft.

“Drink up boys and girls, party time”. Was Mistress Taz’s only response, to my request for the forfeit.

“Can you sign this please Mr Machin?” The bartender appeared before we even moved. I added a generous tip and covered all four drinks. Mistress Taz, didn’t even think to argue.

We headed for the lift. The bag Zen lifted clunked ominously with metal work, as he hefted it up. Max shuffled behind. Mistress Taz didn’t look directly at me again until we were in my room.

In the lift she said a few words only. “You are in the scene, so you call me Mistress Taz and only speak when asked a question. Red is your ‘safeword’. We uncuff you and never see you again if you use it.”

“Yes, Mistress Taz!”

“I see you have had some training at least.” It was spoken quietly.

By the time we reached my room, with this odd party my heart was racing. I was letting 3 strangers into my hotel room. My computer and my wallet were with me and they were going to handcuff me and I was going to let them.

I opened the door with serious doubts about what I was doing. It might have been to distract me from any negative thoughts, but as I leant down to get the card in the digital slot, I felt a soft hand touch my bottom. A finger snaked into the crease in my buttocks and found my anus immediately and scratched a long nail there.

Just as quickly it was withdrawn as I opened the door.


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